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Plot Bunny Available for Adoption to Kinky Home :-D

Hi! First time posting to Bloodclaim so please swat me with a newspaper or something if this isn't appropriate!

Ok, this is what I get for staying up really late watching Cesar Milan's Dog Whisperer on TV while reading Spander on my PC...

Basic Plot Bunny: None of the troubles in The Pack would have happened if primal!Xander had a calm and assertive pack leader to keep him out of trouble. Who better than to dominate him than Spike?

  • Xander is far more primal than he was in canon and behaves just like a canine does without a pack leader. To make Xander a happy, calm, and submissive puppy he needs exercise, discipline, and affection (in that order).
  • Spike arrives in SunnyD looking for some fun (not necessarily to kill the Slayer) and follows his nose to Xander with his pack in the middle of a horribly unorganized hunt and takes an interest in the unbalanced pup. Xander gravitates towards Spike because he senses Spike's dominant energy.
  • Spike separates Xander from the pack and takes him as his own while leaving the other hyenas to be found by and freed by) Buffy, Willow, and Giles
  • Spike begins training Xander to obey and submit to him including running him ragged, teaching him to hunt, and pleasure the vampire (NC-17 rating may be thoroughly enjoyed here :-D )
  • Willow and Buffy are unable to find Xander and are left following the trail of dead humans and demons around the state
I hope this plot bunny can find a good home and should anyone be interested in adopting it I'd be more than happy to collaborate for ideas, betaing, and more. Thank you very much for indulging my twisted mind!
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