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Fic: Surreality. 1/1

TITLE : Surreality.
AUTHOR: bohofemm
FANDOM: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
PAIRING: Spike/Xander.
GENRE : Slash
PROMPT: 057. Surreal.
RATING: PG-13/Soft R
WORD COUNT: 2005 words.
SUMMARY: On the second anniversary of the destruction of Sunnydale, something happens that defies explanation.
WARNINGS: Non graphic sexual situations.
NOTES: X-Posted to lover100. To kimalis, I give beta credit to. Set Post Chosen and NFA. This is my first smut scene, so, it's probably weak.
DISCLAIMER: You recognize them? I don’t own them.

Xander had never been on Adams Road before now. The city street was at least forty blocks away from his hotel, in a less than desirable section. The street had more more boarded up buildings than open ones.

“Okay, I have no idea where I'm going, but it feels right,” Xander said, walking. An icy rain began to pour down. Cursing softly, he ducked into the first open shop he saw.

'Bill's Coffee Haven' had apparently seen better days. The mint green leather chairs were split open, with cotton stuffing poking through. The Formica tables were worn, and scarred with age. There was a faint scent of something unpleasant, possibly smoke, in the air.

“You're the first customer I've had all night,” a woman remarked. “What can I get you?” Xander glanced up, noticing a small elderly woman for the first time.

“Do you have Chamomile?” Xander asked, setting his messenger bag in one of the chairs.

“Yes, we do,” the woman smiled. “My name's Bess. This shop was my Bill's dream.” She set a cup of boiling water, a teabag, and matching ceramic cream and sugar holders. “I don't get many customers anymore,” Xander steeped the bag in the water. “What brings you here?”

“Don't quite know,” he admitted. “I had business up in the financial district, but just started walking when I was done.”

He tried not to concentrate on the fact he had files for The Council to review, or a flight to Armenia to prepare for. He knew he had more important things to do than drink tea in a rundown cafe with an old woman, but he also knew he was supposed to be here.

“You look sad,” Bess remarked. “Why?”

Xander added the right amount of cream and sugar to his tea and sipped it. “I lost someone very special to me two years ago today,” He sipped his tea again. “Sad thing is I never told him how I felt before he died.” He clasped his hand over his mouth, realizing what he had just said. Bess laughed.

“No need to worry. I have an open mind.” The woman gently patted him on the arm, as she sat next to him.

“We hated each other right from the start. Until I lost my eye,” He lightly fingered his eye patch. “He was the only one who understood.” He sighed. “He had done things when he was young that he wasn't proud of. He was finally facing the guilt. As I watched him struggling for inner peace, I fell for him. Then, he died. He never knew how I felt,” The bell above the door rang as it opened.

“Bloody Hell. I hate the rain.”

Xander jerked his head up. Was he hallucinating? There was no way...


The man turned, revealing the brilliant blue eyes that had haunted Xander's dreams. The pale skin. The sharp angular cheek bones.

It was Spike.

“You're dead,” Xander stammered. Spike glanced down at his body.

“I don't feel dead. Other than that part of my past,” He laughed. “Andrew didn't tell you?”

“No, he didn't,” Xander began to shake violently. The teacup escaped from his hand, and shattered. “Oh God, I am so sorry. I'll pay for it,”

“No, it's alright,” Bess quickly cleaned up the broken cup. “It's not the first time. It won't be the last time.”

“I came back to life in Angel's office,” Spike explained, as soon as Bess was out of earshot. He sat across from Xander, before continuing. “We fought Hell, got sucked in, and barely managed to escape. It's a long story. Rather not get into it right now,” He shook his head. “ After we escaped, I got a hotel room, and a map of the country. Then, I pinned the map to a wall, threw a dart and it landed here, this city, not the coffee shop. Figured it was as good a place as any. Since you know, I have no family, and no place to go,”

“Two years ago, you died. Two years later, you came back.” Xander bit his lower lip hard enough to draw blood. “I always dreamt this would happen, but I never thought it would.”

“Don't get sappy on me, Harris,” Spike jerked his head. “Quite honestly, I'm trying to figure out how I got here. One moment, I'm wandering aimlessly through the city, and the next, I'm encountering you.”

Xander struggled to take in the man before him. He looked a little thinner. His eyes seemed tired and worn, as if he had seen more than he would ever care to discuss.

“Where have you been?” Spike asked. Xander laughed.

“Africa mainly. Right now, I have a flight to Armenia to collect Slayers.” he explained. “Although, I wish we could just catch up, without me having to worry about an international flight,” His cellphone rang. “Hello?”

“Xander, it's Willow. Andrew's going to take Armenia.”

“What? Why?”

“He doesn't want to go to some family event. So, you'll get his next mission,”

“Are you serious?”


“And I don't need to travel?”

“Nope! Giles will be in touch with your next assignment though,”

“Bye, Willow.” He hung up, and stuffed the phone in his pocket. “I don't have to go to Armenia,” He grinned. Bess tapped him on the shoulder.

“Would you look at that? The rain stopped!” Xander grinned. That was good news.

“Do you want to get a drink?”

“Sure,” Spike gently gripped Xander by the shoulder.

“Thanks, Bess,” Xander faced the old woman, his wallet in hand. “What do I owe you?”

“Enjoying your night together,” Bess pointed towards the door. “It's on me.”

“You are kind,” Xander walked out of the shop.

They ended up back in the bar of Xander's hotel, drinking and talking for several hours, just enjoying each other's company.

“Angel's trying to get over losing Wes,” Spike sipped his beer. “They were together for over three years. For some reason, it's painful to see how lost Angel is without him,”

“Quite honestly, I never saw those two together,” Xander admitted. “Wow. I hate to admit this but I actually feel sorry for Deadboy.” He sipped his drink. “Do you want to continue this upstairs?” He flashed his room key.

“Alright,” Spike stood up, and helped Xander to his feet. Then, slightly tipsy, he planted a sloppy kiss on Xander's lips. “Now that's out of the way,”

“You kissed me,” Xander said incredulously. “You actually kissed me,”

“Damn right I did, Harris. Been wanting to do that for a while,” Spike sighed. “Never meant to, but see, I fell for you somewhere along the way. Then, I got incinerated in SunnyHell. That put a damper on my plans. I had to tell you tonight, what with the way I found you. Figured someone somewhere was telling me to act,”

“Room now,” Xander nodded towards the elevator. “Actually, I'll tell you in everything in the room.”

Was this all a wonderful dream? Spike coming back and admitting he loved him? There was no way this could be happening.

“Pet, I'm real,” Spike gently placed Xander's hand on his cheek. “See? I'm real. Cold but real,”

They rode silently in the elevator. Xander tried to shake the feeling Spike's skin had left beneath his fingertips. It was a tingle, almost electric like in nature.

“How did you find the shop?” Spike asked.

“I don't really know. I decided to grab a bite after my business in the financial district, and before I knew it, I was at the coffee shop,” he explained. “Almost feel like I was pulled there. Especially seeing how I was in a foul mood, due to the date. Losing the person you love is never easy. You cling to the memories especially on the day they died,”

“Pet, Anya-” Xander cut him off.

“I didn't mean Anya,” Spike's eyes widened.


Xander nodded.

"I mean, I never thought I'd get you back. I've tried dating, and it's been awful. I rejected someone for being too tall!" Xander exclaimed. Spike scoffed.

"A little picky, are we?" He grasped Xander by the hand and pulled him to the bed. "Enough with the small talk." Spike slammed his mouth against Xander’s.

Soon, they landed on the bed, their limbs tangled as they frantically kissed. Xander’s hands ran roughly over every inch of bare skin he could reach.

Clothes were torn away and finally, they came together, Spike looming over Xander, eyes darkening with lust.

They kissed and touched; their hands knowing no boundaries. Spike gazed deeply into Xander's eyes, asking for permission. Xander nodded, still roughly running his hands over Spike.

They made love, beginning rough and raw, showing just how much they had waited for and wanted this. As they neared climax, it became gentle, as if each had welcomed the other into their hearts.

“Wow,” Xander said, resting his head on Spike's chest, as he drew the sheets around them. “I'm actually speechless,” Spike gently ran his fingers through Xander's hair.

“That memorable?”

“No, just really relaxing,” he yawned. “Never leave me again,”

“I don't plan on it.”

The next night, Xander convinced Spike that they needed to go back to 'Bill's Coffee Haven'. He had enjoyed Bess' company, despite the rundown atmosphere. Plus they needed to get out of the hotel room for a little while.

“We could be in bed, shagging, but no, Xander has to take me bolting through the rain,” He groaned, opening an umbrella. “Did I mention I despise the rain?”

“Only about ten times on the way here. As for the shagging, we've been doing that all day. I need a break. I don't have vampire stamina,” Xander quickly glanced around. “I think I'm insane.”

“Well, I knew that since day one,” Spike hissed. “What are you looking for?”

“The shop,” Xander glanced around, clearly baffled. “This is the right shop,” He pointed to the faded lettering which read:


“That wasn't like that last night,” Spike commented. Xander jerked around.

“No shit, Sherlock,” He pressed his hand to the window and glanced inside. He immediately saw the mint green leather chairs, which now appeared slightly burnt and smoke damaged. “It's the same shop. Other than looking like it's been through one hell of a fire.”

Spike turned to speak to a police officer. Xander did a double take, noticing the cream colored envelope jammed between the door and the frame. Picking it up, he noticed his name written plainly on the front.


Opening it, he pulled out a single sheet of stationary. Unfolding it, he began to read.

This coffee shop was my Bill's dream. He was a difficult man but had one rule in here.

Lonely hearts always get a free drink and an eager ear.

Nothing made him happier than couples coming together in front of him.

I know he would be happy to know his shop played a part in another reunion.

Cherish him for what he is.

Your Forever Love.


“Xan,” Spike gently shook him. “We're completely insane,”

“Why?” Xander tightly gripped the letter.

“The owners died twenty years back in a fire. They had no children, and the shop was never touched,” he explained. “There is no possible way we ended up here last night,”

“Spike, you saw it. We know we were in there,” Xander held the letter under Spike's nose. “Explain this, Smart One.”

“You can't explain everything in this world, Pet.” Spike groaned. “Can we please get out of the rain?”

“Start ahead of me. I'll catch up.”

Spike started down the street , muttering under his breath about 'loving a lunatic'.

Xander wasn't quite sure what had happened the night prior. The only thing he was certain of was that it defied explanation.
Pressing his hand to the shop front, he whispered the first thing that came to mind before running to catch up with Spike.

“Thank you,”


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