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The Knight Slays The Trolls ~ Part One

Author: kitty_alex
Title: The Knight Slays The Trolls
Pairing: Spike/Xander, Spike/Drusilla, Spike/Xander/Drusilla
Rating: R
Fandom: Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Disclaimer: I own nothing. I bend to Joss Whedon's will and try my best not to murder his characters.
Summary: Drusilla wants to adopt a kitten and decides that she wants Xander. Years later, Spike and Xander have returned to the Hellmouth to help her recover.
Warning: Mommy!kink, Brother!Kink, Pet!Xander, and just me trying to hit every kink button you can imagine.
Other Parts: You can find the other parts here.

“I want the kitten,” Dru said to Spike.

Spike looked at the sleeping boy in the backyard. He honestly didn’t think Dru was talking about a boy when she began going on about wanting a kitten. The boy mumbled in his sleep. Spike thought it was odd for a boy to be sleeping outside especially on Christmas. If Spike had to guess, the boy couldn’t be more than five years old at best, but there he lay, like he wasn’t living on the Hellmouth.

“Dunno, poodle. Kittens are a lot of responsibility. You have to feed it and play with it, then not to mention clean its litter box. This thing doesn’t even look like its house broken.”

Spike watched as Dru wove her hands into her hair and stomped her feet.

“This is wrong. All wrong. You’re supposed to let me have it. You’re supposed to give me my kitten. Spike, why won’t you let me have my kitten? The stars sing for it to be mine.”

Spike stroked her hair, “Alright, princess, alright. If the stars say it is to be so, then it is to be so.”

She smiled at him and pulled her hands out of her hair. It was moments like these where she was almost sane that made him happiest. He knelt down in the grass, not caring if he got stains on his only pair of pants. He nudged the boy. The boy grumbled and rubbed his eyes.

“Can’t I clean up the bottles later, mom?”

“Ain’t your mum, pet. What’s that about bottles?”

“Oh, I hafta clean them up after everyone’s done drinking them, only after I finish can I open presents.”

“Why are you sleeping out here then? Shouldn’t you be snuggled up in your wee little bed?”

“My cousins have my room. Besides, with all the yelling I can’t sleep.”

Spike listened, the house was quiet. Probably everyone had drunk themselves into a coma.

“It’s quiet now, pet. Hey, what’s your name? I can’t just keep calling you ‘pet’ now, can I?”

“Alexander, but Willow and Jesse call me Xander.”

“Good solid name. My name’s William, but everyone calls me Spike. This lovely lady is my dark princess, Drusilla.”

Xander looked past Spike and up at Drusilla. He blushed sheepishly and played with his hair.

“She’s a princess? She’s a very beautiful princess. I like her hair. It looks soft.”

“Thank you, Kitten,” Dru said grinning. “We’ll have such lovely fun when we go home.”

“When we get home?” Xander asked Spike.

“Spike is a dark knight,” Drusilla explained putting her hands on Spike’s shoulders. “He has come to save the dear one. He always saves his dear ones.”

“Yeah, pet,” Spike said. “I’ve come to take you home so you can be treated just how you deserve.”

“Are you going to kill them?”

Spike looked a bit taken aback, “What?”

“Well,” Xander said playing with his sleeping bag. “In the stories, when the knight comes, he slays what is keeping the people prisoner. Are you going to slay them?”

“Do you want me to, Xan?”

“Willow says it’s wrong.”

“Willow isn’t exactly here, is she, pet?” Xander slowly nodded in agreement. “Now tell me what you want me to do.”

“The knight slays the ogres and the trolls in the stories.”

“Then I’ll do just that.” Spike got up and held out a hand for Xander. “You have to invite me in, Xan.”

“The trolls had too much ale,” Drusilla whispered. “They won’t wake from their slumber. Not even when the last one dies.”

“See, good news. We’re victorious in battle, pet.”

Xander smiled and put his small hand into Spike’s. Spike lifted him up and held him in his arms.

“I have to invite you in?” Xander asked looking from Spike to Drusilla.

“Yeah, just say ‘Spike and Dru, you can come in’ and the barrier keeping us out is gone. It’s like a magic spell, see? Keeps the knight out of the troll’s lair.”

Xander nodded his head in understanding, “Spike ‘n’ Dru, you can come in.”

Spike made his way towards the backdoor, “Time to do a bit of slaying, pet.”

Xander snapped the book closed and grumbled to himself. Spike growled as Drusilla twirled, ignoring her childe and kitten.

“Problem, pet?” Spike shifted to game face.

Xander rolled his eyes. It had been twelve years since Spike had rescued him from his parents in SunnyHell and a short trip to Prague had them back. Drusilla had been tortured extensively and it had taken Xander's and Spike's every effort to get her back from her captives. Now they were scrambling to look for a cure before she was dust in her bed. The cure was located somewhere in Sunnydale, that’s what all the demons said; the trick was finding this said cure. Spike’s sources had said that this book was the key. Too bad it wasn’t written in any known language.

“I can’t read it,” Xander said simply.

“Why in the bloody Hell did we turn all those tutors for you then? Was it for our health? I refuse to believe that not one of them taught you Latin.”

“I can read Latin just fine. This isn’t Latin. I don’t know what this is. It looks like Latin, but when you try to read it, it’s all gibberish.”

“Maybe the gibberish is code or something, this is our last hope.”

“The writing is code. You can’t read it without the key,” Drusilla said.

She slumped into a chair, weary from her twirling.

“Mummy?” Xander asked his voice suddenly becoming very small and child like.

Spike smiled even though he knew it wasn’t the time to smile. Xander’s voice had taken him back to when Xander was little and when he’d sit at Drusilla’s feet playing with her dolls, Xander’s particular favourite was Miss Edith. While he was playing, Dru would comb his hair and whisper about the stars to him. First it had angered Spike that they spent so much time together, but when he really looked, he could tell both belonged to him.

“Here,” Spike said pulling out a pack of tarot cards from his pocket.

Xander took the cards and shuffled them, then pulled the first card off the top of the deck. It showed a mausoleum. Xander showed the card to Dru.

“Is this where it’s hidden?” Dru nodded. “Then let’s go get it. The sooner we get it the sooner-” Xander’s stomach grumbled and he blushed. “I guess I forgot to eat I was so caught up in translating the book.”

“No worries, pet. We’ll let the minions take care of the key.” He kissed the top of Dru’s head then Xander’s. “Mummy will be right as rain sooner than you know. Can’t go starving yourself, that won’t make Dru better.”

Xander spared a glance at the weak Dru, “She needs to be fed.”

“Come here, Kitten,” she said to him.

She held open her arms and Xander moved from his chair into her lap. He rested his head on her shoulder as she wrapped her arms around him. Spike watched as her face shifted and her fangs sank into Xander’s neck. When she first started feeding from him, he couldn’t have been more than eleven. He whimpered in pain at first, but now he was used to her slicing into him. Xander even looked like he enjoyed it now. Enjoyed the closeness and being in her embrace. It had been decided that Dru would turn him, but only when the stars told her it was his time. Spike had always been more of a brother to Xander anyway, a brother that fucked Xander nightly, but still a brother. Some nights they would go out for a drink and a game of pool while other times they’d go out and play with Spike’s food. Xander had excellent taste when picking out games. He had a great ability to read people and always knew which ones would try to fight back and which ones would run.

Dru withdrew her fangs and spoke softly to Xander, “Be wary of red-haired witches, Kitten. They aim to lead you astray. Packages with pretty bows should not be opened.”

Xander thought deeply and nodded, “Alright. I will.”

He kissed her on her cheek and slid off her lap. Spike made sure a minion would look after Dru while they were away, then they were off into the night. Even though they both had the urge to run and see who could beat the other to the local club, the Bronze, they walked at a gingerly pace discussing what Dru’s vision could have meant.

“Didn’t you have a redheaded friend?” Spike asked him.

“Oak or um, Elm? Ash? I know it was a tree, oh, yeah. Willow. Her name was Willow. But I don’t think she was a witch. I would have known, right?”

“Never know, people change. Aint’ the same runt you were when we first picked you up. Filled out quite nicely, I think.”

Spike looked over Xander’s muscular body with his dark curly hair that matched Dru’s perfectly, his dark prince and princess. It always killed him when both brown and blue eyes stared at him. They were both his, his family and his love.

“But I was a cute runt; otherwise you wouldn’t have taken me in.”

Spike growled and pinned him against the wall. He ran his hands through Xander’s thick hair and claimed his mouth greedily. Xander moaned and wrapped his arms around Spike’s waist. Spike pulled away and Xander groaned loudly, wanting Spike’s lips back on his.

“If we keep this up, neither of us will eat.”

Xander sighed, “You know my only weakness, food.”

Spike groped his arse, “I wouldn’t say your only weakness.”

“Do we have time for a quick one in the alley?”

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