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Lit Gal

Six stories in a series.

I'm writing for Kink Bingo, and I have some Spander for ya'll.

The Lesser of Two Evils had Spike helping Xander with a little problem he'd developed... there were tentacles involved. And then Xander starting falling apart, so in The Forest for the Trees, Spike stepped into try and bring a little self-awareness to the problem. Of course, the self awareness lessons included suspension and consent play. But when Xander showed up at his door, it turned out that Spike had a few concerns of his own. So, in Be Careful What You Wish For, there was masturbation but not a lot of connection. In For Better or For Worse, the boys made a huge mess of their relationship before finally getting themselves on the same page, and now its time to see what that page looks like.

1. The Hand that Feeds
Kinks: Locked up
Rated: ADULT
Summary: A moment in the life of...

2. Turn Over an Old Leaf
Kinks: Caning
Rated: ADULT
Summary: A holiday celebration just may change everything.
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