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Fic: Calescence 8/??

TITLE : Calescence
AUTHOR: bohofemm
FANDOM: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
PAIRING: Spike/Xander.
GENRE : Slash
PROMPT: 090. Nothing.
WORD COUNT: 1592 words.
SUMMARY: All Xander wants is to have Spike to himself without the threat of Andrew.
WARNINGS: None. Pre-slash.
NOTES: X-Posted to lover100. Set Post Chosen and NFA.
STORY NOTES: This is a new series. Previous stories can be found Here.
DISCLAIMER: You recognize them? I don’t own them.

“Xander, what's bothering you?” Amara asked, sitting next to him on the cemetery wall. “You can tell me if you want. I promise I won't bite OR tell anyone.”

Xander glanced to the girl. There was no way he could tell her what was bothering him. It wouldn't be appropriate. Plus he didn't really know anything. All he had to go was a gut feeling that wasn't getting any better. “Just worried. It's not important.” He yawned, gazing into the cemetery. “Slow night.”

“It is.” Amara glanced down at her stake. “Can we go? I think the vamps are sufficiently frightened.”

“Alright.” He smiled. Then, he turned to find himself staring at Andrew. “Why do you keep popping up?”

“You should know. I need to talk to him,” Andrew said.

“I wouldn't let you any other time you asked. Why should this time be any different?” Xander moved in front of Amara, shielding her. “Leave us alone. The stalking is getting a little creepy.”

“This is the infamous Amara. Dawn has told me so much about you.” Andrew stuck out his hand. “Don't worry. I don't bite.”

Hesitantly, she shook his hand. Pulling her hand back, she whimpered softly.

Xander glanced worriedly at her. “Amara, food poisoning's going around. It's why we should never eat seafood made by Dawn. We'll get you home.” He wasn't sure if Andrew was buying it but he didn't intend to stand there and find out what he was capable of.

“Well, she said they were fresh clams.” Amara clutched her stomach. “How was I supposed to know she was lying? I mean, Connecticut is coastal.”

“Nice seeing you but she needs to get home. Bad clams and all.” He shoved Amara to the car, got in and waited until she was in before pulling away. “What was it? You whimpered!”

“He's up to something.” She shivered. “Not quite evil but not good either. I can't describe it. Not right right.” She gulped air. “I've never felt so much-” She searched for the word. “resentment. He doesn't like you.”

“Could you tell me something I don't know?” Xander concentrated on the road. “We haven't liked each other since the day after we broke up.”

Amara shook her head. “More than that. I know what that feels like. It's how Mom feels about Dad. This is something more. Some kind of resentment that I can't name.” Amara's phone rang. She pulled it out and answered it. “Hello? Hi. We were on patrol. Okay. I'll have him call you. Bye.” She hung up. “Buffy wants you to call her as soon as you can. Spike can't be around though.” She smirked. “Can we stop for ice cream? That way you can call her and I can get ice cream?”

“Only for you, Amara.”

Watchers were never supposed to get attached to their slayers. Slayers got killed so easily. Never getting close was supposed to be a defense mechanism just in case the worst happened.

Xander had always been good about following that rule until he was assigned to Amara.

“Buffy, you rang?”

“Are you sitting down?”

“No.” Xander sat in a black metal chair. “Now I am.”

“I have good news and I have bad news. Which would you like first?”

“The good.” He nibbled on his lower lip, wondering what counted as good news.

“I'm about to apologize for calling you insane.”

“That's the good news?”


“Well, what's the bad news?”

“You're being stalked.”

“I knew that. What led you to this conclusion?”

“Um, one of the contacts called to warn us.”

“About what?”

“Andrew. He was trying to find someone to scry for Los Angeles about a month ago.”

“Well, he's obsessed. Again, something I knew.”

“There's more.”

“What is it?”

“We think he's behind Spike's mysterious appearance. We aren't completely sure but it all seems a little too neat.”

“What is the Council going to do about this?”

“We can't do anything until we can actually find him. We're trying our hardest-if that helps.”

“He's near New London. Amara and I JUST saw him.”

“We're in the same area but he's good at hiding.”

“Are we safe in the apartment?”

“We're pretty sure he's harmless but I'd keep an eye on Spike.”

“Keep me updated.” Xander hung up. Silently, he watched as Amara paid for their ice cream. He wanted to get out of there and back to Spike. If Andrew was determined to do something to him, he was going to be there, doing what he could to help.

Andrew was stalking them. Somehow, hearing it confirmed made it worse. When it was just a gut feeling, it could be shaken off as paranoia. Hearing confirmation managed only to worry him. How could he tell Spike?

“Rocky Road for Watcher Dos.” Amara bounced over to him, handing him a cone. “So much better than Watcher Uno's taste. Strawberry Creme-Blech.” She giggled. “The guy behind the counter thought I was cute!”

“Congrats.” Xander nibbled on his lower lip, determined not to upset Amara when she was clearly happy. “Did you get his phone number?”

“I did.” She waved a small scrap of pink paper. “His name's Jack. How do I balance slaying and dating?”

“Talk to Dawn.”

“Spill it, Xander.” Amara crossed her arms over her chest. “Your concern can be felt from a good mile away. What did the Supreme Slayer have to say?”

“We're being stalked.” What good was hiding information from someone who would just pick up on its residual traces? “By the man from the cemetery. We think he may want Spike.” He winced, hoping he hadn't scared her.

“Takes more than that to scare me.” She faced him. “Why would he want Spike? Don't get me wrong-he's perfectly nice but why kidnap him?”

“Something to do with where he came from.” Xander didn't want to tell her too much. “No more questions. Your concern is slaying. My concern is the deranged watcher. Don't tell Spike, whatever you do.”

“Wouldn't dream of it. That's your job. Can we go home? I want a hot bath and Enya. Irish music is very soothing to an empath's frazzled nerves.” Amara slid into the backseat and buckled her seatbelt.

Xander threw out the half melted cone, unable to fully enjoy it. Then, he got into the car and backed out of the parking lot.

Could Andrew really have something to do with Spike's appearance? Buffy did have a point. The search for someone to scry for Los Angeles and Spike showing up were too neat. Deep in his heart, he knew they were connected.

“Is that Spike?” Amara pointed off into the distance. Then, she got out of the car and rushed upstairs.

“What's her hurry?” Spike asked, butting out his cigarette on the side of the building. He leaned in for a kiss but was surprised when Xander backed away. “What's that for?”

“You know the rules. You want a kiss after a cigarette, teeth get brushed. Cigarettes are nasty.” Xander sighed. “Do love the taste of mint though.”

How could he tell Spike that they were being hunted? What could he say to make it sound better? Was there any way to tell the one you loved that they were being threatened?

“Fine.” Spike pouted. “I'll brush my teeth.” He walked up the stairs.

Xander followed him silently up the stairs. He hated not feeling safe in his own. “Wait until he's relaxed,” he said under his breath. “Just wait.”

Amara had vanished into the bathroom, threatening to stake the first person who interrupted her bath. Xander locked himself in the bedroom with Spike. He still struggled for a way to tell him about Andrew's very real threat.

“Harris!” Spike shouted. He backed up, noticing the way Xander jumped. “Sorry but I was trying to talk to you. What's going on in that head of yours?”

“Just thinking.” Xander watched Spike brush his teeth. “Not important.”

“Not going to try to figure you out, Pet.” Spike watched as Xander stretched out on the bed. Then, he settled next to him. “Just wonder what goes on up there.”

Xander couldn't bear to tell him. He couldn't spoil an otherwise ideal moment. The news could wait until another day. Needing a distraction, he gently pulled Spike on top of him. "Sometimes it's best not to know."

Spike picked up Xander's wrist and lightly traced the scar with his tongue. He grinned, noticing the way Xander shivered. He also couldn't help but notice how distant Xander seemed.

As Xander met Spike's eyes with his own, he wondered why Andrew would ever want him. Was he really that intent on making them miserable? Would he ever allow Xander to be happy? What would he have to do to get Spike all to himself without any interference?

"Not tonight." He was uncertain where the words came from. "Anything but-not tonight." He gently pecked Spike's lips. As Spike settled down next to him, Xander rested his head on his chest. Xander watched the man beside him. He knew he should have told Spike about the threat Andrew posed. Then again, he wanted to enjoy being in love for just one night.

He didn't think he was asking for much.


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