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I don't know how many of you have watched fenderlove's JMTV, but I've decided to do something similar. I asked and she said she was cool with it. Anyway, the show is called "Spander Recommendations Undead" (SRU), which is kind of a play off of "Total Request Live" (TRL).

You send me your fiction recommendations, then every two weeks, I'll tape a show and post it up in my YouTube. Not only will I be recommending fics, but I'll be giving out (briefly) news on James Marsters and Nicholas Brendon. There will also be show reviews, where you send in your reviews on episodes/movies JM or NB have done. This time the episode is from BTVS - "Doomed". I'd also like to work in a special segment in the middle. This week's segment is an interview with Piccolo, the action figure not the actor. If you want to interview Piccolo please drop me a line, but you have to be able to record yourself (or a doll, I'll even settle for an animation) and send it to me. Episodes will be posted up in my journal and my website. Links to the fics will be shown during the show and will listed on the entry when posted. First show will be posted August 12th.

PS: You can recommend non-Spander fics, but they have to contain Spike, Xander, or one of the characters JM or NB have played, but they won't get as much airtime.

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