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Want 4

Want 4

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: D/s, Blood Play, Rimming, Bondage, Food Play, CBT

Pairing: Spike/Xander

Summary: Everyone has wants and desires, Xander and Spike enjoy each others, while trying to keep the ones they love safe.

Previous parts: Need & Want

Spike stood silently as Xander walked around him, inspecting his mate. He waited until Xander's eyes were on his face before sucking obscenely on the cock gag Xander had stuffed in his mouth an hour or two before. Xander recognized the spark of challenge in his lover's eyes. Tonight was going to be fun.

Xander stepped into Spike's personal space along one side. He slid a warm hand up a cool chest and tweaked a nipple as he began nibbling along one raised arm from elbow to shoulder. His moves were slow and deliberate as he explored his lover with tongue and teeth from shoulder to neck and then slowly down his spine. A sharp unexpected love bite on one ass cheek caused a squeak from behind the gag.

He licked back up the spine and then set to work nibbling along either side, up and then back down, until the body in front of him was quivering with suppressed need. He settled one large firm hand on taunt stomach muscles and continued to explore his lover. Sinking to his knees and nibbling along either hip caused Spike to thrust despite his obvious resolve. Xander rose to his feet again and began exploring the back of Spike's neck. He nipped at known hot spots and ground his obvious erection against Spike's taunt ass, while his hands stroked and squeezed and pinched and tickled his chest.

Finally when the body in front of him was quivering with need, he worked his way to the front. He removed the gag and kissed away any coming protest. When the vampire himself began gasp for air, Xander lightly bit at his lips and then began slithering his way down the taunt body in front of him. Spike shivered as the warm sweating body of his consort glided down his front, from full standing to a perfectly elegant kneel at his feet.

His mouth now at the right level, Xander looked up and locked eyes with his mate. He ran his tongue around the heavy balls in front of him, and then in one smooth motion slipped his mouth around Spike's cock, sucking it down completely. Spike's eyes never left him, but his knees went weak and he held on tighter to the chains around his wrists as he moaned out at the warm wet and bloody talented mouth. Xander reached up one hand and flicked off the cock ring and immediately swallowed. Spike let out a startled squawk that might have been Xander's name and began shooting his load down Xander's throat.

By the time Xander let Spike's softening cock slip out from between his lips, the cuffs were the only thing keeping the vampire upright. Xander stood up and wrapped an arm around his mate while he released the cuffs. That done he cuddled the vampire over to the untouched bed and with minimal effort slipped him into it and curled around him. They were both asleep within minutes.


"These are brilliant, Harris, just brilliant. And I don't just mean with the Gligh'Taphlur project. Something like this properly implemented from the ground up could allow us unlimited versatility in apartments, hotels, even medical facilities for non-humans. Modular design coupled with environmental spells and modern heating and cooling? Good Flantek, it'll change the entire way the Non-Hu Division works. We'll be able to accommodate just about any species without wasting time or money. When Gary sees this... well she will be as impressed as I am, no doubt."

Xander smiled at the large lime green Thlint demon who towered over him reading the plans and notes he'd made the night before. "There's probably more to it that I haven't thought of, I'm sure." He said looking at the plans again.

"If you haven't thought of it yet, you probably will. The concept is golden though, my friend. Don't be surprised if you get another bonus out of this. It is completely revolutionary."

"There was something else I'd like to discuss, Mark. Nothing for to do with this really, more of a 'for the public good' sort of thing. I'd like us to set up small parks around town, nothing too fancy a couple benches some landscaping... and safety wards. The Slayer may come around, but the remains of the Initiative are still out there, and just because this administration and this slayer realize not all non-humans are targets, doesn't mean the next slayer and the next Initiative will remember it. So we set up these parks, as small non violence areas, safe havens for humans and demons alike. Plus its a helluva nice tax write-off."

"Good Flantek, Harris! You're really on a roll today. That is a fabulous idea."


Things were going amazingly well. Gary was impressed with all the new plans and suggestions. They'd managed a huge tax write-off for the various 'Beautify Sunnydale' mini sanctuaries. The renovations for the Gligh'Taphlur was coming along great. They hadn't actually commented on it yet but their fronds wiggled in what he was assured was a VERY good manner every time they examined the site or the plans. Modular spaces were being included in several of the new renovation projects as well as two new buildings. Gary had offered him a good percentage on all profits the company made via his 'innovative' new theories in multi-species architecture, and several days off with pay as an added bonus.

So it almost didn't surprise Xander to come home and find his mate convulsing on the floor. After all, Harris luck would always out.

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