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Make me smile...please!!

I know how great this group is about helping those in need, so I'm begging for help! This day has been the day from he*#. Besides the fact that my aunt (basically a second mother to me) needed to go to the hospital because she couldn't breathe, ended up having a heart attack right beside me, and had her heart stop beating 4 times (also once was in front of me), she also had to undergo emergency quadruple bypass surgery and they're still not sure she's going to make it! And if that doesn't beat all, I'm in the middle of finals (I'm working on my Master's Degree).

I am beyond upset and depressed! I really need to laugh or smile. Does anyone have any Spander recs. that are funny, cute, or just plain loving. I need something before I crawl out of my skin. Thank you to anyone that answers. Virtual hugs and chocolate are yours!!

**Thanks to everyone for your thoughts, prayers, and recs. I'm sorry to say that she didn't make it. I'll definitely be needing these recs now.**
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