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If You Go Chasing Rabbits

Title: If You Go Chasing Rabbits
Rating: R for now probably higher later
Pairings: S/X/R pre-slash for this segment.
Warnings: A bit of smutty thought and innuendo for this segment
AN: Written earlier for the person who was searching for Spike / Robin fics. Reposted since my mad mad muse wants to turn it s/x or possibly s/x/r... *takes out contract on muse* Also this is set Season 7 post Dirty Girls, but I'm probably gonna play loose with the cannon in deference to the smut.
Summary: Spike wants to play
Previously: Previous parts of what is now officially the White Rabbit Verse can be found here

There's something not quite right with Harris lately. First he slipped his way into the room and stared at a butcher block for a few minutes, then he starts getting this 'look' in his eye, and by all the demons of the pits I'm just not sure I want to know what's going through the swiss cheese he sees fit to call a mind.

I seem to recall a comment about linoleum getting the boy's motor revved back in the day, now he's getting hot and bothered staring at a kitchen fixture. I've seen some strange kinks in my time, you pillage the continent with Angelus and Dru and you can't exactly avoid the bizarre and the sexually unique, but I've never seen anyone with a building material kink until now. At least he's in the right line of work.

Did he just whimper? Right time to put the upgrades to work. Huh... guess he does have some kind of fixation. Wonder how far he'll....

Damn rained out by the Bit. Ohhhh right, Harris is on those pills still. Huh... seems surprised to see me and Wood standing here. Oh I just bet those bloody pills ARE kicking in hard mate. This has the potential to be fun.

"Oye, Harris, think you could give me a hand with something downstairs?"

I could tell he wanted to say no, although for some reason his pheromones went through the roof. For some reason Wood decides to step in here.

"I'm sure whatever it is you need Xander to give you a hand with, I can help you out. You're still pretty out of it, right Xander?" Fuck! Wood knows I'm playing with Xander. Damn interfering-

"How about you give him a hand and I'll just sit back and supervise."

You know Harris might just be onto something there.
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