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Fic: It Had to Be You. 1/1

TITLE : It Had to Be You.
AUTHOR: bohofemm
FANDOM: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
PAIRING: Spike/Xander.
GENRE : Slash
PROMPT: 095. Picture.
WORD COUNT: 694 words.
SUMMARY: On the night before their Vow Renewal, Spike and Xander go through a photo album from their first wedding and reflect.
WARNINGS: None. Schmoop,.
NOTES: X-Posted to lover100. To kimalis, I give beta and titling credit to. Set Post Chosen and NFA.
DISCLAIMER: You recognize them? I don’t own them.

“Isn't it bad luck for you to see me?” Xander glanced up, the door to his hotel suite opening. Spike stepped in the doorway, throwing his duster over the back of a chair.

“Think that's only the first time around,” he whispered. “Plus the renewal isn't until morning. Plus Angel's not here to keep us apart this time. What do you have there?” Xander tilted the white leather photo album in his direction. “Wedding Memories? Why don't I remember ever seeing such a tacky album?” Xander gently cracked the photo album open.

“Can I ask you a question?” Xander patted the spot next to him. Spike sat, gently resting his arm around him.

“Anything, Pet.” He glanced to the picture Xander was pointing at.

Spike was shirtless, wearing gauzy linen pants. He was staring at someone off camera, scowling and shouting.

“Deadboy was insistent on ironing my shirt. He's as anal human as he was a vampire,” Spike said. “Damn frustrating, since we were already running late. Tell me about that.” Spike pointed to another picture.

Xander was on his knees, a tomato shaped pincushion strapped to his wrist. He had pins in his mouth, and was fooling around with Willow's hemline.

“Buffy tripped on Wil's hem, and it tore. She couldn't fix it with her belly in the way. I got to attempt hemming. I'm proud to say it was a strong repair.” Xander turned the page. “Your turn,” he gestured to the second shot on the page. “Were you and Lorne up to something?”

Spike was tightly holding the hand of “The Host”, who had Spike's other hand raised to his lips.

“Before every wedding he conducted, he had the groom sing a few bars, to make sure he was only performing the ceremonies for couples that were truly in love,” Spike grinned. “So, I crooned.”

“You croon?” Xander chuckled.

“I lived through Sinatra's best days. Of course, I croon,” Spike laughed. “It Had to Be You. After I finished, I waited. He moved forward, clasped my hand and then, picked up my other hand and kissed it. Swears he'd never met a couple more in love.” He laughed, gently pointing to a picture of a very pregnant Buffy in a hot pink dress.

“She had to wait until just before the wedding to get her dress, because she had no way of getting a dress without knowing her final size, due to being pregnant and it had to fit. That monstrosity was the only pink maternity dress the Bridal Shop had,”

“Angel told me she went home and burned that dress in a nice big bonfire,” Spike added. Xander chuckled.

“That thing was terrible,” Xander grumbled. “I thought they'd look so good in pink.” He reached out and squeezed Spike's hand. “What is Angel looking for?” He had finally noticed a picture of Angel, looking through floral arrangements.
“He lost the ring in one of the floral arrangements.” Spike said matter-of-fact. Xander's jaw dropped open. “Precisely why I never mentioned it in twenty years.” He pointed to the lone shot on the final page. “This is a two part question.” He stared intently at the picture. “Part one. What were you thinking when you reached the altar?”

“Why couldn't the ceremony be performed by someone who wasn't green, and didn't have horns?” Xander laughed. “I love Lorne now, but back then, he was just another demony friend of yours.” He gently pecked Spike's lips. “Part two?”

“Tell me what you see.”

“I see the two of us at the altar, pledging our souls to each other, more nervous than we've ever been.” He sighed. “I see myself, thinking, 'God, those pants make his ass look even hotter. Didn't realize that was possible'. I see you, more in love than you've ever been before, and just looking so happy that you can finally shout our love to everyone.” He gently ran his fingers through his graying hair. “I see the both of us, realizing we'd be together forever.”

“Twenty years later, we're still going strong.” Spike murmured, lightly nuzzling his neck. “Twenty years in...forever left.”
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