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FIC : Family Bonds chapter 53WIP

Title: Family Bonds

Pairing: Spander
Rating: ADULT
Summary: After his relationship with Anya fizzles out Xander and Spike become lovers. Xander’s insecurities lead him to seek help from Tara. She discovers a secret from Xander’s past.
Notes: AU begins S6 replacing Hells Bells. No Dawn, Buffy didn’t die, and Season 6 Spuffy? Eewww no.
Feedback appreciated and lusted for
not mine, all belongs to Joss and Co. Damn them. And bless them.
Other chapters are here

Chapter 53

Xander fidgeted and chatted all the way to the cemetery, checking the car’s clock, checking his watch in case the clock was wrong and generally causing Spike to roll his eyes every few minutes. “The girls might already be there, Spike. I hope we’re not late, do you think we are?”

“Be a sport love and tell me exactly how many times in one day you think I’d have to shag you before you’re too tired to talk? Today obviously wasn’t enough.”

“Dunno, with my amazing consorty powers of rejuvenation, it could be a whole lot. You want to try and find out tomorrow?” Xander grinned and his hand automatically went to his neck where he’d only just healed over again and was still a little sensitive. He buzzed with the small amount of Spike’s blood running through his system, which for Xander had the effect of having consumed roughly a metric tonne of sugar, without the heavy crash at the end.

“You think you can sit still long enough?”

“Depends where you want me to sit.” Xander’s eyes and hand went immediately to Spike’s lap.

Spike shifted Xander’s hand and gripped the steering wheel tighter. “Enough of that now love. If you want to have a night out patrolling with your friends you’ll keep it in your own bloody pants and out of mine. Otherwise I turn this car around, take you back home and throw you over the new hamper.”

Xander laughed. “I love you Bleachie. Did I remember to tell you today?” While the exchange of blood hit Xander like a top quality amphetamine, he well knew that for Spike it had the opposite effect. For the next few hours, while Xander would be bouncing off the walls, Spike would be quietly basking in a heated flow of love that coursed freely through him. It was this warm rush that Xander was prodding him to share.

“Yes mate, you did tell me. Many times.” Spike smiled and shot Xander the burst of affection he had been angling for.

“Oh yeah, that’s the stuff.” Xander sighed and twisted in his seat to look at Spike. “Does this ever feel weird to you? That we can do things like that?”

“No love it doesn’t feel weird. It feels right.”

“Yeah it does. I’m glad you agree. Would have been a little on the awkward side of uncomfortable otherwise.” Xander leaned over and nuzzled Spike’s neck.

“Oi, knock it off Harris, you’ll only get yourself all worked up again; me too. And you’ll  never let me hear the bloody end of it if we miss this patrol.”

Xander bit his neck, none too gently, then sat back on his own side of the car. “Sorry, master.”

Spike shook his head and shifted uncomfortably in his seat. “You’re a fucking tease, Harris.”

“But you love me anyway.”

Spike gave a resigned sigh as he pulled the car into the cemetery’s parking lot. “Lucky for you mate or you would have died a very slow and excruciatingly painful death by now.”

Xander looked over his shoulder, sizing up the rear of the car. “Is it wrong that that just made me want to fuck you in the back seat?”

“It’s the blood love, maybe you took a little too much that last time. Give it another hour or two to settle down a bit.”

They climbed out and Spike opened the trunk, smiling appreciatively as Xander collected his axe. He’d done as Spike asked and was wearing a comfortable but snug pair of jeans and a black T-shirt that clung to the softened outlined of his torso. He finished it off with his favourite black leather boots and belt; his coat had been left behind. Combine the outfit with his long unruly hair, and judging by the expression, Spike was in visual heaven.

Xander handed Spike his favourite weapon, grabbed up some stakes and then slammed the trunk closed, slinging his axe over his shoulder. He laughed as he found himself with his arms full of leering vampire.

“You look incredible love.”

“Eyes of the beholder, which must also be wearing rose coloured glasses.” Xander pointed to his middle. “Squishy”

“Don’t care.” Spike ran his hands over Xander. “You really have your heart set on patrolling?”

“To quote a wise man- Oi! Knock it off.” Xander kissed him briefly then stepped away pointing to the car approaching. “Look, here be girls. And they come bearing fresh watcher and chips.”

Spike frowned in his long suffering way. “It’s going to be a long night isn’t it?”

“Hope so!” Xander shot back happily and headed over to the girls’ car to help unload the trunk.


Spike shook his head as the girls and Xander exchanged hugs, examined the supply of snack foods and weapons and began talking in that rapid fire way that few could interpret. Was it a patrol or a bloody party? Didn’t really matter, he supposed, as long as the consort was safe and happy. Going by the broad smiles and indecipherable turns of phrase he easily fell back into, Xander was very happy. Spike just thanked the powers that be that Xander rarely spoke like that at home and kept well clear of the nauseating Scooby-love vibe oozing from him.

He tensed as Giles also avoided the raucous group and, carrying a short sword, made his way to Spike’s side.


“Rupert,” he said warily.

“Xander appears very happy.”

“Because he is.”


Spike waited. Obviously there was something the watcher wanted to say, but it would be in his own time, not before.

“Have you made Xander fully aware of the implications of his status?” Giles asked eventually.

Spike answered carefully. “He knows what he’s gained.”

“Hmm.” Giles nodded slowly.

Patience. Not high on Spike’s list of skills, but one which he knew he best get a handle on if he were to be dealing with these people more often. This watcher was a deceptive man; outwardly calm, maybe even serene. Inwardly though, a different picture. Spike was fully aware of the man’s capabilities and though he enjoyed taunting him, he also had a healthy respect for the inner Ripper.

Giles stared directly at Spike. “But does he know what he stands to lose?”

Spike held the watcher’s gaze and didn’t lose his neutral expression. “He will soon enough.”

“You’ve yet to tell him what it all means.” Not a question but a statement reflecting his concern. “Xander deserves to know everything that may affect him.”

“And as soon as I’ve made arrangements, he will.”

“If something should happen in the meantime?” Giles pressed for more.

Spike wasn’t sure if he would have answered or not. He was saved from the decision when a warm and cheerful consort appeared at his side, kissing his cheek. With a final glare loaded with a warning for silence, Spike turned away, ready with a smile and a kiss.

“Come on then love. Let’s find something to swing at, yeah?” He wrapped a possessive arm around Xander’s waist and steered him off to the main entrance.


Xander was pleased with himself. More so with his amazing consorty powers of detection, which was how he and the girls insisted on referring to it, much to Spike’s annoyance. The darkness wasn’t an issue, nor was the distance between him and his friends, he could keep track of the individual conversations going on around him quite easily. Spike pointed out that there was more to his skills that advances in socialising, but Xander soon made it clear that for him, this was a night out on the town with his friends, not a military sortie.

After an uneventful hour of wandering the darkened paths, Xander had talked himself out and now was more than ready to expend more of his energy on a good fight.

“So, where’s the bad guys?” Willow asked.

“I dare say they heard you coming and have taken cover,” Giles said. “As far as stealth goes, you are sorely lacking.”

“Hey! I’m as stealthy as the next gal.”

Giles gave an exasperated sigh. “And as the next girl is even more verbose than you, I rest my case.”

With some discussion it was decided that rather than split up, they would proceed with more care and less noise. With stealth mode engaged, they soon came across a small group of vampires heading for the exit.

Tara, Willow and Anya stood well back sharing a small bag of M&Ms as they watched Buffy, Spike and Xander take care of the vampires. The fight was rather unevenly matched it and soon became obvious that the vamps were fledges and Xander’s skills were slightly more developed than before the claiming. Spike and Buffy quickly dusted their share then stood back, evaluating his technique, as Xander took care of the last remaining vampire.

“Ooh, he shouldn’t swing like that, he’s gonna pull one of those whatsit muscles in his shoulder.”

“Yeah but look how bloody quick he is with that back swing.”

“He’s never gonna make that. Huh! What do you know?”

“If he can get around the other side now-, there, that’s my boy.”

“His balance is all out, look he’s on the wrong foot.”

“Yeah, he could do with a few pointers alright. Swing it now love! Good work Harris.”

Xander stood amid a shower of dust with a huge smile on his face. He shook his hair off then strode over to Spike.

“Excuse me Buff,” he said and grabbed Spike’s coat pulling him into a quick, hard kiss. “That was fun, let’s find some more and do it again.” Xander looked from Buffy to Spike. “And did I just hear you guys having a conversation that didn’t involve the baiting or killing of one or both of you?”

Spike and Buffy looked at each other, lips curled. “No you bloody well did not.” “Not a chance”. Both spoke at once before Buffy quickly retreated to Giles’ side.

Xander just smiled at Spike. “You were chatting with Buffy.”

“Shut up, git.”

Xander laughed and wandered off to join Willow, Tara and Anya, accepting a handful of chocolate and their congratulations on his fighting efforts. With his arms slung around Willow and Anya’s shoulders, he followed Giles and Buffy further into the grounds.

 “Do you think now that my spell’s not active, there’re less demons around?” Xander called to Giles after they’d walked another half hour without any action.

“No Xander, there is probably the same number of demons as there was previously, the difference being they are not all drawn to you anymore.”

“So where are they all then?”

“They are around, I assure you,” Giles said.

“They’re pretty damn good at hiding then,” he said, looking around into the dark. “Maybe one of us should go be the worm on the hook and draw them out. I’ll go.” The resounding chorus of ‘no’ and one ‘fucking hell no’ stopped him in his tracks. “Why not?”

“Harris you are not going out as bait again,” Spike said. “Don’t you go getting all cocky now. There’s still plenty of things out there that are a mite tougher than fledges. Any one of them would give you a good seeing to.”

“And there’s probably only one demon allowed to give him a good seeing to right Spike?” Anya asked with an inappropriately large grin.

Only Xander heard the noise Spike made, a mix of low growl and angry swearing and he shot Anya a look that clearly told her to back off.

“Let’s move straight to the older crypt section,” Giles suggested, with a frown in Anya’s direction. “There were reports from mourners of monsters terrorising burial services and attempting to destroy caskets. The groundskeeper thinks there was someone residing in some of the more spacious crypts several days ago, they may still be there.”

“Well why didn’t you say so G-man? We could have gone there first.”

“Do not call me that and no we couldn’t. We were being methodical and performing a routine sweep first. However,  if finding something to fight will stop your endless questions, then I am prepared to forego the plan.”

“Oh, thank Christ for that. Point the way then Watcher.”

“Hey, Bleachie, you’re meant to be on my side,” Xander said. “You’re supposed to love my endearing inquisitiveness.”

 “Yeah Harris, love it to pieces. Now pick up your weapon and lets move.”

“Geez, can’t a guy be happy to be out with his best friends? It’s a nice night, I have a little excess energy,  there’s things to kill, I can kill them. Where’s the problem?”

“No problem love. I’d just rather be doing the fighting than talking about it.” He took Xander’s arm. “Now let’s go.”

Xander waved back at the girls as Spike pulled him into the darkness, sprinting towards the crypts. Before they got to that section however,  Spike dragged him off the path and into a thick stand of trees.


“What the hell Spike, where are we going?” Xander asked, then his eyes widened and he smiled as a burst of lust washed over him through the bond.

“Right here,” Spike said, stopping when they could no longer see the path and immediately he undid both their belts and jeans, kissing Xander urgently all the while. “The energy you’re giving off tonight love, it’s bloody amazing. Didn’t know how happy it made you doing this kind of thing with your mates.”

“I got energy to burn tonight and yeah, I am happy. More than happy,” Xander told him. Spinning Spike around, he pushed him against a thick tree. “You might want to hold on to something Bleachie.”

Spike shoved his jeans down and spread his legs as much as he was able then braced his hands against the tree. “Come on do it. I’ve got to be slick enough from before, just get in me love.”

Xander wasted no time; he spat in his hand, swiped it over himself and taking Spike’s word for it, plunged in. He held Spike’s hips as he slammed himself forward, taking no time for slow and steady, but both of them benefiting from his hyped up state with a hard and fast fuck.

Leaning in close to his back, Xander thrust his forearm against Spike’s mouth. “Bite me,” he panted, then reached forward and latched on to Spike’s neck, still pumping his hips. As soon as Spike’s teeth sank in, Xander was biting, but not taking any blood. He came in a hard rush, triggering Spike who bit harder into Xander’s arm and moaned as he pulsed cold fluids onto the ground.

Xander pulled his arm away from Spike, then turned him around and kissed him hungrily, his tongue tasting his own blood in Spike’s mouth. There was the tiniest flash back to his worries of the previous night, but then that was gone and it was just Spike and Spike’s mouth on his and Spike’s body pressing into him. Then he was hard again and Spike had him against the rough surface of the tree, thumping into him, pulling hard on his cock and bringing them both off again in less than a minute.

Needs satisfied, albeit temporarily, they straightened their clothes and jogged off to the crypts, ensuring they still arrived before Giles and the girls.

Spike and Xander stalked quietly along the row of crypts, listening at the entrances and moving on to the next. Xander heard the sounds at the same time as Spike and they both knew they’d found what they were looking for. From inside a relatively large vault, came a combination of snuffling and grunting. Distinctly different sounds were discernable from inside, enabling them to place the number of demons at around three or four.

Beckoning with a tilt of his head, Spike drew Xander away from the crypt and gestured for him to be quiet until there were a fair distance away.

Spike kept his voice low as he spoke. “There’s a few in there love, we can’t go bursting in without knowing what they are and what weapons they have.”

“So we get them to come to us right?” Xander said with a smile. “We ring the bell and run. Done that before.”

“We wait for the slayer before we go leaving any flaming bags on their doorstep love. Meantime we can go and see if there’s any other way in or out of that crypt. I doubt it, but there might be a window around the back.”

They quietly moved back to the crypt, and together did a circuit of the building. As they thought, it showed no other entrances or windows other than tiny ventilation slots near the roof. Spike waved a hand and they checked the rest of the vaults coming up empty at each one. Moving back to the end of the row to wait for the others, Spike gave Xander some instruction on his weapon and taught him some basic moves.

Xander learned quickly, aided by the new speed and agility- No, Harris you can not call it your bloody consorty powers of nimbleness-  and encouraged by the pride that showed in Spike’s face when he got something right. Also the fact that he could see Spike’s renewed lust and appreciation whenever he flexed his muscles didn’t hurt either. They were sparring together light heartedly without their weapons when the others emerged from the darkness.

“Cool Xan, when’s it my turn?” Buffy asked.

“Whenever I’m feeling dumb enough that I would deliberately let you kick my ass.”

“Yet you’ll fight with me and let me kick your arse. Git.” Spike smiled and cuffed him over the head.

“Yeah but I like the way you do it.”

“And before this goes any further, yet again, perhaps one of you would share what you have found here,” Giles said impatiently.

“Why must you insist on cutting him off?” Anya demanded. “He may have had a very valid point to make.”

“Thanks Ahn,” Xander said. “But I think we all know where that conversation was going-, and suddenly I get that that’s your point isn’t it? Stupid me.”

Anya gave him a grin and a shrug. “Can’t blame a girl for trying.”

“Can do some damage to a girl if she doesn’t stop trying,” Spike mumbled.

“Okay then, Spike,” Xander said, slinging an arm around Spike’s neck and surreptitiously stroking his fingers over the claim. “What say we fill them in on the situation down here?”

“Demons, eighth crypt along. Estimate puts their number at maybe four. No visuals.”

“I see. Well it seems the witnesses were sufficiently traumatised that they were unable to give enough description to identify the demons, so we are going in cold I’m afraid. Willow, Tara, some basic defensive magic might be required, perhaps something generic as we are unaware of the species. Anya, you can arm yourself and stand guard while they work. Buffy, Xander, Spike, offensive positions.”

“Watcher, if you recognise those things when they come out be sure to share the facts yeah?”

“And you Spike. I’ve no doubt you are aware of as many demon species as I and we need to ensure everyone remains as safe as possible.”

Spike nodded sharply and Xander noticed a harder look than usual pass between them.

“Right then,” Giles said. “One of you will need to be by the door.”

 “I’ve got it,” Buffy called, but seeing Xander’s disappointment, quickly offered the place to him.

“No Harris,” Spike said firmly. “It’s too soon for you to take a risk like that and we’ve no bloody idea what’s in the crypt.”

Xander thought about arguing that, but decided Spike was probably right and everyone else’s safety was more important than his pride. “You guys have all the fun.”

“Yeah soddin’ great lot of fun it will be when something huge and hungry comes out looking for the nearest thing to dismember and you’re it.”

“Alright, alright. Buffy can do it,”’ Xander conceded.

Buffy gave him a wry smile. “Thanks Xan, feeling the love.”

“Hey you’re the card-carrying member of Club Chosen, off you go,” he waved her away with a grin.

Willow, Tara and Anya stood a good distance away. Spike, Xander and Giles were evenly spaced opposite the crypt’s entrance, but concealed behind trees to give them an opportunity to identify the demons before being spotted.  Everyone held their positions and waited with quiet anxiety for Buffy to draw the demons out.



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