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jeryspringrfan's Story idea!

OKAY, I didn't finish it! However, I have a part of it done!  I understand why a lot of people cut it up now!  Hope you guys like it!

Title: Opposites Attract
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: NC-17 eventually later
Disclaimer: Joss's boys, not mine.
Summary: "Spike is well known throughout the porn industry for his *ahem* spike. He is basically the Leo Da Vinci of porn. Spike loves his job and loves his life until one day he falls head over heels for one Alexander Harris. Only problem is Xander doesn't know who Spike is or what he does. Can this generously endowed porn star hide his secret from the blushing kindergarten teacher???"- </a></b></a>jeryspringrfan Couldn't have said it better! (this story is the LJ's user request! So I hope you like it!)

Opposites Attract - Everyday lives

Here's the post requesting the story!
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