my thoughts, I confess, verge on dirty (kavieshana) wrote in bloodclaim,
my thoughts, I confess, verge on dirty

It's nothing but fic searches nowadays!

I'm sure this is fairly old, because I had to have read it before I became Obsessive Bookmarking girl. I can't find a link to it anywhere, not even after several googlings. It's an all-human AU wherein Spike has a sort of sex advice radio show at night. Xander starts listening and eventually calls in. I don't remember if the two meet accidentally in a coffee shop without knowing they've talked before or if they just hook up on the phone, but the former seems more likely. I think it takes a while for them to have sex and due to conflicting schedules they talk on the phone a lot. Or maybe they talked on the phone a lot before they met in person? My memory's wonky so I hope this isn't too confusing. Does anybody recognize this? Did anybody here write this? Thanks in advance for your help!

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