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Hey, I was wondering if you could help me find this fic that my friend, super-hiro93, read and was telling me about but couldn’t find when she looked for it when I said I wanted to read it. She gave me this description of it:
Xander and Angel are in love (and having sex) but Angel is still with Buffy and won’t dump her. Angel and Buffy have sex and when Xander finds out (before Angel loses his soul) he runs to Spike for comfort (and they have sex). Angelus finds out about Xander and Spike, gets possessive of Xander and he ‘semi-rapes’ him. Then shes not quite sure about how but does remember that Xander, Angel(us) and Spike get together. Buffy knows that Angel has lost his soul and tries to stake Angel, Xander gets in the way and gets killed this fulfils a prophecy which is about Xander being a ‘super-vampire’. The scoobies then try to find his body but some other vampires have taken it and when they do find him he has already been turned and ‘teleports’ to spikes crypt where Angel and Angelus are fighting with themselves. When Xander gets there him, Angel and Spike have sex, they know that the scoobies won’t let Xander do what he wants so they plan to leave to LA, that’s where she remembered it ending.
I know that it is xangel(us) but there is spander in it as well, so if this isn't allowed please delete but hopefully someone will recognise it. So please help.
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