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Fic: Calescence 6/??

TITLE : Calescence
AUTHOR: bohofemm
FANDOM: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
PAIRING: Spike/Xander.
GENRE : Slash
PROMPT: 015. Pressure
WORD COUNT: 1411 words.
SUMMARY: Why does HE have to try to spoil every good moment?
WARNINGS: None. Pre-slash.
NOTES: X-Posted to lover100. Set Post Chosen and NFA.
STORY NOTES: This is a new series. Previous stories can be found Here.
DISCLAIMER: You recognize them? I don’t own them.

Xander was worried.

He hadn't heard from Andrew in nearly a week. Spike was now on his feet again, and wanted to leave the apartment. Normally, this wouldn't have been an issue but Xander just couldn't shake the feeling that something bad was going on with Andrew that involved Spike.

“Can I burn your mattress?” Spike asked, watching Xander change the sheets. “We can roast marshmallows and sing Kumbaya. It'd be fun.” He leaned back in the recliner.

“Burn anything but the mattress. Xander loves his mattress,” Dawn commented, leaning on the door frame. “Xand, have you heard from Andrew lately?”

Xander recoiled at the sound of his name. “Luckily, no. Why?”

“Dietrich called. Andrew's away on Council Business but he hasn't called him.” She shrugged. “Apparently, you were the last one to see him.”

“What do you mean? He hasn't called him to at least check in on Greta?” Xander may not have been able to tolerate Andrew but he did still mildly care about his ex.

“Nope. That's why he's worried. It's not like Andrew to just forget about the baby.” Dawn sighed. “Was he acting weird?”

“Hostile. Determined to find out about Los Angeles even though Xander asked him not to mention it to me. Falsely cheery,” Spike replied. He jumped, the sound of thunder resounding through the air.

“Thunder.” Xander opened the blinds to reveal the gray, cloudy sky. “It's supposed to rain.”

“Rain?” Spike asked, puzzled.

“Water from the sky,” Xander said.

“I know what rain is. Just haven't seen or felt it in ten years.” Spike glanced to the window, just as rain began to pelt the building.

“Come on.” Xander offered his hand to Spike. “We'll go stand in it. You've been stuck up here long enough.”

Spike accepted his hand. “That was one of the things I missed most about being down below. The rain. No matter where I was before, I had it. Everything was scarce but there was absolutely none of it.”
He struggled to his feet.

They hadn't discussed their kiss since it had happened. Xander was glad Spike had done it but it made some conversations so difficult because it just hung in the air.

Slowly, they walked downstairs. Xander could hardly believe that less than a week ago, they had been so convinced that Spike wouldn't even make the night. Yet, here he was, almost giddy with excitement over getting to be in the rain.

“I remember that smell.” Spike's eyes widened with wonder. “That clean, fresh smell.” He let go of Xander and walked, completely unaided, onto the grass. “It's cold!”

“Welcome to early Spring in Connecticut. Cold and damp.” Xander stepped from beneath the awning and allowed the rain to wash over him. “I always had one fantasy.”

“What?” Spike tilted his head back.

“I've always wanted to be kissed in the rain.”

Spike stiffened. “Thought we weren't going to discuss that.” He turned his head, so, he was staring at Xander. “I kissed you. Maybe I was delusional from switching dimensions.”

“I hope not.” Xander reached out and intertwined Spike's hand with his. “I liked it.”

Spike yanked his hand back. “Did you?”

“Yes. Much better than Dick Weed.” Xander laughed at Spike's baffled look. “Andrew. Dick Weed's my nickname for him when he's driving me more insane than usual.” He stared at the ground. “Can I fulfill my fantasy?”

“Depends. Ain't into whips and chains. Unless Dru-”

“Enough!” Xander held his hand up to Spike's mouth. “No images of Drusilla the Dominatrix. It's disturbing.” He quickly pulled his hand back. “Can I kiss you?” He grinned, when Spike nodded.

Xander rested his arms around Spike's waist and leaned in. Gently, he grazed the other man's lips before pulling back.

“Bloody Hell! You call that a kiss?” Spike mashed his lips to Xander's with so much force that he almost knocked him down.

“Try again.” Xander pulled back. Gently, he brushed Spike's lips. When he pulled back to complain, Xander eased his tongue in. Spike copied his motions, as he threaded his fingers through Xander's hair.

The world surrounding them ceased to exist, leaving them the only two occupants. Time seemed to have no meaning, and all they could concentrate on were each other.

Xander reluctantly pulled away. He grinned shakily, ignoring Spike's crestfallen look. “Remember. Humans need to breathe.” He rested his head on Spike's shoulder. “Third time's the charm.” He grinned happily. His cellphone rang. Pulling it out, he noticed the caller ID read BLOCKED. “Hello?”

“The two of you are so cute together. I remember when you used to kiss me like that.”

“Andrew.” He did nothing to hide the distaste in his voice. “Where are you?” He glanced, noticing they were alone and there were no cars around them.

“I have my way of seeing things.”

“Have you called your partner?”

“What do you care? You hate him.”

“I don't hate him. I don't know him. I just don't like you. You really ought to call him though. He's been looking for you.”

“Put Spike on.”

“Why would I do that? That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.”

“I want to talk to Spike.”

“No. He's finally getting better. I am not putting him under stress.”

“You can't protect him forever.”

“No, I can't. However, that doesn't mean I won't try.”

Andrew hung up.

“What did he want?” Spike asked, his fingertips lightly resting on the small of Xander's back. “He's not a very pleasant bloke, is he? Why did you ever date him?”

“Young and foolish mainly. Plus I loved him. Who can foresee their boyfriend going crazy over a lost city?” Xander asked, still enjoying the rain. He wasn't about to let Andrew ruin the fact he had finally kissed Spike.

“Angelus once lost Darla to a bloke, claimed to be from Atlantis. So, I know how alluring lost cities can be.” Spike pulled Xander closer to him.

“Once Los Angeles consumed him, life together just wasn't worth it. We fought over it constantly and then, he met Dietrich.” Xander shook his head. “I've been afraid to fall in love ever since. Who knows what the next one will be obsessed with?”

“Because Wells went all wonky and decided LA was more important than you?” Spike shifted Xander until they were face to face. “Shouldn't be afraid to fall in love because of one bad man.”

“Well, someone very recently changed my mind.” Xander rested his chin on Spike's shoulder. “Showed up at the door and I willingly shared the last mattress ever bought from Crazy Lou the Mattress Man.”

“Pet, has anyone ever told you that you're too obsessed with your sodden mattress?” Spike kissed Xander again.

“Go, Xander!”

Xander jerked around. Who was calling him? Slowly, he gazed up to find Dawn and Amara watching them from the picture window.

“Looks like we have an audience,” Xander commented. “Only those two.” He turned. “They're definitely growing on me as a team.”

“We sure Amara's a slayer? She's too nice. At least to me.” Spike pulled Xander by the arm.

“You should see her take down a vampire. She's the best one I've had yet but shh. Watchers aren't supposed to have favorites.” He allowed Spike to pull him up the stairs. “Glad to see someone's feeling better. Now that you're on your feet, I can tell you the truth.” He cleared his throat. “William the Bloody, you are a terrible patient.”

“Hush, Pet. Just don't like being treated like an infant.” Spike opened the apartment door. “Okay. Noticed we had two birds watching us.”

Amara guiltily raised her hand. “T'was me. I couldn't help it.” She grinned.

“Little brat won our bet.” Dawn rested her hand on her hip. “I lost twenty bucks.”

Xander gasped. “You were betting on when we'd kiss?”

“Kiss again.” Amara smirked.

“How did you know we kissed the first time?” Spike asked.

Amara laughed nervously. “Felt it. Relief. Tension.” She backed up, noticing the way everyone stared at her. “The Council didn't tell you, did they?” She faced Xander and stuck out her hand, waiting for him to shake it. “Hi, my name is Amara Davis and I am an empath.”

An empath? The Council had sent them a psychic slayer and no one had thought it was necessary to tell them?

He'd deal with Amara's gift another day.

Right now, he was just going to enjoy Spike.


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