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FIC : Family Bonds chapter 47 WIP

Title: Family Bonds

Pairing: Spander
Rating: ADULT
Summary: After his relationship with Anya fizzles out Xander and Spike become lovers. Xander’s insecurities lead him to seek help from Tara. She discovers a secret from Xander’s past.
Notes: AU begins S6 replacing Hells Bells. No Dawn, Buffy didn’t die, and Season 6 Spuffy? Eewww no.
Feedback appreciated and lusted for
not mine, all belongs to Joss and Co. Damn them. And bless them.
WARNING: Nekid bitey bits
Other chapters are here
Beta thanks tokitty_alex


When Xander finally came up for air they were completely alone; Giles and the girls were long gone. “I guess they weren’t gonna stick around to find out if you keep your promises huh?”

“Love, I don’t think you understand quite what you just did.” Spike held Xander’s face. “Look at me.”

“I have been,” Xander smiled. “Why do you think I’m so hard?”

“Look again, but through their eyes.”

Xander stared into the face that he loved as much as the human one. “They saw me kissing the man I am in love with. They need to get used to it sometime.”

“No, that’s what it was to you.  What they saw was you fighting off your best friend to protect a vampire. They saw you side with, and put complete trust in an evil, soulless, unchipped demon rather than them. They’re going to be a mite confused and upset love.”

“I guess you’re right. But you know what? As selfish as it might sound, I just don’t care right now. In fact that’s the last thing on my mind at this moment.”

“And enlighten me love. What exactly is on your mind?” Spike smirked at him.

The combination of the typically Spike expression coming from his demon’s face sent a jolt through Xander, who groaned. “Can we just go home now? Cause judging by that expression, the exact same thing is on your mind.”

“I think that’d be best. I have a plan and this isn’t the place for it.” Spike located and picked up his weapon, handed Xander’s back and together they made for the path back to the gate.


Before they left the area, Xander stopped; the Fewoi’s carcass lay not too far away, just near the edge of the clearing. He waved a hand at it. “Should we maybe do something with that?”

“No love. The scavengers’ll come in as soon as we leave, and if they don’t want it, the groundskeeper’ll take care of it. Come on love, just leave it be.”

Spike tried to drag Xander away but he held his ground.

“It was the Fewoi wasn’t it?  Last week?” Xander ran his hands through Spike’s hair and stared hard as though he could see inside Spike’s head.

Spike’s demon face slipped away. “Had to be, mate. That thing fried out everything it touched.”

“I don’t know whether I want to kick it or thank it. This one tried to kill us all, but the other one made you whole again, took away that god-awful thing.”

“Yeah love that is a hell of a dilemma alright.” Spike snatched at his hand and tugged him away from the demon. “But it’s not going to get any deader if you kick it and it’s not going to appreciate your thanks. Meanwhile there is somewhere else we need to be and something else we need to be doing.”

Xander turned a bright smile on Spike and grabbed his hips, pulling them him closer. “You need to be doing me.” He kissed Spike slowly and gently circled their hips together. “You’re gonna take me home, tear off my clothes and have your evil, chip-free way with me.”

Spike pressed his face into Xander’s neck, licking and sucking at the soft skin that lay over the pulsing vein. “Just here love. This is where I’m going to bite you.” His blunt teeth nipped at the site. “When I’m coming inside you, I’ll be in you here too.”

Xander felt that promise shoot straight to his groin. He knew that the wave of lust surging through him would be an almost tangible thing to Spike’s enhanced senses. 

“Come on love we’ve got to get out of here. The way you smell now, you’ll attract every bloody demon in the town.”

They raced back through the cemetery to the car. Xander was still a little tender but both his jaw and his stomach were definitely improving by the minute and he was easily able to keep up with Spike. The atmosphere in the car was heated to say the least. Spike left his seat belt dangling in favour of attaching himself to Xander’s neck, one hand resting over the bulge in his jeans.  Xander resisted the urge to pull the car over several times on the way home and did his damnedest to concentrate on the road. No mean feat when Spike was apparently trying to lick and kiss his way through Xander’s throat.


 Xander was half dragged up the stairs, laughing as Spike impatiently shoved his hands into Xander’s pockets to pull out the keys. Inside, Spike slammed the door, dropped the keys to the floor and threw his coat in the general direction of somewhere. Xander was pulling his own jacket off and dropped it where he stood. Before it had even hit the floor Spike had slammed himself against Xander, his hands and mouth everywhere at once as he walked them both back into the bedroom.

At the edge of the bed, Spike stopped and seemingly without removing his lips from Xander’s body for any length of time, quickly removed Xander’s shoes and clothes. Just as deftly, Xander stripped Spike and without knowing exactly who pushed who, or whether they had fallen together, both were laying across the mattress arms, legs and tongues tangled. 

Several twists and rolls later, Xander found himself pinned under Spike. His hands were lifted above his head and held tight in Spike’s firm grip. Cool wet lips and tongue were at his mouth, his neck, across his chest, at his nipples. Xander panted and pushed himself up against Spike, locking his legs around the slim waist and rocking their bodies together. He tipped his head back and arched his body up to Spike, their hard cocks sliding against each other.

There was no time for gentle seduction, exploring caresses or tender moments. There was the one single thought that they both shared- bite and claim. The desperation and need flowed easily through their bond and neither could tell whose thoughts were foremost.  It urged them on and heightened the lust, their heads filled with the scents and tastes, the textures and sounds but they could not distinguish one from the other and it became like a delicious but frantic white noise.

Spike pulled away and Xander found himself flipped over and up on his knees, his hands gripping the headboard. His knuckles whitened and he dropped his forehead to his arms and Spike fell in behind him and a cold wet finger forced its way inside. Xander arched his back and spread his legs, his ass opened wide for Spike but he wanted more and pushed himself back, fucking himself on Spike’s finger. He heard Spike’s other hand locating and squeezing out the lube and a second finger worked its way inside him.

Xander’s cock throbbed and leaked and he could smell the sex in the air. He ached for relief but knew if he touched himself he would come before he even got a firm grip. There were sounds of pleasure, moaning, grunts, almost whimpers but Xander couldn’t have said who they came from. He could scent Spike’s arousal and it mixed with his own creating an aphrodisiac like no other.

Spike licked and nipped his way up Xander’s side. His other hand wrapped around Xander’s throat and pulled his head back and Xander found his mouth full of his vampire. He panted and groaned into Spike’s rough kisses, his hips thrusting back and his tongue thrusting forward. He could feel the hard, wet slide of Spike’s cock against his side and reached down with one hand to swipe the trickles from first Spike’s and then his own erection. He wrenched his mouth away, shoved his wet fingers into Spike’s mouth, letting Spike lick and suck the fluids away, then slammed their lips back together, the combined tastes sliding over his tongue from Spike’s. He felt the renewed pulsing of Spike’s cock and the rush of passion through the bond.

Their connection was humming with the feelings shooting between them. No longer separate arousal but the feelings of one shared by the other. Sensing how ready they both were, Spike withdrew his fingers and plunged his cock in with one swift movement. Xander cried out and tightened his grip on the headboard, shoving himself backwards and meeting Spike’s rhythm. A low growl and a crackling sound told Xander he finally had what he wanted; his demon was fucking him and soon his demon would claim him. Xander fought against the almost immediate orgasm that was threatening to overwhelm him.

Strong arms gripped his hips pulling Xander hard back against Spike’s thrusts. Both were breathing harsh panting breaths, Xander’s grunts and Spike’s snarls almost indistinguishable. As the pace quickened, Xander thought he would never hold out but then Spike dropped down on his back, hips still frantically pumping and reached around, taking Xander’s cock in his hand. He held firm and Xander’s cock slid easily through his palm. A few more hard thrusts and Xander knew they were both there. Spike let go of his hip with one hand, then seconds later, Xander found a bloody wrist shoved against his mouth. There was a tiny moment of fear, no more,  as he drew Spike’s blood into his mouth, then Spike’s fangs pierced his neck with a muffled howl and Xander screamed, coming harder than he ever thought he could. He pumped his hot come into Spike’s hand and felt his head spin as his blood gushed into Spike’s mouth.

There was pain, but more than that was the ecstasy. Spike’s blood tingled through his system, his orgasm raged through their bond, merged with Spike’s, amplified and went on and on until a sudden urge hit him and Xander acted without thought. He pulled himself off Spike, spun and knocked him down onto the bed. He climbed onto Spike’s lap and impaled himself on the still hard cock, starting up a furious pace.

It took only a few strokes and they were both coming again, or still, and Xander fell down against Spike’s neck. Taking a fold of skin, he bit down hard drawing another yell from Spike. With his forearm pressed to Spike’s fangs he broke through the skin over Spike’s still vein and drew as much of his blood as he was able. Spike’s sharp teeth cut into the soft flesh of his arm, but he didn’t draw as much as he had before, merely sucked and licked at it as his orgasm ripped through him again.

His vampire’s blood, now his master’s blood, zinged through Xander like electric shocks. He felt it burning its way around his system and it was as good as a full-body orgasm. As he felt Spike’s skin closing over, Xander pushed himself up, locked his eyes with those of the demon beneath and rode Spike’s cock. Spike wrapped his hands around Xander’s cock, both of them were still hard and Xander twisted, bounced and ground his way to yet another shattering release, more of Spike’s cool seed pouring into him simultaneously as the sensations were shared, his cock spilling warm fluids over Spike’s hand and stomach. 

When the last of the fluids had pumped from him, Xander slid his hands through the splashes on Spike’s stomach, rubbing his scent into the cool skin. He lifted himself off Spike and collapsed against his chest, his face buried in Spike’s neck.

“That was-,” Xander sighed. “I haven’t got words for that.”

“That was you becoming my consort.” Spike rolled them over and took Xander in his arms, kissing him long and deep and holding him close. “You’re my consort and that could not have been any better. I love you Xander.”

“Love you Spike.” Xander kissed him again, then pulled back. “Do I have to call you master now?”

Spike laughed and held him tighter. “Only when you want to be well and truly fucked love. That will do it every time.”

“I’ll try it out sometime, but not right now okay? My ass is kinda sore.”

“Give it five minutes love. You’re a full consort now.”

“It was-, your blood was- Wow. I’ve never been worried that I could die from coming before.”

“Told you it was special love. Yours was the same for me. It was bloody amazing.”

“Are you okay? The chip is really dead?” Xander’s face showed his concern.

Spike nodded. “Really dead.”

Xander stroked a hand over Spike’s hair. “So, I guess you can bite me whenever you like now huh?”

“Only if you bite back love.”

Xander’s mouth went to the now healed bite on Spike’s neck and he lightly scraped his teeth over it. Spike clutched at his back and Xander felt a cold spurt against his stomach.

“Oh fuck,” Spike panted. “Harris you are going to be one hell of a consort.”

“I didn’t do anything? What did I do?”

Spike smirked. “This.” Spike leaned in and sucked at the bite mark on Xander’s neck, laughing softly as Xander came in a sudden burst.

“Oh god, Spike.”

“Nice trick isn’t it?”

“That’s all its going to take now?” Xander tried not to look disappointed.

“No love, that’s only because the claim marks are so new. Give it half and hour and all you’ll get is a bit of a tingle.”

“So there’s no fancy words, no chanting or weird rituals?”

Spike shrugged. “Yeah, but they’re all for show. I’m not big on the ritual side of things when a good fuck and a bite get the same result.”

“Can’t argue with you there Bleachie. Is it always going to be like that?”

“Nah, shame isn’t it? But the claiming’s got to be special yeah?”

“Yeah.” Xander lay quietly winding his fingers in Spike’s hair, thinking. “I’m claimed. I’m a consort.”

“You’re my claimed, my consort. We’re family love.” Spike kissed him.

“My own family.” Xander started to smile then stopped and looked at Spike trying to control the horror on his face. “Angel is my family now too? Oh god, I’m related to Angel?”

Spike laughed, a deep throated sound. “Oh you really will make me proud love. Yes you are, and for want of a better term, the big poof is your Grandsire-in-law.”

“Wait, grandsire? No! Drusilla too? Oh god, I’m related to Dru as well?” Xander caught himself. “Oh, sorry, they’re your family, I shouldn’t-.”

“No fair point love. They’ve both tried to kill you at some stage. And Dru was nuttier than a Christmas cake; probably still is wherever she may be. But its okay mate, you don’t see me popping the cork over your family either do you?”

“No, but you know what they’re like.”

“Angelus isn’t really that bad love. I just like to give him a hard time cause he’s so uptight and he always takes the bait. Can’t believe he’s my Grandpa sometimes. One of these days, we’ve gotta get him to loosen up a bit.”

“Dunno, Spike, he’s wound pretty tight.”

“Never mind love, we’ve got all the time in the world.”

A slow smile spread over Xander’s face. “We do don’t we? And you know what? I’m okay with that. Really am now.”

Spike brushed their lips together gently. “Good for you love.”

They lay together lazily kissing and caressing, waves of love and contentment passing between them until when Xander’s stomach rumbled he tried to move and realised they were at risk of sticking together.

After a long hot shower, a plate full of food and several bags of blood for Spike, they headed for bed, completely spent and satisfied. Xander rested his head on Spike’s chest as Spike lightly ran his fingers over the claim scar on Xander’s throat. As Spike had said, all he now felt was a pleasant and comforting tickle. Xander fell asleep with a happy smile playing over his lips


 A sinfully cheerful ringtone woke Xander from a sound sleep. He was lying in the centre of the bed, Spike wrapped tightly around him. He tried to roll over and grab his cell quickly before it woke him but he was so entangled in vampire and sheets he couldn’t move close enough. He lay still and willed the phone to stop. No good, apparently consorts had no mental powers over electric appliances.  The phone carried on ringing; Xander tried throwing a pillow at it. Not an especially helpful move but one that added the delightful tinkle of a shattering water glass to the shrill tones of the phone.

Spike shifted a little. “Answer the bloody thing and tell them to fuck off,” he grumbled sleepily. “And stop trying to be quiet, you’re crap at it.”

“And good morning to you too sunshine,” he kissed Spike on the shoulder that was jutting into his jaw. “I can’t tell them till you let me go.”

Spike grunted and lifted one arm a fraction so Xander could worm his way to the edge of the bed. He had just enough leeway to snag the phone with his fingers. As soon as it was in his hand, Spike latched back onto him, entwining him in arms, legs and sheets.

“Spike, I love you and I’m not complaining, but I can’t breathe or lift my arm, so this thing will just keep ringing and I’ll turn blue and cold.”

Xander wiggled his arm as far as he could until Spike loosened his grip just enough for him to get it out; Xander flipped the phone open noting Giles’ number on the screen.

“Spike says fuck off, and I say good morning G-Man, what’s up?” Xander tried hard to focus on the voice coming through the phone but was distracted by the tongue and teeth licking and scraping over his neck.

“Good afternoon Xander, its just gone three o’clock. And how many times must I ask you not to call me that?” Giles asked with a resigned sigh.

“Always one more. And when you’re on vampire hours, this is the middle of the night.” Xander propped the phone under his ear and used his free hand to stroke Spike’s face, tilting his own head to give Spike better access to his neck. It was an unconsciously submissive gesture and one that quickly brought Spike fully awake.

“We need to discuss last night’s events Xander, I’d like you to come down to the Magic Box as soon as you can.”  

“Ah, daylight still an issue Giles, unless you found a cure for that?”

Spike was, at that moment, in Xander’s other ear, tracing the shell with a cool tongue and nibbling gently on the lobe. One of his hands had found its way to Xander’s navel and was scratching and tickling the indent. Xander could feel Spike’s hard length pressing into his side and fidgeted as he felt himself swelling; uncomfortably swelling though, as he was pinned against Spike’s thighs.

“Ah, so you’ll be bringing Spike then?”

“Package deal Giles, we’ll be there after sundown.” He snapped the phone shut and tossed it down on the floor where it made a satisfying thud and jingle as it landed in the broken glass.

“Giles wants-”

“Heard him. Don’t care. Busy” Spike was diligently working his tongue into every part of Xander’s ear. He let loose his one-armed grip on Xander and shifted himself around until he was laying completely over Xander.

“Spike, we have to-”

Spike pulled away from his work at Xander’s ear and looked him in the eye. “I love you too, and I’m not complaining either, but shut up consort and let’s fuck.”

Xander groaned, “You’re pulling rank on me already?”

“You could say that.” Spike pushed with his knees, working his way between Xander’s legs. “Now, about that sex?”

“You want me to call you master now?” Xander threw one of Spike’s own smirks back at him and prepared for Spike to keep his promise. He wasn’t disappointed.



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