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I finally figured out how to post!!! XD *is slow*

Okay, Updating my 1st fic here!
TITLE : Cat named Spike
PAIRING: Spike/Xander
DISCLAIMER: Not mine!!! Joss's great men =)
Spike's under a spell that makes him think he's a cat (I love these kinds of fics >_<) THIS IS MY 1ST ONLINE FIC!!! So be honest, but not brutal please thankyouverymuch^_^;

Spike is tied in Xander's basement with no shoes and his duster laying around somewhere:

Bloody hell, do they expect me to sit here until the hellmouth freezes over?

2:23 AM

Spike has been locked in that basement for 8 hours without seeing nor talking to anyone, doing nothing but looking around in Xander's lifeless "pad" so his thoughts lead him to thinking about how messy his place was, with the 3 days old pizza in the delivery box on the floor with remaining of 2 slices with flies hovering over it. His lamps and furniture being knocked around, couch cushions tossed around the room as if someone used them to play frisbee with them. There was a box by his feet, curiosity got the best of him so he jerked his body to the side trying to get his feet to tip the box over. Instead of just tipping the box over, he tipped himself over as well. Having the side of his face land right in the pizza that was in the cardboard box, the cheese and red sauce smothered all over his face.

Fuck! That was not supposed to happen! Stupid Harris better get his arse over here soon!

The door opens.

"About bloody time!" assuming it was Xander since he couldn't quite turn around to see who it was, "No wonder why your mum was so happy when you wanted to move in the basement, not to hurt your feelings or anything but you're a soddin' slob, Harris!"

The voice tries to speak in Latin but failing with some words.

"Uh, Harris?", trying to look over his own shoulder looking a little frightened.

The voice gets louder, Spike knows by now it was an un-welcomed demon. Right away he's trying to kick his feet against the ground to spin himself around for whatever reason, it was about the only thing he COULD do.

This is the last thing I need now!

Spike managed to turn himself around enough to just see that there were two one eye-ed dripping in blue goo monsters. He opens his mouth to start shouting un-pleasant things at them. Nothing came out but a loud yowl.

What the fuck?

Opening his mouth again, and a hiss escapes from his mouth this time instead of words. The demons start to argue with one another, clearly this isn't they wanted to happen! While they're fighting, Spike is trying to speak.

"Meow, meow meow meeeow meow!"


The demons rushed out of there, wanting no part of a pissed off meowing vampire. He started to jerk around in anger, making the ropes ripping gashes in his clothes and burning against his pale skin, but not giving a damn about that at the moment. He struggled to escape from the ropes and managed to get out but finding his clothes being torn and left behind, besides his black socks. Exhaustedly just climbed onto Xander's bed in the nude and going straight to sleep, figuring that the pizza had garlic and it was giving him a high and that was knocked out and all this was a nightmare.

An hour later

"Bye guys! I'll see you in school tomorrow!" waving to the white van that's now disappearing down his block. Xander, being covered in mucus from fighting demons, notices that his lock on the door is ripped off. Running inside the place to find a naked vampire sleeping in his bed with strawberry gashes all over his arms and legs. He rushes over to Spike and nudges his shoulder hoping he was still alive, Spike rolled over with a purr.

"Spike, what the fuck? Did you just purr? What the hell happened?"

Spike, just waking up and wanting to tell Xander what happened.

His eyes widen and he started to open his mouth, "Meow meow meow meow! Meow? MEOW!"

"Uhh, Spike? Is this a joke?"

You've got to be kidding, is this really happening?



Xander got up and went towards the phone, striping his own mucas soaked clothes while going to the other side of the basement. Spike was watching him, he found himself staring at Xander stripping down to his boxers.

Hmm, he doesn't have a bad body. What the soddin' hell am I saying? The big bad isn't a poof, hes a big scary-..... pussy cat. *sigh*

"Giles, there's something wrong with Spike. I don't think he's ill, he's covered in pizza, but that doesn't explain why hes meowing. Yes, he's meowing. No he can't talk. So you think he's not Spike? Well how would his soul get traded with a cat? Well, get back to me once you know something."

Hmm...I could have fun with this, Harris thinks my soul is elsewhere.

Spike tried to stand up, but to find himself on his knees and his knuckles, like a cat. Not caring anymore but accepting basically everything right now.

I can't stand up? That's no fun.

Spike jumped down on the floor, 'walking' towards Xander and started to rub his head against Xander like a cat would.

"Uhh, Spike? Kitty?"

Spike was circling around Xander and rubbing his head against his knees.

Why do I want to do this?


Xander desperately wanted Spike to stay away from him, he didn't like having a vampire this close, let alone rubbing against him. So he found a ball and threw it.

Does the pounce actually expects me to get the ball? Pfftt, he can fetch the soddin' ball himself....

Spike finds himself running after the ball.

Xander takes this chance to run to the bathroom and lock himself in to shower.

Xander, you need to calm down, he's a innocent kitty, with fangs and...human parts...naked human parts.

He found himself getting hard.



Spike was having a blast with the Nerf ball, biting it, laying on his back, rolling around with it. He stopped and jerked his body to his standing up positions with his ears perked up as soon as he heard the water running.

Man, I need a shower....

Spike walked over to the bathroom door, waiting by the door so Xander would get the message that he needs a shower. He smelt something, he smelt Xander's arousal through the door. He could tell that Xander was jerking himself off, the arousal was so strong. Spike started scratching at the door, mewing his ass off like no tomorrow.

Xander was in the shower with his head slightly leaning back with his eyes closed, letting the water hitting him in the face. Indeed he was pumping his hard cock for release. He couldn't even bring himself close because of Spike mewing and scratching at the door. Then he started picturing Spike, naked at his bathroom door naked with his cock out mewing for attention. He groaned at the image, made the blood rush through his veins.

Spike was going crazy, he smelt his arousal coming on so strong that he started to stiffen up himself. He scratched at the door and started whining. Xander heard it and felt guilty, so he got out of the shower leaving the water running to open the door just a crack to tell Spike that he would be right out. Spike pushed the door back causing Xander to jump in the shower, and stood up, actually stood up this time. Xander felt his cock twitch with need from looking at the gorgeous naked man standing before him with rope burns and dirt all over him. He finally brought himself to look at his cock, realizing he was hard too. Xander was having problems catching his own breath. So he covered his eyes with his hands, not knowing why he did that. Spike joined him in the shower, ignoring the incredibility hard Xander. When Xander felt Spike brush him by, his reaction was to jump out of the shower and out of the bathroom.

*smirk* I got him right where I want him, but first I need to shower.


Holy hell, holy hell.

Xander was pacing himself back and forth in front of his own bed with the towel wrapped around his hips.

Not happening, not happening, it's Spike's body, but its not him....and that sure as hell can't be a cat!

With that being thought in Xander's mind, Spike came out walking out of the bathroom still wet standing tall and giving Xander the almost deathly stare. Xander stopped pacing and stared at Spike.

Oh, he looks so good.

Harris wants me.

I want him.

Spike crawled right over to Xander's bed and sprawled out right in the middle of it, exposing his hard cock to Xander. Spike didn't plan on taking his eyes off of Xander who was staring at his cock.

Come on, Harris. You know you want too.

Spike, lifted his hips off the bed and started slowly thrusting in the air, staring at Xander who was now quivering with horniness.

Oh shit...oh shit.

Spike slowly threw his head back and purred while thrusting the air, which almost made Xander cum right there just from watching.

Okay Xander, grow some balls.

Xander, walked towards the bed. Letting his knees hit the end of the bed and dropping on his knees on the floor. Spike saw him doing this, and he pulled himself closer to the edge of the bed. Xander was staring to have problems breathing. Spike, thrusted towards his face, letting his throbbing cock hit Xander's cheek.

Oh bloody come on Harris, Suck.

Spike threw his head back waiting for Xander's hot lips to wrap around his cock. Spike wanted to cum as soon as he felt the heat on his cock. But he couldn't do nothing but mew, which he did so. Xander licked around Spike's hard engorged head. Spike's body shivered. Xander slowly took the whole head into his mouth, swirling his tongue around his pre-cum soaked hole. Spike wanted to grab his head and start to face fuck his face away, but he didn't give himself away. Xander finally started to take Spike's cock down his throat. Spike couldn't help himself, he grabbed onto Xander's head and started pounding his cock into his mouth. Xander started gagging, Spike didn't care, he wanted to shoot his load in the back of this virgin's eager mouth. Xander, stuck his nails into Spike's thighs making Spike stop and jump back fearfully onto head of the bed, almost like he expected Xander to hurt him. Spike couldn't control this, it was his "cat" instinct. Xander saw him looking so scared and felt bad for doing this, so he climbed crawling onto the bed towards him trying to coax him that he doesn't want to hurt him. "Come, on Spikey. I won't hurt you, I promise." Spike saw this as a submissive thing, so he pulled Xander, and pushed him flat where Spike was and pulled his hips in the air towards him.

Oh god no is he going to? No, no I can't do this!

"No! No! Bad cat! Bad Spike!" Xander was about to turn around, but too late Spike shoved his hard cock into Xander's tight asshole making Xander scream in pain. Xander stared to hit Spike from the side, screaming almost crying to get off. Spike was pounding in his ass, taking the hits like they were encouragements which only made him go faster. Xander sucked it up and waited until he was done, but he felt Spike hit a spot into his ass that he never thought was there and made him moan loudly in pleasure, which made Spike shiver and groan in response. "Again, fuck, come on Spike do that again." Xander started to hit his side for encouragement, since he knew this turned him on. "Fuck Harris you're so tight!" Xander spun his head around so quick almost throwing their balance off, "Spike?! What the fuck!? You can talk now?" "Shut up Harris, come on, you want me to rub that spot again don't you?" Xander was so embarrassed but so fucking horny. "Come on Harris, you wanted me to fuck you when you saw me standing there naked in front of you." Xander squeezed his eyes tight, moaning quietly while Spike was fucking deep into his ass against his prostate. Spike pulled his hair making him look up, "don't you get all fucking quiet on me now!" Xander grimaced from the pain. "Come on Harris, I'm fucking you in your tight virgin ass and you're loving it, moan for me bitch" Xander always liked being called a bitch, it was a fetish, so he did moan louder. Spike started pounding his hard thick long cock farther into his ass. "Oh you like being called a bitch? You're my bitch, I'm not your pussy cat. Come on slut" he let go of his hair and used the hand to wrap around him to grab Xander's cock. As soon as Spike's hand got a good grasp of Xander's aching cock, he shot his load all over Spike's hand and all over the sheets. Xander's asshole tightened onto Spike's cock which made Spike grab Xander's hips pushing himself fully in Xander shooting his load deep in his ass, grinding his release into him. They both collapsed onto one another.



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