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LF: Ats Not Fade Away, BtVS post-chosen

 Hi All!
              I read a fic recently set in Not Fade Away the series end of Angel. In this fic the Scoobies did not abandon Angel  as they did in the series but were in fact watching all of them from a distance. It was set in the alleyway right before Angel and co charge into battle. Xander shows up with something like a hundred slayers. Willow, Buffy and Faith are there also. What really stood out to me was that Xander not Buffy was in charge. I think that they explained that not all of the slayers trusted either Buffy or Faith to lead the slayer army but everyone trusted Xander. 
 So what i'm really looking for besides this particular fic is any similar stories where Xander is in fact the leader of the slayer army post Chosen.
 Thanks and keep up the excellent work everybody.

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