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Here's Your Change

Title: Here's Your Change
Rating: NC-17
Author: kitty_alex
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairings: Spike/Xander
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot. I bend to Joss Whedon's will and try my best not to murder his characters.
Summary: Five years later and Spike still works at the Doublemeat Palace.
Warnings: Spoilers for Buffy Season 8 and something you should never do to a chick-cow hat.
Notes: Thanks to kimalis for betaing it. This is the sequel to Want Fries With That?

Spike was looking for his hat in the bathroom. He couldn’t find it. In a few minutes he’d be late for work and that always spelled trouble. He came out of bathroom to see his boyfriend of five years stretched out on the bed pleasuring himself under the covers.

“Xander, have you seen my hat? I’m going to be late for work.”

“One second, then I’ll tell you,” Xander said between strokes and moans.

He watched his boyfriend arch and Spike knew he just came. He watched Xander’s hands reappear and produce his cum covered work hat. Spike looked at the hat and sighed.

“I do not have time to take it to the dry cleaners. You know this is the mandatory work uniform and I already went to work once with it covered in spunk. I doubt they’ll let happen again.”

Xander slowly licked the cum off the hat, “But you’re the night shift manager. Don’t you own their tiny, teenage asses?”

Spike grinned and watched Xander, “The only ‘ass’ I own is yours.”

“Call in sick today? Please? You never ever take a sick day.”

Spike grabbed the hat from Xander and placed it firmly on his head, “Can’t. I have to provide for us.”

Xander snorted, “Yeah and my job does nothing to help keep the beautiful apartment we’re living in or buy that expensive liquor you like so much. And your human blood, I wonder who gets you that. Hm, my job that pays in the big digits or your job?”

“Anything you say to piss me off into staying can and will be held against you in the form of my cock,” Spike bent over and gave his lover a kiss. “Stop by during my break. We’ll relive our first time.”

“I love you, Spike.”

Spike grinned, “Love you too. Now you get some sleep so you can be alert during my break. I can’t really drag you home or let you sleep in the break room again.”

“You know you love showing off your sexy boyfriend.”

Spike gave him another kiss, “I do, but late for work. I’m seriously going now you vile tempter of the innocent.”

Xander tilted his head back proudly, “I’m corrupting a vampire. Damn, I must be evil.”

Spike kissed his neck, “You are, love.”

Xander looked at him through his lashes, “But not evil enough?”

“I think I’m feeling a demon flu coming on, let me go phone work and tell them I caught something, alright?”

Xander watched Spike leave the room to call work. Xander could hardly believe it had been five years since his promotion and they moved to Chicago. Spike didn’t want to give up his job. Xander almost laughed, Spike refused to be anyone’s pet vampire and made frequent habit of spending his pay check on fancy gifts or new sex toys for their toy box. He felt he would have to upgrade the cardboard box in their closet to a chest at the foot of their bed.

Xander listened as Spike hung up the phone and began to bustle around the apartment, probably having some blood so they could spend most of the night in bed together without interruption. Xander wondered if he should empty his bladder, but the soft mattress instead made him pull the covers tight around him.

He closed his eyes and let his mind roll back to Sunnydale five years ago. He had spent three hours at Willy’s bar, drinking and possessively clutching his bag of food. When the three hours were up, he ambled his way back to the Doublemeat Palace. Some demons had given him trouble, but he said if they killed him the Slayer would kill their asses faster than they could leave town. This seemed to give him safe passage back to Spike. They stood there awkwardly before Spike grabbed his food bag from him and tossed it aside in one big dramatic gesture. Spike pushed Xander against the wall and they relived their first time, then they went back to Xander’s flat and relived it for a second time. After the sixth time, Spike was thoroughly convinced that he had to stay with Xander at least for a little bit longer.

Now it was five years later. Everything had changed; Sunnydale was all but rubble even though he hadn’t been there to witness its demise. Buffy was off training new Slayers and Willow was hanging around her new girlfriends and emailing him frequently with updates about what was going on. He was still on the fight for good and all, but after a long talk with Spike about it, they both agreed it was rather cultish, especially after Willow told him about the decoy Slayers set up around the world. Spike and Xander were still fucking like bunnies though, but even that had changed. It had become more intimate and less guarded. When they fucked, everything he was, was always laid out perfectly for Spike to take and take he did. Sometimes he would take him slowly other times he would take him fast, but still every time Spike took him one thing was always the same; Spike took Xander with love and passion. It made Xander hard just thinking about how intense Spike could get.

“I can literally smell your brain burning from over thinking,” Spike said.

“I wasn’t over thinking. I was just exercising my brain power.”

“Wouldn’t you rather be exercising something else?”

Xander sat up and looked at Spike. He almost came from the sight of him. Spike was leaning on the doorframe not even posing, just leaning on it. He was naked except for his work shirt which was open, the tails of the shirt framing his erect cock perfectly. He also had on his work hat, which he knew Xander loved. It was tilted in the exact same way Spike had it when they first had sex all those years ago.

“That’s completely hot,” Xander salivated.

Spike walked slowly up to the bed, his hips swooshing and brushing against the red and white fabric. How did Spike make a shirt with chicken and cow buttons look so damn hot?

“Only you, Xander,” Spike said climbing onto the foot of the bed and crawling up to Xander. “You’re lucky I love that about you.”

Xander grinned and claimed his lover’s mouth. Spike rolled them so Xander was on top and there was only a thin cotton sheet separating the two. Their whole relationship was a far cry from the one they had six maybe even five years ago. The changes in his life were overwhelming and he loved every one of them.
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