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Mod Post: Please Read

It's been a while since I've done one of these, but as more and more off-topic posts are starting to pop up, I think it's time.

This is a Spander community. All posts must be Spander-related unless you have asked me first and I have given you permission.

All fic searches, including genre searches (hurt/comfort, vamp!xander etc) should be Spander. I am lenient with posts that ask for other pairings as well as Spander, though if it starts happening too often I might change my mind.

Looking for Spike/Xander/ hurt/comfort fics = OKAY
Looking for Spike/Angel hurt/comfort fics = NOT OKAY
Looking for Spike/Xander/Angel hurt/comfort fics = OKAY
Looking for Spike/Xander and/or Spike/Angel hurt/comfort fics = If you have to

Icons and artwork posted must also be Spander. Exceptions are made for fic banners posted with fic as they do not necessarily contain both characters. However, banners larger than 3 icons (100x300px, 150x200px, etc) must be under an lj-cut. Icon posts are allowed three icons outside the cut as a teaser, but the rest must be placed behind a cut.

lj-cut: <lj-cut text="Clicky link text goes here">POST CONTENT HERE</lj-cut>

Headers stay outside a cut so that people can decide if they want to open the post.

Included in your headers should be a summary. This is an active comm with multiple WiPs being posted at any one time. Not everyone can keep them straight without some kind of hint as to which story the newest chapter post belongs to.

A link to previous chapters (in your memories, or a tag page) is also appreciated by those who might have missed a chapter or two, or who are just starting to read about our boys.

html link code: <a href="URL GOES HERE">CLICKY LINK TEXT GOES HERE</a>

See here for a full list of recommended headers and the complete rules.

I now return you to your regular service of Spander, Spander and more Spander. Thank you for reading. Thank you for writing. Thank you for continuing to play nicely in my sandpit. :D
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