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Broken Circle

TITLE: Broken Circle
RATING: Adult for language and content
DISCLAIMER: The Bee has no rights or claim on any
of the characters or products named in this story and makes
no profit from them.
SUMMARY: This is the third story in the Rosebud/verse.
Tara has been abducted and the police rush to find her.
The other members of the Circle decide that they can do
a better job and begin their own investigation.
Who will find her first and will it be in time?

Huge thanks to Purpledodah for the amazing banner.

Dinner was relaxed.
The two men chatted, laughed and talked easily over the perfectly
cooked sacred cow. Xander had squealed when he discovered, in
the back of the pantry, a bottle of A1 steak sauce.
They both moaned and groaned like the dialog in a cheap 1970's
porn flick over the meat that nearly melted in their mouths.

With the popping of a cork on a bottle of red wine, the evening,
so far had been picture perfect. Watching the clock closely,
Spike knew they still had nearly two hours left.

Xander finally dropped his fork on his plate and tipped up his empty
"Fuck! Damn if that wasn't absotootly fuckin' gastronomically correct.
I couldn't eat another bite if my life depended on it. I, my friend, am

Spike chuckled.
"No ice cream then?"

Xander sat bolt upright. "We have ice cream?"
"We do but I thought you were too full?

Xander rubbed his belly and thought about it. If he could just work
up a good belch or wriggle down a hefty fart, it might make room.

Before he could answer, Spike jumped to his feet and cleared away
the dirty dishes, setting them on the counter by the sink.
"Tell you what, since you are so full, why don't you wash the dishes
and we can have dessert later."

Xander scowled.
"Hey, I'm no kitchen bitch. That's what the girls are for. Not that
they are bitches, God no. I love my girls, it's just that they are
more physically designed to wash dishes. You know, evolutionary

Spike sternly crossed his arms over his chest and glared.
"Shame on you. Besides, do you want them to come home and
smell all this cooking flesh? Do you know how upset they will be?"

Grudgingly, Xander knew Spike was right. The last thing he wanted to
hear tonight was Tara wailing that he had slaughter and devoured
Bossie the cow. With a grunt and a grumble, he hoisted himself to
his feet.
"Fine, you win, but I'm telling you, there better be ice cream in that fuckin'
freezer or you will have some serious spalinin' to do."

Xander shoved the stopper the sink and turned on the hot water.
He squirted some dishwash in and hypnotically watched as the pool
of clear water turned to a mountain of bubbles.

Silently, Spike stood behind him and quietly undid the buttons of his
jeans, sliding them down over his slim hips and kicking them to the side.
His boxers followed and his newly awakened erection stood proudly
in his hand.

Unaware of the subterfuge behind him, Xander loaded dishes into the sink
and plunged his arms up to the elbows into the hot foamy water.
"You know we really should stand our ground. We shouldn't have to
sneak and hide around just to.........Spike? What is that? There's something
hard poking me in the........Spike is that what I think it is?"

"Just keep washin' the platters, Love. I have a bit of a project going on
right now."

Xander jumped and looked down to see two hands circle his waist and
pop the top button of his pants open. Picking up a plate in one hand and a
sponge in the other, he did as he was told. Apparently Xander was wrong.
He was very much a kitchen bitch.

Sensuously he squeezed the bubbles from the sponge and slowly wiped it
round and round the plate as his zipper clicked tooth by tooth downward
allowing his rigid cock to spring out into the open. Xander lurched forward
when Spike's cool hand gripped his heated flesh.

" Careful, Pet. Don't drop the witches favorite china."
"Damn, Spike. Let's go upstairs and......."
In a flash, Xander's pants were jerked down and the cheek of his ass
soundly smacked.

"You have chores, Boy! You don't leave this room till your work is
done. You understand me?"
The authority in Spike's voice shot right to Xander's cock and it twitched,
apologizing for it's bad behavior. Showing there were no hard feelings,
Spike released the cock in his hand, allowing it to smack it's head against
the sink edge, and he removed his boy friend's trousers.

Xander's head dropped down and he gasp as Spike knelt behind him.
The china plate slid from his hand and floated safely under the water.
Spike gripped the strong defined calves of his wood carver and slowly
ran his hands up the quivering legs, coaxing them further apart as he went.

"Fuck, Xander, you have the most wonderful body. I just want to touch
it and taste it all the time."

Xander whimpered

Finally, after what seemed to Xander like hours, Spike's hands reached the
tense round butt cheeks and Xander cursed the lack of muscles that would
have allowed him to pop them wide open. Luckily, Spike did it for him
and before he had a chance to thank him, a hot, wet tongue dove in.

With his arms still elbow deep in bubbles, Xander bent over as far as he
could and pushed back against Spike's face. Spike went to work on his
second best slab of meat of the night. He grunted, groaned and slurped,
making the same noises he has just minutes earlier as his tongue stabbed
in and out of the eager hole.

Unable to maintain his good behavior any longer, Xander was about to
release his scullery maid sponge and reach for his cock when Spike
pulled away. Xander immediately grabbed a dish and swished it.
"No! No stopping. See, I'm washing!"

Spike snickered and stood up, pressing himself against his boy's back
as his cock instinctively sought it's home base. Spike wrapped one hand
around Xander's erection and placed the other palm on his chest pushing his
back flat against Spike's chest and he whispered in his ear.

"Rub a handful of those bubbles over your hole. Make yourself nice and
slippery for me."

Now, in another time and place, Xander might have thought this to be a
monumentally stupid idea, but at the moment, with nearly no blood to
feed his brain cells, he thanked his lucky stars for the brilliant mind of his
genius detective.

Spike took a step back and ran his hands up his lovers back, feeling the
muscles as they flexed with every move as Xander hustled to comply.
Soapy water flew everywhere as he scooped a handful of bubbles
from the sink. Spike groaned at the sight of the pink, wrinkled hole
being coated, rubbed and fingered in an effort to slick for the coming

Dishwater dripped from the crack of his ass, down the insides of his
thighs and onto the floor. Spike continued to stroke himself as he watched
the erotic sight and knew if he didn't stop soon, wash water wouldn't be
the only thing wetting the tile floor.

Reaching around his lover, Spike dipped his own hand in the solution and
quickly coated his cock, inhaling the scent of the lemony cleaner.

"That's enough" Spike lined his cock up, rubbing the fat head teasingly
over Xander's sensitive, eager opening.
"Are you ready? Do you want it?"
Xander's answer was a whimper and the canting of his hips backward.
He was soapy, dripping bubbly dishwater and horny as hell. With his
brain unable to form words, he hoped Spike could read the signs.

Luckily, Spike was a naturally gifted navigator. Not only could he read the
signs, he could sail the ship home through the whitecaps of kitchen love.
Spike pushed his cockhead through the tight ring of muscle and they both
grunted, the familiar feeling of full/squeezed pounding through their groins.

Spike pulled back and watched as the tiny mouthlike opening tried pulling him
back in. "Fuckin' beautiful" He breathed.
With his hands on Xander's hips, Spike rose onto his tip toes, the need to fuck
so strong, he was nearly bowled over by the urgency.
"Hang on, Xan."

Xander gripped the edge of the sink. He squatted slightly to give the shorter
man a better position and he closed his eyes, grasping his own cock in his
soapy hand.

Spike rocked his hips experimentally and Xander rocked with him, a soft,
"Yeah, hell yeah." muttered from his lips.
Spike knew he had found the right angle to give them both the most pleasure
and he dropped his head against Xander's back.

Game playing over. Spike was now all business and the business at hand
was Fuck That Arse, so, he did. Shutting off all conscious thought, Spike
jackhammered his body, ramming his cock as deep and hard into the warm
wet hole as he could. The action sent heavenly shockwaves of pleasure
throughout his body, feeling like an itch that was finally being scratched.

Unfortunately, it also meant this would be a short ride as his balls already
threatened to seek out their own relief by unloading the hot, heavy load
they carried in their sac.

"Is it good, Baby? Does it feel good?"
"Yeah, fuck, Spike. Just like that. Right there. Shit, I need to cum, Spike. Cum with me."
Spike chuckled with relief.
"I can do that. I can.....FUCK! FUCK! DAMN!"

Spike rammed himself deeply into the hot tunnel and froze as his cock jerked,
spasmed and pumped thick streams of cum into Xander's welcoming body.
Xander, too found relief as every muscle in his body went rigid at the
enema like feeling and his own load released in a wave of orgasmic heaven.

For a good two minutes both just let themselves feel the wonder of it,
relaxing, floating.
Finally, with a sigh, Xander's head fell forward and rested on his wet arms.
Spike's feet dropped off his tip toes, allowing his limp cock to slide
out on a tide of squishy dribble of backwash.
Both sighed.

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