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Fic: The Things We Do For Love 1/1

TITLE : The Things We Do For Love
AUTHOR: bohofemm
FANDOM: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
PAIRING: Spike/Xander.
GENRE : Slash
PROMPT: 014. Frustration.
WORD COUNT: 457 words.
SUMMARY: Spike, Xander and a frustrating pair of boxers.
NOTES: X-Posted to lover100. Set Post Chosen and NFA.
DISCLAIMER: You recognize them? I don’t own them.

“William T. Bloody!” Xander called, balancing a laundry basket on his hip. Spike glanced up from his leather-bound journal. “Is it really so difficult to get your boxers inside the hamper?” He groaned. “I have no problem doing your laundry but I refuse to struggle with your underwear that gets everywhere.”

Spike set his book down. “Done nagging, Xan?” he asked, looking dangerously irritated. “I always put them in the hamper. Must be the Boxer Gnomes.”

Xander rolled his eyes. “Right. Boxer Gnomes. Oh, and by the way I invited Big Foot and a Yeti to your poker game,” Xander scoffed, storming out of the apartment.

Spike's lack of housekeeping skills always managed to annoy Xander. Was it really so difficult for him to put his dishes in the sink or rinse out his blood mug? Or even a simpler task such as putting his black silk boxers into the hamper? Did he have to be so difficult?

“I need to go on strike,” he grumbled, tossing the laundry into the machine. “See how well he fends on his own.” He threw a cup of soap into it. “If it wasn't for the fact I loved him so damn much.” He slammed the machine lid down.

He rested in a hard backed plastic chair, refusing to go up to the apartment. He didn't want to see Spike right now. He just needed time to cool off.

“Xan?” Spike called, some time later. “You down here?” He threw the door open. “I am sorry, Pet but I'm telling you the truth. Boxer Gnomes exist and they like silk.”

“Right. Like I'm supposed to believe that Boxer Gnomes are the reason my dear boyfriend can't get his boxers inside the hamper,” he said. “You'd have to be stupid or insane to believe that. Since I am neither...” He proceeded to throw the wet clothes into the dryer, leaving a single pair of silk boxer shorts on top of the washer. Turning his attention to the dryer, he jumped as Spike started to squeak. “Since when do you-Oh shit!” He glanced down at the small scaly creature, holding the boxers.

“Rufus!” Spike exclaimed. “I thought you had enough of me after your little run-in with Drusilla.” He scooped the creature up. “Trying to get me in trouble with my boyfriend?” He turned to Xander. “Meet Rufus. Boxer Gnome. A pain in the arse. He's been out to get me ever since I let Dru play with him the first time he went after my underwear.”

Xander moved back, visibly startled. “You're real,” he stammered, uncertainly. “That means Spike was right. Oh God.” Spike smirked. “You're loving this.”

“Yes, I am,” he laughed, leaning in for a kiss.

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