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Title: Fate 1/?
Fandom: BTVS/Angel/QAF
Pairing: Angel/?, Kay/?, Spike/Xander, Brian/Justin
Rating: NC17
Warnings: Language, violence and sex, SLASH and HET
Summary: Brian Kinney has to fly to LA for business, he should have stayed home....
A/N: Okay first story here so bear with me:D Lets see Sunnydale never fell, Angel never went to Wolfram and Hart, Fred never showed up. For QAF Ethan never happened cause I hated his dumb ass, and Brian and Justin are still together:D I am not Joss Whedon nor Cowlip I do not own any characters but my own. No harm or plagiarism intended. I am NOT making money off of this at all, if I was do you think I would be sitting here? Please be gentle.....

I want to thank devo79 (my beta for Buffy) for all the advice and encouragement and also for helping me by being a beta, I love you:D *hugs and kisses* I was way to impatient to wait and let the other betas take a look so here is the first chapter of Fate:)

Spike and Xander will be a couple....eventually;) But they aren't the main main focus, and yes I meant to repeat the word main:D

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