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So I’m sitting at my laptop a few days ago when suddenly I had a sort of flash back to a scene in a spander story I’d read and thought ‘oo I’ll go and reread that story’ but can I find it? no, so yes if you haven’t guessed this is one of those dreaded fic searches but hopefully someone will be able to recognise it:
So this is what I remember, Xander isn’t exactly human, he is something that can ‘feed’ of vampires cum and the vampire can become stronger in some way from what Xander is. Spike finds this out and decides to get Xander hooked on his cum (as it only takes one taste or something to get them hooked). So in order for Xander to have a bit he cooks him this creamy pasta dish, at first Xander is suspicious of the food, because Spike cooked it, but doesn’t remember that there wasn’t any milk until after he ate it. errr that’s all I remember, hopefully someone will recognise it, I just hope I didn’t make it up. 
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