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Halfway To Columbia ~ Part 7 
15th-Jul-2008 03:18 am
Title: Halfway To Columbia
Rating: R
Author: kitty_alex
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairings: Spike/Xander
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot. I bend to Joss Whedon's will and try my best not to murder his characters.
Summary: What if Buffy had to go out and look for Cordy and Oz instead of looking for Xander and Willow when Spike kidnaps them.
Warnings: It's AU. Xander gets vamped and there is A LOT character death. Plus some not so pretty torture. Also, I'm not good at typing British accents, so use your imagination when reading for Spike.
Previous Chapters: You can find previous chapters here
Notes: Thanks to kimalis for betaing.
Status: Complete

Both vampires were tiring, neither was making any headway in the fight. Angel tried to kick Spike in the back, but Spike was ready for him. He swirled around catching Angel’s leg. Spike twisted it and the older vampire screamed out loudly.

“Hey,” Xander called from up on his boxes. “If Spike sends you to Hell without a leg, do you think the Powers That Be will bring you back again?”

“Dunno, pet.” Spike said, finally removing Angel’s leg. “I don’t know why they’d want such a useless vampire like him. He really puts all other vampires to shame.”

Xander dug through his pockets until he found what he was looking for. He tossed them down and the railroad spikes hit the ground with clank. The crowd went into a frenzied yell when they realized they were going to watch how Spike got his name.

“Ta, love.” Spike said to Xander with a wink.

He picked up the spikes from ground and kicked Angel in the ribs for good measure. He twirled the spikes in his hand trying to decide where the best place to stick them was.

“I didn’t think I was that bad as a sire,” Angel said weakly.

“After twenty years, you left me alone with your crazy sire. Then a few years after that, I was left to take care of my crazy sire.” Spike took one of the spikes and impaled Angel’s stomach pinning him to the ground. Angel screamed in pain and Spike continued over his screams. “Then to make matters worse, you team up with the filthy slut of a slayer.”

“You did too.”

“I did and I am rightly ashamed, but look what I got out of it.” He motioned to the fascinated vampire watching from his perch. “I got a dead slayer, my own childe, my own clan, and my own Hellmouth.” Spike stuck another spike in Angel’s other working leg. “What did you ever do with your power? Even when you lost your soul, all you could think about was that slayer.”

“Spike, if I had known how you felt, I would have tried to be a better sire. I swear I would have taken you to bed more and maybe not have fucked Drusilla while you watched that many times.”

Spike twirled his last spike and jammed it into Angel’s neck, cutting through his vocal cords and preventing him from speaking.

“Won’t you shut up? I’m doing the talking here. I’m not even mad at you for that. Not anymore. More mad at you for my childe. You always had to make him feel less, didn’t you? You ignored him and always made him feel weak. Of course, if it was me, I would have done more verbal than anything, but at least I would have hung out with the whelp, got a bit of dosh off him. Even with your soul, you had to see how much potential the boy had to be a good vampire. The boy practically screamed ‘Turn me!’ when I first saw him. Wasn’t even afraid of me when you offered him to me.”

Angel tried to speak but all that came out was a strangled gargle as the blood welled up in his mouth and throat. Spike smiled as he looked over Angel. The great Angel was finally beaten and lay bleeding at his feet. It was all thanks to his boy. He looked up at Xander who was grinning widely, also admiring Spike’s handy work.

“Finish him!” Xander screamed.

The crowd chorused with him and soon the entire warehouse was screaming for Angel’s demise. Spike dug around in his pocket and pulled out a wooden stake. He grinned and sized up Angel.

“Should have come prepared, but you always think you’re better than everyone else. This is what you get for underestimating people, especially me. Now you heard the crowd, it’s time for you to die.”

Spike drove the stake deep into Angel’s heart and he exploded into dust, the stakes that held him staying in place, having been driven straight through. Spike was tempted to pick up one of the spikes and lick the blood off when he noticed his childe merrily leaping down towards him. Xander finally arrived at his Sire’s side and stood still, patiently awaiting Spike to give an order.

“Get to work!” Spike yelled at his new minions. “By this time tomorrow, Sunnydale and all its inhabitants shall be ours! Make our presence known. Let everyone know your new master. If anyone questions you, tear them down!”

The crowd quickly dispersed so they could do the bidding of their new master. Xander leaned into Spike and he wrapped his arm around Xander’s waist.

“You were very scary. I swelled with pride to know that you were my sire and everyone was watching you and knowing how strong you are.”

“Good to know then. Where should we set up our new base? Nothing underground. You know, just in case of an earthquake.”

Xander shivered at the thought of Spike getting trapped like the Master had. He wanted to keep his sire safe from harm.

“We could always make Angel’s mansion into our base. What’s his is ours now.”

“I like the way you think, pet. Let’s find a few minions and have them set it up for us.”

Xander grasped his sire’s hand as Spike led him out of the warehouse and onto the street. He could clearly hear the screams of terror belonging to everyone unfortunate enough to be wandering around this late at night. Soon the entire Hellmouth would be Spike’s. Xander looked at Spike who was grinning madly at him. Xander grinned back. He mentally corrected himself, the entire Hellmouth would be theirs. Xander had never felt happier in his entire life. Spike had been right. He was always meant to be a vampire.
15th-Jul-2008 08:30 am (UTC)
I really love this story. I love how Xander embraces his "Vampire-ness?" He really is a good Vampire.And since he's the Heart and the One Who Sees he really has good insight to the downfall of the Champions.
15th-Jul-2008 03:34 pm (UTC)
Yeah, he knew how to take down everyone quickly and efficiently. I always thought Xander made a good vampire. I liked him in "The Wish", but he needed a better master. The Master treated him too much like a lap dog. But, now he has Spike, so everything is okay.
15th-Jul-2008 09:39 am (UTC)
Xander is the best vamp ever :)
15th-Jul-2008 03:35 pm (UTC)
:) Of course he is. But only because he has the best sire in the world.
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