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FIC : Family Bonds chapter 38 WIP

Title: Family Bonds
Pairing: Spander
Rating: ADULT
Summary: After his relationship with Anya fizzles out Xander and Spike become lovers. Xander’s insecurities lead him to seek help from Tara. She discovers a secret from Xander’s past.
Notes: AU begins S6 replacing Hells Bells. No Dawn, Buffy didn’t die, and Season 6 Spuffy? Eewww no.
Feedback and con crit appreciated and lusted for

Disclaimer: not mine, all belongs to Joss and Co. Damn them. And bless them.
Warning: Nekididity
Other chapters are here

Beta thanks to kitty_alex

Chapter 38

 Xander woke around midday, marvelling at how no matter what position he went to sleep in, he always woke with Spike pinning him down and twisted around him. This time, Spike’s head lay on his chest, a favoured position, meaning that Spike usually woke at the same time, detecting the change in heartbeat and breathing as Xander came to consciousness.

He pulled the covers up to his neck, knowing Spike liked to be tucked under the blankets, and wrapped his arms around the warm bundle of vampire on top of him. Xander sighed in contentment. He was completely relaxed, warm, comfortable and was being delightfully crushed by the man he adored. Generally Xander loved the feel of Spike’s cool body, but waking up like this was always good too.

Spike was woken by the changes that signalled Xander was coming to and lay still waiting for what he knew came next. There. The blankets up over his head trapping in the heat and the scents of his boy. Fucking brilliant. No better place to be, well, except that one. Xander’s hands played over his back, feeling out the muscular planes, fingers drawing intricate patterns and swirls. Spike shifted his head a fraction and Xander’s nipple lay under his mouth. He lazily sucked and licked and scraped his teeth over the tiny brown nub, enjoying the small sounds and heady scents triggered by Xander’s increasing arousal.

Before too long, he felt the familiar hardness against his hip and wriggled himself down, dragging the cool tip of his tongue down the centre of Xander’s body. He dipped into his navel, swirling his tongue in and around the tiny indent. He felt a shiver run through Xander at the touch and stayed there, teasing with his tongue, one hand twisting and pulling gently at a hard nipple, the other sifting through the crisp curls below. Xander was gently lifting his hips, nudging Spike’s cheek with his erection. Spike chuckled softly and turned his head, letting his tongue flick out across the slit. He slid his lips across the tip, blowing lightly and his hand moved down to stroke at the smooth skin behind Xander’s balls. He felt Xander’s hand wind in his hair and scratch rhythmically at his scalp. Languidly he teased Xander’s cock, never taking the whole length in, just wrapping his mouth around the sensitive ridge, massaging with his lips and letting the hard suction and flicking of his tongue bring his lover to a peak. His slipped a finger into his mouth, wetting it thoroughly before reaching back and gently pressing it inside Xander, feeling the wetness still slicking his channel from last night. Spike groaned in pleasure when his mouth was immediately filled with the warm spurts as Xander came, his soft grunts muffled by the layers of blankets.

Xander lay breathing heavily, body arching and twitching as Spike licked and swallowed down his orgasm. When he felt Xander still, Spike slowly slid himself back up, laying down a trail of soft kisses. He nuzzled at Xander’s neck, before kissing along his jaw and finding the warm smiling lips waiting for him. He kissed the corners, nibbled at the moist bottom lip and laughed as his head was pulled in and Xander kissed him thoroughly then broke away to smile at him.

“Good afternoon,” Xander said in a croaky, lazy voice.

“Nobody should be awake at this hour, it’s inhuman.” Spike laid his head on Xander’s shoulder, burying his face into the warm neck.

“So are you Bleachie.”

“Mmm, splitting hairs. Still too early to be awake.”

“Poor vampire,” Xander said, stroking his hair. “Does this help?” He slid one hand down and took Spike’s erection in his fist.

“Little bit,” Spike said.

Xander began a firm stroke up and down the silken length, swiping his hand over the tip. “How ‘bout this?”

“Bit better.” Spike rolled his hips into Xander’s hand, increasing the speed.

“Alright, this then?” He bent his head down and took the skin of Spike’s neck with his teeth and bit down hard.  

Spike cried out and came hard against Xander’s belly. “Fuck Xander, oh fuck.”

Xander smiled to himself as Spike jerked and bucked into him. Oh yeah, vampires and bites, it was almost too easy.

“Soddin’ cheat Harris,” Spike said when he’d calmed.

“Shut up, you liked it.”

“So? Still cheating.”

“Yeah but you love me anyway.”

Spike gave a heavy, put upon sigh. “If you say so.”


“Course I love you,” Spike lifted himself up on eye level with Xander. “Always will.”

“Always? Even if you never get to bite me?”

“Even if.” Spike kissed him, letting Xander taste the promise. “If I ever get this fucking thing out though, your neck is mine. You’ll be mine.”

“All official consorty goodness,” Xander smiled.

“You okay with that?” Spike settled down beside Xander and turned him so they faced each other.

“Its going to happen whether I like it or not right? I’ll be a consort, maybe claimed, maybe not.” Spike nodded. “So I can say oh woe is me, all this is happening and I can’t stop it. Which I have done, for a while now. Or I can open my eyes and say look at this beautiful vampire, he loves me, he wants me, he’s going to be my man for longer than I can imagine. This thing that happened to me will give me that and more. I really am okay with it.”

“You better not be about to cry over that, Harris.”

Xander slapped at him. “Not gonna cry you insensitive shit, I’m done crying over this. Besides, this is happy now. It’s gonna be hard, things will come up to deal with, but it will be bearable.”

“Great, so I’m just bearable. You’re so bloody romantic love.”

Xander sighed, sat himself up and tipped Spike over, straddling his hips, holding his wrists above his head and effectively pinning him down.

It meaning everything else in my bizarre life. You, you snarky damn vampire, are such an egotistical bastard.”

“Oi!” Spike twisted his body, knowing he should be able to easily dislodge Xander but not finding it as easy as he expected.

“Oh, settle down, it’s one of the reasons I love you.” Xander bent down to nip at his chest, not letting up the tight grip on Spike’s hands.

Spike wanted to touch the warm body in front of him and tried to pull his hands free. He knew he could with a bit of effort, but the grip was so tight, it wasn’t going to happen without hurting Xander in the process. Fucking hell, Harris, I’d say the consort strength is kicking in too.”

“Looks like doesn’t it?” he said with a grin. “If I let go for a minute, will you stay there?”

Spike’s brow creased but he nodded, interested to see what his boy had planned.

Xander let go and snagged the tube from under the pillow. He flipped the cap and poured it liberally over Spike’s erection. He tossed the tube away and rubbed his hand over Spike, slicking his length. Catching Spike’s eye, he slid his wet hand down behind himself and slipped a finger inside.

“Oh, love.” Spike’s eyes glazed over as he watched Xander finger himself; he reached out to touch.

“Uh uh, no hands.”

With a frustrated groan, Spike folded his arms behind his head. He longed to run his hands over Xander’s body, but he also loved it when Xander took charge of things. Spike jerked his hips up trying to encourage Xander to be quicker.

Xander smiled, wetting his lips and slid another finger in, holding Spike’s gaze steady. He worked his fingers, needlessly though, because he was still wet and quite relaxed from the last few times. But this wasn’t about preparation, this was just for Spike. He thrust his hips forwards and plunged his fingers deeper, hearing Spike’s unnecessary panting breaths. He loved it when Spike breathed, it meant he was losing control and Xander was doing everything right

Xander pulled his fingers away and took hold of Spike’s cock, steadying it, hovering over the tip and rubbing it slowly up and down between his ass cheeks.

Spike strained upwards. “God Xander, just do it.”

Xander smiled, a name and the breaths. Vampire putty. He lifted himself into in a crouch. Reaching back to brace his hands on Spike’s thighs, he dropped himself down. Oh to feel this forever, Xander sighed as Spike’s hard length filled him. Again Spike reached out, this time to take Xander’s cock. He slapped the hands away, “I said no touching.”

Xander rode his lover at a frenetic pace. Spike’s freed hands clutched at the bed covers and he bucked his hips up to meet Xander until they both came with hoarse shouts, Xander’s untouched cock sending ropes of warm come across Spike’s chest as soon as he felt the cold streams shoot into him.

“Oh, mate, love it when you’re a bossy bastard.” Spike said when his breathing had again stopped.

Xander gave him a happy and fulfilled smile then fell forward to kiss him.


They slept another few hours, waking just before sundown in a sticky mess. Showered and changed, Xander was in the kitchen searching for food when Spike came out with his duster over his arm.

Xander straightened, noting the boots, the duster and Spike’s herculean effort at a casual demeanour. “Going somewhere?”

“I was thinking of going to do that bit of work for Tom.” Spike did his best to keep his face neutral.

Xander took a moment to consider it. There was the horrible lurching feeling of the impending separation, but there was also the need he felt to keep things normal between them, for Spike to go do his thing and for Xander to be comfortable again with just himself for company.  “You’ll come straight back when you’re done?”

“Yeah mate. Straight back.” He smiled and put his arms around Xander’s waist, he nuzzled Xander’s neck. “You think after what you did this afternoon that I wouldn’t be rushing back here for the rematch?”

Xander tightened his hold around Spike’s shoulders. “I hate feeling this clingy.”

“It’ll settle down love, its just the consort bond being so new. You’ll be fine.”

“Yeah I know, I’ll just get some work done, watch American TV. Good American TV.”

“No such animal love,” Spike snorted and kissed him heartily. Xander felt the waves of love and gasped at the onslaught. “I felt that too mate,” Spike smiled.

“Wow, that’s cool.”

“Such a way with words.” Spike smirked and shook his head.  He picked up his duster, took a spare axe from the closet and headed for the door. “I’m going to stop off at the crypt and pick up a few more things on the way back okay love?” He smiled back at Xander and waved as he closed the door.


Xander walked a few laps of the apartment before realising what he was doing. Nope no good, can’t be doing that every time Spike goes out. He located his work files and set himself up at the table, remembering to turn the light on, although he supposed it didn’t really matter, he could see either way, just felt less creepy. He spread the papers out before him and settled in to try and get most of it done before Spike returned.

Thirty minutes into his work and the ringing of his phone startled him out of a deep concentration. Xander stretched, yawned and leant back to grab at the phone on the counter. He would have to remember to turn the ring volume down, it must be hell on Spike’s ears, and he didn’t need it so loud anymore either. So many tiny adjustments to make.


“Ah, no Xan, it’s Willow.”

At the first sound of Willow’s voice, Xander had braced himself, fully expecting to feel something equal to the devastation he’d dealt with during the week. But it was not as bad as he’d thought. There was an ache in his gut but only while he dwelt on it. He pushed the feelings aside to draw more on what Rose had said and felt marginally better. “Oh, sorry, don’t know why I said that. He wouldn’t be calling me anyway.”

“Why, what’s happened is everything okay?”

“Yeah, yeah, everything’s fine. He’s just gone out to do a job for a friend. So Will, what can I do for you?”

“Well, we hadn’t heard anything for a few days, and last night Tara and I drove past and saw your car was gone, so you know, just checkin’ in.” Willow’s voice carried her uncertainty at having called him before he’d attempted to make contact again.

Xander tried to make his voice cheerful and light to alleviate her concerns. “Oh last night we went out to eat, just needed to get out for a while. Everything’s okay Willow. Just needed a bit of time to adjust to it all.”

“Well, you sound good Xander.”

“Yep, I think I will be. Still a few issues, you know, but on the whole-.” Xander sighed, it was all a bit to close to the surface for him to be going into it with Willow and without Spike. “Will let’s not do this okay?”

“Oh sure, sure Xan.” There was a loaded pause and some whispering in the background that he couldn’t make out. “So, everyone would love to see you.”

“And?” Xander asked, feeling that there was something more.

“Well I thought that since you’d gone out last night, then maybe you’d like to come down to the Magic Box, you know, just for a visit, if um, if you wanted to.”

Could he go out without Spike? Did he want to? Xander shook himself. Course he could, didn’t so much want to, but definitely could. “Oh, geez Will. I don’t know. I’m not up to everyone asking lots of questions.”

“No questions Xan. None, promise. Just a visit, a pizza, a hug or two?” Xander shuddered at the thought of any kind of contact from anyone that wasn’t a blonde vampire. God that was awful. His best friend wanted to show him some comfort and he cringed at the thought. Must be like Spike said, the bond still settling down. He couldn’t stay at home forever and maybe a night with his friends would be good for him, help him get back into old ways. He had spent every minute with Spike these last two weeks, not that he wanted to change that in anyway, but neither did he want to neglect his friends.

Xander took a deep breath. “Alright Will. I’ll come for a short time. I want to be back when Spike gets home.”

Xander smiled at Willow’s squeak of delight and told her he would be there soon. He finished up the report he was reading over, scribbled a quick note for Spike then dressed in something more suitable than baggy sweat pants.


Just over half an hour later, he was opening the shop door. Willow flew across the floor and threw herself into his arms. He so wanted to want this, but it just felt awkward and wrong. He gave her a cursory squeeze, kissed her forehead then wriggled out of her grip, guiding her to the back table.

“Hi guys,” he said looking around to locate everyone. From the thuds and thumps and heavy breathing he could pick up, Buffy was in the training room. Giles was at the table, books spread in front of him, Tara as well. Anya sat opposite and offered Xander a smile.

He took a good look over her. The cuts and scrapes on her face were healing well, the bruising was still visible but now yellowing. Xander’s heart ached for her. The feelings of guilt came rushing back to him but he dared not make any comment and kept them firmly to himself. He kissed her cheek, ignoring the unpleasant feeling that urged him away. “Ahn, you look better. Are you feeling okay?”

“Fine and dandy, lucky yellow and purple are Simon’s favourite colours.”

“You’re still seeing Simon the Stockbroker?” Xander asked.

“Well yes, he likes spending money, likes spending it on me, I like him spending it on me too so we have a lot in common. Oh and he’s great in the sack.” She offered him a beaming smile.

“Okay, once I get over the too muchness of that information, I’m sure I’ll be very happy for you.” He indicated the open books around the table and took one of the empty seats. “So what are we getting researchy over tonight?” He eyed the pizza box that Tara was holding out and took a piece to be polite, not feeling especially hungry.

Giles glanced at Xander over his glasses. “I’m afraid you’ve missed the demon research, we’ve since moved on to your spell. Hopefully we can find a way to remove or alter it. Something that would allow you a normal life back again.” He stopped and smiled. “Good to see you back again Xander.”

Xander merely nodded. Wasn’t this what he had wanted? His friends to rally to his cause, rid him of this violation? So why did he feel less than enthused to hear that he was the focus of this bookfest?

Willow misinterpreted his silence and sat down next to him, sliding an arm around his waist and dropping her head to his shoulder. He suppressed the shudder and forced himself to accept her well-meaning comfort. “Don’t worry Xan, we’ll find something.”

Xander was in two minds. Remove or alter the spell, but because of Spike’s chip, he then might not have the long life as consort that he had glimpsed and now desperately wanted to share with Spike. The other choice, leave the spell in place, become an unofficial consort and grab a hold of that future, but be constantly worried about the bonding demons’ return.

Probably it would be best to just wait and see what the research turned up. Tara had already said there was likely no way to change things. Better then to be prepared for a fight if and when the demons came to finalise the bond.

“Loopholes.” Xander said to no one in particular.

“I beg your pardon?” Giles asked.

“Well couldn’t we be looking for loopholes? Something to throw back at these guys if they turn up?”

Giles laid a bookmark in the page he was reading and slowly closed the volume. “Hopefully Xander, it won’t get that far. We should be able to find something before that happens.”

“Yeah,” he said impatiently. “But if all else fails, shouldn’t we be looking to bolster the next front?”

“Perhaps you are right. If we are unable to affect the spell in any way then the next best thing would be finding a way to stop the demons being able to claim you completely or to even nullify their claim.”

Willow patted Xander’s back. “But Giles what about the biggest problem? Nothing would have changed and Xander’s still a consort.”

The training room door opened and Buffy walked out, wiping herself down with a towel. “Xander’s a what?”



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