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Spike's Quickie

TITLE : Spike's Quickie
AUTHOR: taboothought
: NC-17
SUMMARY:  Spike kidnaps Xander and gets his way with him >:)
DISCLAIMER: These are Joss's men! Not mine!

Xander was leaving the high school at 8 at night while Buffy goes the opposite way he was going to patrol. Willow was staying at the high school with Giles understanding the difference between the magicks. Xander started walking back home alone with the usual stake in the lapels of his coat. Walking home seemed like forever at night for Xander, maybe because he actually fears the night, which you can't blame him.

While he was crossing the street to his house, then he noticed a car going down the street pretty fast. It looked oddly familiar, or oddly...strange. Spray painted windows is not in for the summer is it? he thought to himself. The car pulled over right next to him and slowed down, the driver's side popped open, Xander wanted to run in fear but his feet were glued to the floor. Spike stuck out his arm and grabbed Xander by his coat, making his stake fall out of his coat, Xander cussed under his breath while he was being dragged in the car.

Spike pulled him in the drivers side and pulled him over to the passenger. Xander was in shock, speechless, realizing that this was a vampire, due to the spray painted window and the way he dresses since there's no one that dresses like that in Sunnydale and happens to be pale. Spike started to speed up, Xander sitting the passenger seat with half of the door on his back along with the seat gawking at spike in fear. Spike peered over at the fear stricken human and a smile creeped up in the corner of his mouth, yes he was smirking.

Xander couldn't speak or even move, so Spike started "Hello, pet, I've been watching you for the past few months"

Xander couldn't think or even talk, he just gulped, which Spike heard and chuckled to. They passed the sign that says "Hope to see you again! -Sunnydale". Xander thought I hope so too, he finally spoke up, well more like stuttered. "W-w-w-where are you t-t-taking me?".

Spike didn't respond, all he did was drive. Xander didn't want to say anything else, so he sat there terrified of where they were going, maybe it was going to be an abandoned warehouse, where there are more vampires to feast on his blood. That made Xander shiver. Spike turned on the radio, popped in a tape, Pistols, who else? After years of listening to the same band you'd think he'd be tired of them. There’s something about Sid Vicous's voice that makes Spike want to rebel, he couldn‘t explain the feeling if he tried. Spike is singing along with tape, repeatedly glancing over to Xander and laughing at his fear.

Xander wanted to jump out the car while it was going 65 mph, he didn't care, but of course he had no control over the lock or even the windows. Spike, finally pulled over to the boulder they were deep in the woods somewhere, the road was empty, no one was in sight and it was pitch black, they couldn't see the stars, it was covered by dark looking trees. He turned off the headlights which made it more darker, Xander started to get nervous. Spike however could see, even smell his fear.

Xander closed his eyes, he knew this would be the death of him. It was silent for about 10 minutes. Then he heard panting, oh my god, he’s going to lean in and bite me now. Xander brought his shoulders to his ears so none of the neck was exposed.

Spike loved the smell of fear.

His legs were wide open, his thumb was on top of his hard-on in his pants and his other four fingers were under his bulge rubbing and pushing onto it, looking over to the person giving off the fear smell. While his other hand was free, he grabbed at Xander's leg. Xander, who couldn't see, kicked in response. Spike grabbed his leg again and pulled it towards him so Xander was facing Spike with his legs open. Spike pulled at his leg to move him closer, and started to move his hand up Xander's leg, slowly inching towards his crotch.

 Xander was going to have an heart attack, I'm going to be molested and eaten by a vampire! he thought. "Hey, w-w-what are you doing?" he stuttered.

 "Shut up" Spike sneered back.

He finally reached Xander's crotch and started rubbing him, hoping to make Xander hard as he is. Spike continuing rubbing his own hard-on. Xander couldn't even bring himself to have a semi, too scared to. Spike knew what he wanted to do to his trembling pet, so he stopped rubbing altogether. Turned around, and reached for Xander's buckle.

"Hey, if you want to feed off of me, just get it over with, but DO not try to rape me!" Xander said nervously while one hand is reaching under the seat looking for something he could stake his horny vampire with.

He grabbed a hold of something and it felt hard, so maybe he could knock him out. He pulled it out and smacked Spike in the head with it, but it didn't have an effect. All it did was make Spike laugh insanely.

"What are you going to do? Slap me to death with a dildo?" After Spike said that he threw the dildo in disgust in at Spike, which made the vampire laugh even more.

Xander started jiggling at the door handle hoping it would pop open.

Spike saw this and said "Alright that’s enough with that" with a serious face, he went for Xander's belt buckle again, undid his belt and pulled his pants down with the boxers and pulled it down to his ankles.

 Xander was terrified of having his dick bitten off. Spike pressed his hands between his legs and spread them open and leaned between Xanders legs and took his not hard cock in his mouth, looking at Xander's face and smirking with his mouth opening with his tongue lolling his dick around in his mouth. Spike was loving this, he reached down to rub his bulge again. Xander wasn't getting hard yet, or maybe he just wasn't going to.

Spike kept sucking on Xander's soft head and started lapping at his balls like he was a dog lapping for water, he started moaning on his dick. When Xander felt the vibrations of his cock being moaned on, he felt a shot of pain go right up his spine to his head which made him jerk his head back onto the window. Spike felt him jerking, so he moaned even more on his victim’s limp dick. Xander started twitching from pleasure, which started to get him hard. Spike didn't stop lapping at his balls until he noticed his dick was getting hard, he moved on to his cock's head and started sucking onto it.

Xander moaned, Spike sucked and twirled his tongue around the head that was growing into his mouth. Spike took the whole length into his mouth, sucking it repeatedly. Xander didn't want to put his hand's on the vampire's head to fuck his mouth, he didn't know if that would piss him off.

Xander still couldn't see anyways, so he could be picturing it's anyone sucking him off, but he knew that his last blow job was going to be from a vampire. So might as well enjoy it before all of his blood will be sucked 'til the death of him. He leaned back and closed his eyes. Spike stopped sucking him off, and grabbed lube from under his seat, his car was basically his favorite place to have sex, the excitement of being caught turned him on even more. He grabbed the didlo that was thrown at him and started to lube it up and started lubing his fingers.

Xander noticed sounds of slicking, and that scared him even more. He reached out in front of him, trying to figure out what was going on. Spike caught his arm and leaned towards to him and held Xander's arm pressing against the window.

Spike whispered into Xander's ear "Sit tight puppy" and bit his ear lobe and moved down to his neck, nibbling onto it, tasting the sweat of fear.

He pressed his finger against Xander hole, slowly pushing it in to the first knuckle. Xander started jerking his body up hoping it would jerk him off.

This just encouraged Spike even more and said "Pet, you should know you moving around is only goin' to make me want to shove my thick, hard, prick up your sweet arse quicker" and went back to nibbling and sucking onto Xander's neck.

Spike shoved the whole finger up his ass, Xander started groaning in pain and disgust. Spike inserted the next finger, while sucking onto his neck, making that spot tender for claiming. Xander sobbed hoping that was going to be the last thing inserted into him. Spike wanted just to shove his cock into his non-lubed ass and just fuck him raw. He leaned over and pulled the seat so it reclined in a 125* angle. Pulled Xander and took Xander's arms to wrap around the back part of the seat and had his head against the head of the seat. Spike pulled his hips up, so his ass was in the air.

Spike shoved himself to be seated on the seat but more downwards towards the floor so his mouth was lined up with Xander's dick, he put his arm around Xander's hip and slowly put the tip of the dildo into Xander's entrance, which spooked Xander out and made him jerk forward, not knowing that he jerked into Spike's mouth, Xander moaned out loud. Spike, pushed the dildo into him more, all Xander did was jerk forward away from the dildo entering in him and jerking his cock into Spike's mouth and biting onto the head of the chair. Spike was smirking the whole time, knowing that he was going to win this fight.

Spike shoved the rest of the dildo into Xander which made him scream. Spike pulled it out slowly and shoved it back in, hitting his prostate this time, this made Xander's heart feel like it was going to jump out of his chest. Xander pushed back hoping it would happen again. Spike pulled it out completely, leaving poor horny, confused Xander for more pleasure, so he just leaned into Spike's mouth for a suck. Spike did so.

He dropped the dildo onto the passenger side's floor and grabbed onto Xander's hips and moved them back and forth making his cock thrust into Spike's mouth. Xander started to moan and whimper. Once spike heard him whimper, he knew he had to take him. He lifted Xander's leg so he could slide out, he climbed onto of Xander and pulled down his own pants, making his hard cock hit Xander's ass cheek. Xander knew what was going to happen next, but he didn't care he wanted something to hit his prostate again. So he just pushed himself back, begging for something, Spike leaned over to have his chest against Xander's back, and thrust forward to have his cock slide into Xander's hole.

All Xander did was jerk his head back and moan loudly while Spike's thick, long, pink cock fucked him and hit his prostate over and over. Spike pulled his arm under Xander and gave his cock two tugs and Xander squirted all over Spike's car seat, Spike heard the cum splattering against his leather seat and felt Xander's ass clench his cock while he was fucking him did it for him. He grabbed onto Xander's hips and gave him one last fuck, and held his hips against his own while his cum was flowing into Xander. They both moaned and panted. Spike rolled over, Xander just collapsed onto the seat and closed his eyes.

Spike zipped himself up and went back in the drivers seat and unlocked the door and pushed Xander out "Run along pet!".

Xander tumbled out with cum all over his ass and his pants are pooled around his ankles. He realized that they were just on the outside of the cemetery that was only a few blocks away from the house the whole time. Xander thought to himself if he was ever going to come back.

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