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Broken Circle

TITLE: Broken Circle
RATING: Adult for language and content
DISCLAIMER: The Bee has no rights or claim on any
of the characters or products named in this story and makes
no profit from them.
SUMMARY: This is the third story in the Rosebud/verse.
Tara has been abducted and the police rush to find her.
The other members of the Circle decide that they can do
a better job and begin their own investigation.
Who will find her first and will it be in time?

Huge thanks to Purpledodah for the amazing banner.

The huge black boat of a vehicle sailed silently down the
road with admiral Heinrich Hiney at the stern. Unfortunately
there was apparently very little wind because the Lincoln's
optimum speed was a less than brisk 25 miles an hour.

Gunilla, as always, rode shot gun and the two of them bickered
nonstop in the front seat.

"Why are you going to slow, Poppa? Put the pedal to the metal
and let's get moving!"
"No, Momma! Ve respect da speed limit and I do not get da ticket."
"The speed signs say 35, you are doing much less than that."
"Ve are doing the right speed, Momma. Do you vant I should
pull dis over and you take da wheel?"
"Don't you dare be brusk with me mister Hiney!"

Every few miles the traffic would back up behind them with
aggravated drivers blowing their horns and shouting profanities
in verbally unchecked road rage, at which time Heinrich would
throw his arm out the window waving the drivers to go around him.

Of course when they did, their middle finger would fly up causing Gunilla
to begin a whole new round of,
"Why are you going so slow?"

Xander groaned. He was sitting in the back seat wedged between
Willow who was hanging her head out the window as if she thought
she might see Tara strolling down the promenade wearing her best
Easter bonnet, and Andrew on the other side sitting crossed
legged chanting "Oooommmm" repeatedly.

He felt like the adolescent who was forced to go out in public with
his very uncool family.

Still, as designated navigator and keeper of the street map, Xander
at least had some control and was slightly mollified by the fact
that Dr. Hiney was accurately and unquestioningly following his
directions of "left here" and "right at the next light".

Xander had watched the street signs carefully and knew they were
almost in their target area. Once there, they would all keep their eyes
open for any dark trucks parked close to a small house with a
ramshackle front porch and a large round something that resembled
the drawing Gunilla had provided.

He hoped that that, along with a strong energy vibration would
point the way. At least that was the plan.
It wasn't much, but it was all they had. Xander had to trust that
when they got close to where Tara was being held, one of them
would know it.

Subtly, Xander glanced over at Andrew. Neither of them had
mentioned what they had seen at the end of Andrew's trance.
It had been too horrible to consider. By mutual silent agreement
they refused to acknowledge what it might mean.

The only thing that gave them hope was the fact that the corpse
was clearly male. It wasn't Tara and, for now, that was all that

Setting upright in his seat, Xander realized that they were finally
on the outer perimeter of the area they wanted to search.
He quickly rechecked the map and then stuck his arm up between
the two in the front row, waggling his finger in the right direction.

"Here. Turn left up at the stop sign and we can......wait, no, wait,
I said left."

Much to his shock and dismay, Hiney continued to turn right
and pulled the huge Lincoln in to the corner gas station. He threw
the gear shift to 'park' and swung open the door.

"What the fuck?"

Ignoring Xander's tone and profanity, Heinrich quickly started
roll/scooting his rotund body out from behind the wheel while
Gunilla chastised him in a manner much more civilized than
Xander would have used.

"See. See, Poppa. Didn't I tell you to get the gas earlier before
we left the house?"
"No, no you didn't. I told you yesterday dat ve vere low but you
vere da one dat vanted the sexual act so ve had to go to da house,
"Yes, of course I remember but if I had know you were that low we
could have waited. The orgasm is just as satisfying if you get the gasoline

Xander put his face in his hands and muttered.
"Oh, God, please, no."

Dismissing all the negativity, Heinrich went about the business of pumping
gas, going so far as to clean the windshield while he waited.
After what seemed like an eternity, the hand pump kicked off and
Hiney replaced the gas cap.

Xander peered up with hope in his eyes.

Fishing in his back pocket for his wallet, they all watched as the short,
chubby doctor started off toward the small convenience store to pay.
Halfway across the paved lot, he stopped, turned and hurried back to
the car.

Throwing his arms in the air, Xander wanted to scream in frustration.
"Now what?"

Immediately, Gunilla rolled down the window and Hiney stuck his
head inside.
"Does anybody vant anyting?"

Andrew stopped chanting and stretched his lanky legs out in front
of him
"I could go for a Mountain Dew."

Xander's mouth fell open in shock but before he could speak, Willow
looked at him apologetically.
"I really need some comfort chocolate. Can you bring me a Kit Kat?"

Heinrich nodded, mentally making the list.

Gunilla stirred it around in her brain.
"All that talk of donuts did put the taste in my mouth, but I will need
a cup of coffee to go with."

Hiney smiled his understanding.

Xander sighed and slumped in defeat.
"Oh what the fuck. Bring me a pack of cheese crackers."

Hiney quickly and efficiently repeated the entire list and turned to waddle
off. At the last minute, Xander threw himself over top Willow, crushing
her against the side door and he stuck his head at the window shouting
at the retreating figure.

"And hurry the fuck up!"
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