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Broken Circle

TITLE: Broken Circle
RATING: Adult for language and content
DISCLAIMER: The Bee has no rights or claim on any
of the characters or products named in this story and makes
no profit from them.
SUMMARY: This is the third story in the Rosebud/verse.
Tara has been abducted and the police rush to find her.
The other members of the Circle decide that they can do
a better job and begin their own investigation.
Who will find her first and will it be in time?
WARNING: Possible underage fantasy.

Praise and thanks to the wonderful Petxnd for the amazing banner

Andrew peeked up over the edge of the back of the sofa.
He had hidden in the dimly lit sitting room as soon as he
heard Spike's car pull into the driveway.

He had spoken to Spike a hundred times but, because he had always
obsessed and crushed on Xander, he never really took the time to
notice the blond detective.
Till tonight.

When he buried himself in the warm soft comfort and Xander scented
blankets of the king sized bed he had immediately begun fantasizing
that he belonged there.

After a short time, Andrew heard the foot steps hurrying up the
stairs and assumed it was Xander coming to get him. Andrew
immediately hid his head, pretending to be asleep and hoping
Xander would let him stay a little longer.

Andrew had been shocked to see Spike come in. At first he thought
about announcing himself since Spike obviously had no idea he was there.
It was the right thing to do.

Then, when the shirt and pants came off, Andrew knew he would be
as quiet as a mouse.
If caught, he would yawn and feign sleep.

Andrew had seen Xander undressed, well, almost, when they went
to the beach. He thought Xander's body was wonderful. Full, tan,
muscular, his chest broad and covered in bristly dark hair that Andrew
often dreamt of running barefoot through.
He had thought Xander's was the nicest body in the world.

Then he saw Spike.

It was all he could do to stay silent and unmoving as the magnificence
of his form was slowly revealed. Smaller, trimmer, it was tight, corded
and incredibly sensual.

Andrew lay listening as the water ran in the shower and he fought
the urge to go in. He imagined himself stepping into the shower.
Spike would be startled at first but then he would give in. He would
press that firm, hard body against Andrew's, kissing him, crushing
him against the steaming glass enclosure.

Knowing Spike was in the bathroom, Andrew risk detection by allowing
his hand to slide down, reaching between his legs. His cock was
full, sensitive, begging for the familiar touch of his own hand.
After just two quick strokes, the water shut off and Andrew froze.
It took all the self control he could muster to stop the repetitious
movement of his grip.

Rushing back in, Spike quickly dried himself, pausing at the edge of
the bed, his cock just inches from Andrew's face, and he scratched.
Andrew held his breath and stared as the beautiful, long, thick
man meat waved enticingly in front of him.
'Uncut!' Andrew's brain blew a gasket. He had never seen an
uncut cock!

He had heard things about them. Read erotic stories in magazines
about what they were like, how the head would swell and poke
out of that strange hood of sensitive skin.
But the thought that he actually KNEW one! It was boggling!

Then, when he thought he could resist no longer, when his fingers
twitched to come out and touch, Spike was gone. Dressed and
back downstairs.
Andrew threw back the blankets.


Running to the bathroom he was unsurprised to find that less than
three minutes was all he needed to bring a knee weakening orgasm
crashing through him.

Now, he again found himself hiding. This time in the sitting room
where, although he was out of ear shot, he could see everything that
occurred. His line of vision shot through the foyer directly into the
dining room where Xander and the love god, Spike, stood with
their heads together, their lips whispering.

Faith, thank goodness, was off to the side where her presence
didn't interfere with his budding fantasy.

He watched the two men, dark and light, tall and shorter, muscular
and trim. They were gorgeous together. The only thing, Andrew
decided that would make them more perfect was if they wiggled a
certain freckled boy in between them.

Unable to hear what they were saying, Andrew constructed his
own conversation for them.
Spike - "I couldn't stay away from you."
Xander - "I am so glad you came back. My dick wants you to touch it."

Andrew felt his own body again begin to stir as his imagination
grew in direct proportion with his erection.

Spike- "I want to touch it. I also want to put it in my mouth and
suck on it."
Xander - "I love it when you suck me. Would you lick my balls too?"
Spike - "Yes, did you shave them like I ask you too?"
Xander - "I did but it felt so good I had to jack off. I thought of you
when I did."

Andrew ducked his face down and squeezed his eyes shut. He unbuttoned
his jeans and slid his hand in. He cupped his balls in his fingers and
squeezed his legs together tightly to feel the tingle shoot through him.

He wanted to cum again but wanted the fantasy more, so he held
off. With the back of the sofa facing the open door way, Andrew
knew he couldn't be seen. In horny desperation, he stretched
out on the couch on his back and released his aching, throbbing
cock and his mind, assisted by a recent story he had read, he built
a picture that exploded in his brain.

Xander stood behind Spike and ran his hands down the detectives
sides. His shirt and suit coat gone, Spike wore only a tight, white
wife beater that Xander rucked up with his hands. He slid his
fingers around and pinched Spike's nipples painfully.

Andrew's hand sped up at the sounds he imagined Spike would make.
Masculine, submissive, needy. In response, Xander would shove
Spike's back roughly, forcing him to bend over, his hands flat on
the dining room table, his legs wide apart.

Andrew released his dripping cock and both his hands reached
between his legs. He massaged the round bubble cheeks of his butt
all the time clamping his forearms and thighs together against his
swollen dick. It sent waves of pleasure rolling through him.

After spitting on his hand he returned to his masturbation and the
mental story he was creating. It was a fantasy he knew he would
replay and perfect several times over.

Spike - "I thought you wanted me to suck you."
Xander - "No, I need to fuck you. I have been watching Andrew
again and he makes me want to fuck"
Spike - "Yes, he is so sexy. He was in our bed and I showed him my
cock. I wanted to get in bed and fuck him but I knew I had to wait till
we could do him together."

Andrew's hand sped up at the thought that they both wanted to use his
body for their own pleasure. He would be their boy toy. Their fuck toy.
Andrew wanted to picture Xander shoving his thick cock, purple
spongy head first, into Spike's hungry pink hole.

He wanted to imagine how they would grunt and sweat, thrusting
against each other so forcefully it would cause the table to scoot
on the rich hard wood floor.

He longed to see what it would look like. Sliding in and out.
He would wrap his forefinger and thumb around the base of Xander's
cock, just like a cock ring, and feel it bounce off Spike's body with each

He wanted to close his eyes and take in the heavy musky smell of
two men leaking, dripping, and finally cumming all over and into
each other, calling his name as the puddles of warm fluid flowed
down the insides of Spike's legs.

Jerking forward, Andrew felt another orgasm, this one stronger
than the first, rush through him. The feeling of warm euphoria flowed
from his tight sac up through his body, and down to his toes.
Carefully, his fingers continued to milk each pulse till it finally slowed
and his rigid muscles melted.

With a sticky, stinky hand still wrapped around himself, he peered
over the back of the couch in time to see Spike kiss Xander good bye
and head out the door.
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