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Broken Circle

TITLE: Broken Circle
RATING: Adult for language and content
DISCLAIMER: The Bee has no rights or claim on any
of the characters or products named in this story and makes
no profit from them.
SUMMARY: This is the third story in the Rosebud/verse.
Tara has been abducted and the police rush to find her.
The other members of the Circle decide that they can do
a better job and begin their own investigation.
Who will find her first and will it be in time?

Huge thanks to Purpledodah for the amazing banner.

Finally back on the road, Xander had to admit they were all a little
refreshed and renewed, although the Mountain Dew had Andrew
somewhat twitchy.

Slowly, partly because they were in the target area, and partly because
Hiney was still behind the wheel, they cruised down the darkened
streets and around the neighborhoods that felt promising.

Hours had gone by and they all seriously regretted wasting the
biggest part of the night sitting at home and waiting.
This was better. This was action. This was hope.

They already had several false alarms. Houses with pick up trucks
or broken down porches, or odd round shaped things at the side.
Usually it turned out to be a trampoline or a kiddy swimming pool.
Gunilla had quickly dismissed them with a wave of her bony, ring
covered hands. Her response always the same.

"That is not it. I do not know exactly what the thing is, but I
know that is not it." So on they went.

Andrew felt the pressure. He was the one that so far had made the
strongest connection with Tara and he was the one everyone expected
to pick up the vibration. He was so afraid of failure that it hurt
deep in his soul. Every corner they turned, every new block they
entered, he would squeeze his eyes shut and concentrate.


He picked up nothing. Nothing except that stupid word that kept
bouncing around in his brain.

'What the hell is that?' He wondered? He considered asking Xander
but he feared sounding silly and childish. They all put their confidence
in him and he couldn't let them know his mind was wandering into
cartoon territory.

With a big sigh, Andrew turned his face away from the others and
he stared out into the remenants of the night. The full moon made it
brighter than usual, shining down on the car of wannabe hero's and
lighting their way to find their princess who was locked away in the
devil's tower.

Andrew scowled. Why did he let his brain think such stupid
things? Why couldn't he just act like a grown up? Why.....


His unexpected screech from the backseat startled, and caused Heinrich
to slam his foot down on the brake. All the occupants snapped forward
and, like a kettle of fish, flopped back.

Reaching over, Xander kept his voice low and controlled.
He gripped Andrew's arm and ask hopefully,

Andrew positively beamed.
"I feel her. She's near. She real scared but she's alive."

The rest of the passengers all turned to Xander awaiting their
leader's next instruction. This was what they had all hoped for and
at some level expected. They were all surprised that they had no
clue what to do next.

Xander held up both index fingers thoughtfully.
"O.k. Here's my thinking. Andrew believes we are close so we go
on till we find the elements that match Gunilla's drawing. When we find
it we park somewhere out of sight and we sneak up for a peek. When
we are certain we have the right place, I'll call Spike and tell him to hurry."

The other's all looked back and forth between them then collectively
nodded. Hiney fired up the Lincoln and on they went. This time
it was Gunilla who shouted "STOP!"

Pointing up ahead they all focused on a brown, shingled frame house
with a broken down porch and a dark colored pick up truck in the
driveway. As they crept by, a round, abandonded sistern stood
nearly 5 ft. high at the side.

"That's it! I'm sure, that is what I saw and drew! This is the place!"
Gunilla's excitement was contageous and the others literally bounced
in their seats.

Hiney glanced all up and down the street looking for a place to park.
It was a situation slightly complicated by the fact that the curb was
full. There were cars and vans parked everywhere, strange, considering
there were few houses and the fact that it was nearly morning.

Willow scratched her head.
"Wow, looks like someone is having a party. Wait, there, park over
Pointing to an open space in a nearby alley, Hienrich maneuvered and
stopped. Again they all waited for Xander to take the lead.

"This is it. If anyone feels afraid or doesn't want to go, stay with the
car and the cell phone. If the rest of us don't come back in ten minutes,
call Spike."

Each set of eyes scanned the others, already knowing that no one would
be babysitting the Lincoln while the action could be down the street.
So, with a tip of his head, all four doors flew open and the odd assortment
of rescuers filed out.

Quickly, bug eyed and geeked up they clumped around their leader for
instructions. Xander felt far from qualified but swallowed his insecurities
and put on his best fake brave face.

"Listen up. We are going to approach the house from the side. I didn't see
a lot of lights on so maybe they are still asleep. IF Tara is in there, we
don't know where. We need to creep. Try NOT to be seen. If we can
we will get up to the house and see what we can spot in the windows.
We need some sort of indication that this is the right place."

All four heads bobbed comically.
After a quick 'What the fuck are we doing?' thought, Xander turned and,
dropping into a crouch led the procession down the darkened alley to
the corner lot where the driveway ran parrelell to the alley.

Xander was in the lead, Willow second, Andrew third, followed by
Gunilla and Heinrich Hiney in the rear. Hurrying their step, the group
rushed to the side of the pickup and ducked down. The minute
Andrew and Xander both placed their hands on the side of the truck,
the shock of Tara's emotion nearly bowled them over.

Andrew fell back, landing on his ass, and whimpered. Immediately,
Willow and Xander scooped him back up and Xander turned to the
others, whispering harshly.
"It's her. This is the truck and I'm sure she's here. Andrew?"

Instantly, Andrew pulled himself together and he growled.
"Xander's right. She's here and we need to march in there and take
her back!"

Andrew rose quickly to his full height of 5'5", balled up fists at his sides
and started toward the porch. He got one step forward before
Heinrich nabbed him by the back collar and snatched him back down.
"You is da foolish boy! Ve do not charge in."

Xander sat down with his back against the truck tire.
"Heinrich is right. We need to do this carefully. Damn, I wish we had
some sort of weapons."

Gunilla shook her fist.
"Here is all the weapon I need and I will punch some noses with it."
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