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Broken Circle

TITLE: Broken Circle
RATING: Adult for language and content
DISCLAIMER: The Bee has no rights or claim on any
of the characters or products named in this story and makes
no profit from them.
SUMMARY: This is the third story in the Rosebud/verse.
Tara has been abducted and the police rush to find her.
The other members of the Circle decide that they can do
a better job and begin their own investigation.
Who will find her first and will it be in time?

Huge thanks to Purpledodah for the amazing banner.

Even on a good day when all the mechanical parts were at optimum
performance, the older VW bug had a maximum speed of maybe
60 miles per hour. Not bad for a vehicle with well over 250,000.
miles logged on it's odometer.

Still, that was fast enough, and it's owner never asked it for more
than it could give. She had always treated her little bug like a good
friend. Like a member of her family. She talked to it, offering
encouragement when it was struggling to start and giving it lavish
praise when it ran well and purred like a kitten.

If at all possible, the little car loved Tara as much as she loved it.

Tonight, driving it back to the mansion, Spike was more than aware
that he was an intruder. Even well adjusted, the seat didn't move
in a way that would accommodate his longer legs and the wheel
was much too near his chest for anything resembling comfort.

He was also aware that the masculinity of his aftershave was a foreign
substance that clashed dramatically with the soft lavender fragrance
still permeating the interior. It was a subtle smell that was all Tara.

As the familiar scent of her filled his nostrils, his brain began flipping
through a mental photo album. Snap shots documenting moments in
the short time he had known her.

Tara, smiling gently in the morning sunlight, sleepy, in the evening
dusk. Hair tied back, wearing one of Xan's old shirts as she scrubbed
and cleaned around the house, Spike grinned as he remembered her
eyes flashing when he accidently tracked wet mulch from the garden
in on her clean floor.

He recalled the first days after the girls had settled in. At first he was
furious at Xander, thinking his boyfriend had known and let them
move in on the sly, behind his back, but he quickly realized that wasn't
the case. Devious simply wasn't something that Xander or Tara were
capable of. The jury was still out on Willow.

After a very short time, he couldn't imagine them not being there.
Their odd chanting, soft, sweet smelling candles and strange beliefs
certainly kept life from getting dull.
He never knew what he would be facing when he came home. The
bizarreness of it had become surprisingly comforting.

But the best? The best mental picture of her was her eyes. The love
and wisdom that sparkled in them was something astounding. Spike
slowed for a stop sign, turned the corner and headed home as his
mind ran on.

He generally just rolled his eyes and groaned when the witches would
start "schooling" him in their Wicca beliefs, but he did recall a lot of
what they said and remembered Red explaining reincarnation. She said
a soul would return as many times as it needed until it acomplished it's
bigger purpose and then it would move on to the higher plane.

Although Spike was certainly no authority on anything otherworldly,
he believed Tara could safely pack her bags.
She had an age and a wisdom that was far beyond her mortal years.

Open, honest, fair minded, Spike couldn't think of one bad
adjective that would, even remotly, apply to her, and that was
what concerned him most.

Whoever took her didn't do it out of anger or revenge. Tara had no
enemies, no one she had hurt or done wrong. No, whoever had her
wanted her for other reasons and that thought made Spike physically
sick to his stomach.

The world could be a sewer and the people in it, rats. Vile, cruel
creatures that could think of the most disgusting things to do to the
innocent. Spike's job had exposed him to things he never would have
thought possible. People with no morals, no conscience, no soul.
"Please, God, not that. Not Tara."

Pulling into the driveway, Spike groaned at the sight of the gas guzzling
Lincoln and the dented red moped.
"Hail, hail, the gangs all here. Just what the fuck I needed."

Parking next to his own Corvette, Spike climbed out, relieved to be
able to work the kinks out of his legs.
Before he had even made it up the steps, the door flew open.

"Hi, have you heard anything?"

Spike hated the hopeful look in his lover's eyes.
"No. I need to clean up and I'm going to meet Faith down at the
station. I see the whole pack is here. Did you call them or did they
just read it in their crystal balls."

"Don't start, Spike. You know they........."
"Yeah, yeah, I'm sorry. I'm just.........."
"I know. We all love her and I know you will......."

"Villiam? Is dat you? Come un zee here and ve vill talk!"

Spike rolled his eyes. He had no time to waste on this nonsense.
"Look, Xan, let me wash up quick and I'll stick my head in before I
go. O.k?"
Xander nodded, planted a quick kiss on the detectives lips and returned to
the dining room while Spike darted up the steps, grateful for the reprieve.

Spike rushed into the bedroom. He knew he still smelled of their earlier
romp in the kitchen and the shower would both clean his body and
refresh his brain. Dropping his clothes on the floor he darted, naked,
around the bedroom collecting boxers, socks and tossing a fresh shirt
and trousers on the end of the rumpled, lumpy bed.

After a quick, extra hot shower, he ran back to the bed side to dress,
dropping the wet towels on the floor. In the bathroom, it had been hard
to look at the little yellow rubber ducky sitting on the side of the tub.

Spike remembered when Tara had innocently giving it to them. She had
even named it Dudley. He also clearly recalled the morning a psychic flash
told her what he and Xander did in the tub with Dudley. She was horrified.
Dudley was never mentioned again.
Spike had almost felt guilty. Almost.

He scratched his damp nuts, causing his dick to waggle from side to side as
he hurried to dress and return to the lower lever, wondering if he could make
it out before the Circle pounced.

In less than ten minutes, he was back down stairs and ready to go.
He was anxious to take a look at the property that had been taken to the
lab. He also wanted to look over the list of Wicca names that Linda Cook
had given him.
She said the group was comprised of eight people. Minus Tara and Miss
Cook, that left six. He and Faith could contact them all this evening.

Pausing outside the closed doors, Spike steeled himself then stepped inside.

"Vat have you done to find our Tara?"

Spike gritted his teeth. Hiney had a way of making every simple question
sound like an accusation.
"We are doing our best. We have people to contact and calls to make.
Well, I would love to stand around and chat, but I need to go. Xan,
would you see me out?"

Xander nodded and quickly rose to his feet, following his lover to the front
door. He and the group had already decided, for now, to keep their own
investigation to themselves.

"Sorry, Xan, but you know that guy just raises my hackles."

Xander smiled sadly. At another time he may have happily sat back and
listened to the two of them go at it, a battle of witty words that everyone
enjoyed. Now, however, no one wanted to hear anything except that
their beloved Tara was safe.

"I know, Spike, and I know that you and Faith will do everything you can.
I just don't understand it. Who would take her? What do they want?"

Skike frowned.
"That's the second time you have said 'they'. Did you get some sort of
flashy thing? Do you think there was more than one?"

Xander's eyes opened wide. It just seemed an indistinct pronoun, but
now that he gave it thought, it felt right. It felt sure. Immediately, he
wanted to discuss this with the others.

"Shit, Spike, I think there was. It's an angle you might want to consider
anyway. Look, I know you need to go so, good bye, good bye.
Call when you can. Love ya."

The last was said quickly as Xander literally shoved Spike out the
door and slammed it behind him.
Spike stared at the closed door before he turned and headed out.

Andrew threw the covers back off his head. His eyes bugged wide
open and his mouth felt dry.

"Holy Shit!!!!"

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