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FIC: Living Conditions (an S/X round robin) - 5 to 9/ 9 parts (Mature)

I just realized I've neglected posting here about a completed Round Robin I participated in: Living Conditions.

It's an honour to have my name on a fic which is also written by some of my favourite authors: electricalgwen, reremouse and savoytruffle. This is a Round Robin fic where each author wrote two of the nine chapters and we all collaborated on the ninth. Post-series, Spike runs into Xander in London. Both have had changes in their circumstances. Low-key shagging and angst ensue.

I really love this fic and hope that you do too!

Title: Living Conditions
Author: Multiple authors: cordelianne, electricalgwen, savoytruffle and reremouse
Chapters: Parts 5 to 9/9 *COMPLETED*
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Big questions, vagueness and sex talk. A Xander divided against itself trying to stand. Curtailed sex, reminiscences of evisceration, and destruction of furniture. Brooding, boorishness and the Olympic dream.
Notes: This is a round robin fic, with each chapter having been written by a different author. There are four authors and nine chapters total (we will write two chapters each and collaborate on the ninth).
Summary: A number of years post-Chosen/NFA, Spike pays Xander a visit. He finds a changed Xander, but Xander’s not the only one who’s changed. We blatantly ignore the comics.

You can find all chapters HERE in memories.

Part Five by cordelianne
Part Six by savoytruffle
Part Seven by electricalgwen
Part Eight by reremouse
Part Nine - CONCLUSION by All of us!

Harris has got these chairs – leather recliners that face the telly with cup holders built right in. Add to that a seemingly constant supply of imported American snacks, distinctly un-American beer and the odd bottle of Jack and it’s no wonder Spike hasn’t quite gotten around to thinking about moving on.

Harris isn’t stingy with the goods either. Except when he’s taking the piss now and then.

But Spike would have missed that if that had gone, too.

What he doesn’t miss is the actual hostility.

The hyperactivity.

The heterosexuality.

The old Harris was wound a little tight.

The new one is all kinds of flexible.

How flexible?

Spike’s only just begun to count the ways.

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