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Broken Circle

TITLE: Broken Circle
RATING: Adult for language and content
DISCLAIMER: The Bee has no rights or claim on any
of the characters or products named in this story and makes
no profit from them.
SUMMARY: This is the third story in the Rosebud/verse.
Tara has been abducted and the police rush to find her.
The other members of the Circle decide that they can do
a better job and begin their own investigation.
Who will find her first and will it be in time?

Huge thanks to Purpledodah for the amazing banner.

"Freeze! Nobody move!"

On their way down the basement hallway , Faith's hand had brushed
over a light switch, which she quickly went back and flipped on.

With a blast of light illuminating the back drop of the two detectives,
guns drawn, the others in the room stood stock still.
Everyone's attention darted wildly between the danger of
the pointed weapons, the threat of arrest and the shocking
sight of their newly crowned leader dead on the floor.

Even Andrew was so stunned by the sudden turn of events and
the surprise that his young life was not over, that he too followed
the instruction not to move. Instead, he threw his hands high in the

Spike wasn't sure what to expect when he and Faith charged in,
but in all his years with the department, he could honestly say
that this was totally beyond the scope of anything he had previously
His own thoughts were voiced first by his partner at his side.

"What the fuck? Halloween come early? Andrew, is Tara...?"
"She's o.k. Just passed out. We're both o.k. She's over there."
His voice cracked and nothing else came out as he pointed a finger
in her directions, his arms still over his head.

Quickly, Spike regained his composure.
"Everybody against the wall, hands high where we can see them.
Anybody want to play the rebel, go for it, we have plenty of bullets
left. Move, and we will.....Ooooffff"

Spike's speech and dignity were interrupted when his body was
roughly shoved to the side as Gunilla forced her way between
the two detectives.

Rushing to Andrew with tears in her eyes, she brushed the hair from
his face and, after satisfying herself that he was unharmed, threw
her arms around him in a squishing bear hug.

Andrew was torn. The love and relief were overwhelming but
the iron grip of Gunilla's chubby arms left him feeling like he was not
yet out of danger.
He immediately hugged her back.

Despite the interruption, Spike was glad to see that everyone had
complied and now lined up like a row of red robins on a power line.
Faith held her gun on them as Spike moved carefully to the body on
the floor.

Cautiously, he knelt down and slid his gun back in his shoulder holster.
With his hands on the shoulder and hip of the man he had just shot,
Spike carefully rolled him over.

"Holy fuck! Faith! It's Tim Taylor!"

Holding her position, Faith called back over her shoulder.
"Shit! Are you sure?"
"Believe me, Love, I'm gay, I know a prick when I see one."

The joke was weak and made to try to cover the fact that Spike was
rattled. His brain told him it was a justifiable shooting, done to save
a life, but his heart.....
His heart screamed at him that he had just shot another cop.
A betrayal of the brotherhood that knocked the breath from him.

Faith barked out a nervous laugh. Before she could ask anything further
or comment on the dead body in the chair, two more people rushed
Their sudden appearance startled Spike who jumped to his feet and
spun around as he grabbed his weapon and drew down on them.

Ignoring the danger, Willow ran to Tara's side, scooping her up in her
arms and rocking back and forth. Gradually the last remnants of the
trance faded and she started to come around.
"Oh, God, Tara. You're alive. You're alive. I love you. I love you"
Willow's voice gave out as the sobs took over.

Gently, Tara's hand came up and she placed her palm on Willow's
"I knew you would come. I knew between the Circle and Spike
that these guys didn't stand a chance."

Furious, Spike turned on the other intruder.
"Damn it Xander, I could have shot you. What the fuck are you all
doing down here didn't I tell you to wait upstairs?"

Xander stood by his lover's side with a grin of satisfaction and
"We knew you would have it all under control. Besides, Heinrich
is upstairs waiting on......"

"Dis vay. You all come dis vay! You take too long!"
Hiney led the way, waving his arms in the air and running as best as
he could on his stubby, short legs as the calvary charged in. Within
minutes the small cramped space was filled with uniforms, guns, and
the metallic sound of a dozen handcuffs.

With the initial shock of the shooting starting to wear off, several
of the now disrobed figures were starting to toss threats and orders
of their own.
Spike grinned at the litany of "Do you know who I am?"
"You'll be sorry." and the ever present, "I want my attorney!"
filled the air. One of the set backs for the Satan worshippers was
the fact that their attorney was also being led up the stairs to a
waiting cruiser.

Crouched by the dead body on the floor, Spike shook his head
in disbelief. Xander stood beside him.
"Damn, I knew he was a jerk, but I never figured him for a murderer
or an insane devil worshipper."

Spike hung his head.
"No matter what he was, he was a cop. I shot one of my own."

"I guess....."
Whatever his reply was going to be, it was cut short by Willow's hand
on Xander's arm.

"I'm taking Tara out of here. We have all been up for over 24
hours and everyone is physically and emotionally spent. The Hineys
are going home to bed and I think they are taking Andrew with them.
He can write a statement after he gets some sleep. The paramedics
are insisting Tara goes to the hospital to be examined and I'll stay
with her."

Spike signaled to Faith.
"Tara is going to be checked out. I want an officer to go with her.
She can give her statement as soon as she feels ready. I'm sure
this is going to break up this little circus of fruitloops, but just in case..."

Faith immediately made a call and nodded.
"Kennedy is on her way. She will meet them at the emergency room
and stay for as long as necessary."

He then turned to Xander, his voice low so no one else could hear.
"I'm going to be honest with you, this is the maddest I think I have
ever been at you. GO HOME! Faith and I need to go down town
and oversee the arrest reports and file the initial paperwork. It may
take an hour, it may take all day. Don't call me. Don't look for me.
When I get finished, I'll be home and we will talk."

Xander was crushed. He thought they would be celebrating.
He thought Spike would be proud that the Circle was such a help
on this case, instead he was being treated like a pain in the ass.
An interference.

Angrily, he stepped back, careful to avoid the blood on the floor.
"Yeah, right, you're welcome. Guess I'll see you later."

With that he turned and marched off.
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