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Fic search..

Okaayyy. I can't find these fics because I can't remember the names. Two fics really.

One is a fic about Xander as a vamp, he's living somewhere or other and Spike shows up. That's all I can remember. It's not the one where a fledge Xander is all alone. Xander is Xanderlike, and I can't remember if Spike wants him to help out saving the world or what have you. Xander wants to know about how long Spike is going to mooch. And doesn't ask him what he's there for. I don't think I'm getting my fics mixed up.

The second one is a fic where Xander is living in Oxnard, I think, and Buffy wants Xander to Spike sit. And Spike shows up, but he's not Spikey. I remember something about the smell of cigarette smoke coming through an open window. And Spike sitting in a booth where Xander works. One of the guys wanting to hit on Spike and Xander warning him off. I believe it was a WIP. I'm hoping it's completed by now.

I've looked through all my bookmarks and my hard drive, and nothing, nada, zip, zero.

Thank you, oh wonderful fic readers of bloodclaim. Many blessings upon your Spander fic stuffed computers, bookmarks, and brains. May they never falter or fail. *Waving the magic blessing wand* :D
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