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Fic: Distant Dreams. 1/1

TITLE : Distant Dreams
AUTHOR: bohofemm
FANDOM: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
PAIRING: Spike/Xander.
GENRE : Slash
PROMPT: 032. Water.
WORD COUNT: 863 words.
SUMMARY: There’s one thing Spike can never have.
NOTES: X-Posted to lover100. Thanks to kitty_alex for betaing.
DISCLAIMER: You recognize them? I don’t own them.

Looking towards the whirlpool tub, Spike made a split decision to help, knowing he was the only one who could help the laboring slayer.

“I’ll do it.” Spike muttered, stripping down. “Red’s with the watcher. Dawn can’t deal with Slayer Strength. Well, you…I want in one piece,” He glanced towards the sky, mumbling under his breath. “I said: Please give me the strength to realize I’m merely being nice.” He glanced towards Buffy. “Ready?”

Buffy had finally married Giles, after what Spike had dubbed The world’s largest Courtship. Now, after six months of fertility treatments, and a hard pregnancy, they were hours way from having their first baby.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Xander asked warily. He loved Spike, but usually wonder what his ulterior motive was when being nice to Buffy. “I can always do this.”

“Xan. Love you dearly but again, want you home in one piece.” he murmured, easing himself into the warm water. He moved his arms around Buffy’s swollen middle.

He felt her baby kick beneath his splayed palm. He bit his lip, a wave of regret crossing him. Closing his eyes, he just moved with her contractions, comforting her the best he could.

“Doing Great, Love.” he whispered. “Watcher and you’ll make pretty babies. What’s this one?” He knew Buffy knew what she was having, and it was a closely guarded secret.

“Girl. Quincy Tara.” she muttered. “It’s a secret.” She winced, “Of course, she’s not going to come easy. That makes too much sense.” She groaned. “Why’d I want a hospital-free water birth?”

Seeing Buffy uncomfortable didn’t phase Spike. He had seen her at her worst. This was probably nothing, compared to jumping into the dimensional rift. He also wondered if she knew how lucky she truly was. Babies were miracles, that should always be cherished.

It killed him that he would never be a father.

There were things you could do to have a family if you were gay. Those things rarely work, if you’re gay and a vampire. Try explaining to a small child that Papa, could never go outside during the day unless he wanted to risk becoming dusty dead, and drank blood.

He’d just have to settle for spoiling Quincy.

“Doing great, Buf.” Xander coached, staring towards the door. His eyes connected with Spike’s, seeming to ask Where’s Giles? “You’ll have your baby in your arms soon enough.”

The only thing that startled Spike was seeing Buffy lose control. The slayer, rarely if ever, lost control.

“Ready to push, Mrs. Giles?” a nurse asked, checking her internally. “Fully dilated. Fully effaced. Baby’s ready to greet the world.” She glanced at a chart. “All natural water birth?” Xander nodded.

“Can I change my vote?” Buffy whimpered. Spike glowered at her.

“Slayer. You are closer than to close to birthing this babe.” he whispered. “Stick with it. I won’t let go of you, until QT’s safely in your arms.” Buffy nodded, as her midwife, Blossom walked in.

“Where’s the proud papa?” she asked, gloving up with a big grim. Dawn snorted.

“Sis broke his hand.” she chimed. “So, they’re getting it checked,” She stepped out of the room.

“Well, looks like this little one is in a hurry.” Blossom said, squatting on the side of the tub. “When I tell you to, push. You pitch. I catch.” She laughed heartily. Xander snorted, causing Spike to elbow him in the ribs.

Stop. His eyes spoke. This bird’s a nut but she can help. He tightened his grip around her as she began to push.

“Good.” Blossom praised her. “Ball’s beginning to slide through the hoop. One more push ought to do it.” Spike snickered; Xander shot him a death glare. “Head’s out.” Buffy whimpered. “Come on. You’re so close to the goal.” Buffy pushed again, screaming. The midwife paused, and then, set the baby on Buffy’s chest. “You have a beautiful girl!” The baby screeched angrily, as her mouth was suctioned out.

“With Dad’s voice.” Spike added, hoping his sarcasm would cover up his jealousy. He groaned, glancing up to Xander. “My ass is numb,”

“No complaining.” Buffy squeaked. “Hi, Baby Girl.” She cooed, as Giles appeared in the doorway. His right wrist was encased in a hot pink cast. “She’s here.” He gasped, the baby still angrily crying.

As Xander helped him out of the tub, Spike watched the new family enviously. Having watched her birth only made Spike want a baby more than ever.

They wandered the hospital in silence, in search of a dark room. The sun had come up, and Xander wasn’t quite ready to attempt getting his lover safely out of the hospital. As they walked, Xander seemed to somehow know what Spike was thinking.

“It hurts me too.” he murmured. Spike paused. “You’d make an amazing dad, and yet, I can’t see us actually doing it.”

“It wouldn’t be fair to the child.” he muttered, resting his forehead on a wall. “Never get to go to soccer games. Or anything during the daytime period. Plus, hard to explain that Daddy drinks blood.” He looked at Xander, as if waiting for the right thing. Xander just looked away, struggling to hide the tear in his eye.

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