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Taking Back Destiny

Author: kitty_alex
Title: Taking Back Destiny
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Disclaimer: I own nothing. I bend to Joss Whedon's will and try my best not to murder his characters.
Summary: William Elliot is just trying to make the world a better place.
Warnings: Souled!Spike and a mix of human au.
Notes: This it the sequel to Destiny Is Calling.

Xander climbed out of the car. William honked the horn and Xander leaned back in to give William a quick kiss on the lips.

“Slayer is coming today,” William whispered. “Don’t forget you have to make contact or else none of this will go as planned.”

“I know, Will. We’ve been over this a hundred times.”

“And if she asks how I know?”

“I’ll tell her you get visions, like I’ve been telling Willow and Jesse for the past couple of months. Gez, get into college and you think who in the Hell you are.”

William slapped him playfully, “Cheeky bastard, if I didn’t love you-”

“Death, destruction, rioting, and general mayhem, I get the picture. Hey, I have to go to school. Bye Spikey, have a fun storming the castle.”

William rolled his eyes, “First you want to kill me, now you want to kiss me. Blow.”

Xander kissed William again, liking when he played along with the movie quotes, and shut the door. William honked twice, waved by, then drove off. Xander approached the school and was instantly flanked by Jesse and his girlfriend Cordelia who were already in a deep discussion.

“So, the only reason I’m cool,” Jesse said, “is because Xander’s cool and the only reason Xander is cool is because he’s dating a college student.”

“Yeah, so you’re cool by association.”

“Cool,” Jesse said with a chuckle.

“Does that make me cooler than last year since last year Will was only a senior?” Xander asked

“Oh, way cooler,” Cordelia said. “Like Godly cool. Like so cool, we can only wish to be that cool and have college boyfriends of our own. No offense,” she added quickly to Jesse.

“None taken. I don’t know if I’d want a college boyfriend.”

Willow jogged up to them, joining their little group as they stood outside waiting for their last minutes of freedom to end when the bell rang. She was wearing the flats, blue shirt, and matching top that Cordelia insisted on buying her if she was going to be apart of the ‘cool crowd’ since she was Xander’s friend and therefore cool by association.

“Oh my God,” she said excitedly like she had too much coffee, which if Xander had to guess, she did. “That spell book Will gave me was amazing. I boiled water without a stove, then I made tea. Then I did this other spell that- Oh, but it was all beginner stuff. I’m not abusing magic, just practicing. I don’t want Will’s vision to come true.”

“The evil witch vision?” Cordelia asked with a smile.

“Yeah, that one,” Willow said flatly.

Jesse grinned and nodded his head, “New girl. Five o’ – OW! What was that for?”

Cordelia had punched him sharply inside. “If you’re dating Cordelia Chase, you’re not allowed to look at other girls, especially cute blondes that may or may not be the Slayer.”

“Hey! New girl!” Xander called out waving his hand at her. “Come over here!”

The blonde girl, who had just gotten out of her car, was startled by Xander’s yell, but regained herself and approached them. She eyed the situation and Xander could tell she was making note of each kid in the group that had called her over. When she approached, Xander stretched out his hand and opened his mouth to greet her, but Cordelia beat him to it.

“Hey! I’m Cordelia Chase. I’m the most popular girl at school. All the girls want to be me; all the guys want to date me. This is my serious boyfriend, Jesse, so don’t get any ideas, Missy. That over there is Willow. She isn’t the most popular kid in school, but she’s the smartest and was a totally hopeless in the fashion department until I stepped in.” Cordelia ignored the tiny protest from Willow. “And that’s Xander, the reason why these two almost lame, no offense Jesse, kids are cool. He’s dating a college student and by the laws of schooldom, that makes him instantly cool.”

The blonder girl seemed a bit taken a back, “Oh, well, I’m Buffy. It’s nice to meet all you. So, you’re like the cool kids? Is it okay for you to be talking to someone as low on the social ladder as me?”

Xander chuckled, “I’m not cool. Just by school social rules, I am. So as long as Will doesn’t break up with me, I can talk to whoever I want and I choose to talk to you.”

Buffy laughed, “Well, I feel honored! Do you know which way to the Principal’s office? I have to go get registered and pick up my class schedules.”

“Oh, I can show you,” Willow volunteered. “It’ll be fun. I can be your tour guide. Then we can gossip and make funny remarks about Cordelia’s hair.”

Cordelia glared and Willow ignored her. She held out her arm for Buffy, who laughed and took. Willow led Buffy away from the group and towards the Principal’s office.

“So, spill,” Buffy said. ”How’s a guy like Xander end up dating a college student?”

Willow’s brow furrowed, “Anyone would be very lucky to date Xander.”

“No, I just mean, he doesn’t seem like he’d attract a college girl. They kind of think they’re above everyone.”

Willow laughed, “Good thing Will is a guy then.”

“Get out! Will’s a guy?”

“Darn tootin’. He and Xander knew each forever. Since we were in the second grade, I think.”

“Yeah? So, what’s the big deal about this Will guy?”

“Are you kidding? Everyone worships the ground Will walks on. There’s popular, then there’s Will popular. He wasn’t really popular at first. You don’t realize how cool a British accent is until puberty kicks in at least.”

“So, he’s only cool because he has a British accent?”

“NO! There’s so much more. When his dad died walking home from work one day, his mom just kind of freaked. Not like, she went insane and got a bunch of cats, but she enrolled them in a whole bunch of self-defense classes. She also signed up Will for private fencing lessons. He was a bit well off, but his family preferred suburbia than those hilltop mansions, so I guess that’s what made him down to Earth.”

“So he’s cool because he can beat people up?” She was really trying to follow Willow’s talk, but she seemed too enamored with the guy to give Buffy straight answer.

“No!” Willow blushed slightly. “Well, yeah. Some people find that type of thing sexy, but he didn’t get into bar fights… that often. He’s sweet, really. Just a lot of pent up rage, I guess. He has a healthy outlet now though, so don’t judge him on that.”

“I believe you. I am not bringing Will’s character into question.”

“Good,” Willow said with a nod like she had just successfully fended off an attack from her big brother. “Well, the martial arts really kind of,” Willow blushed red. “It toned him pretty well, so not only did he have those baby blue eyes, but a lean muscular body. He was top is all his classes too. He’s smart, not like genius smart, but he can grasp concepts and analyze like no one’s business.”

“Well, someone has a crush,” Buffy teased.

Willow’s hair matched her face, “He’s Xander’s boyfriend and gay! Oh, lookie. Here it is. The Principal’s office. Funny how it’s here and we’re here. Isn’t that funny, Buffy?”

“Hilarious. So, do I get to meet this Will guy?”

“If you want, come to the library after school. Will likes the demon books they carry and they usually don’t leave until Xander finishes his homework. Not that Xander is a slacker, because he’s not. It’s just his home life is- Well, his parents are very distracting.”

“Sorry if these seems rude, but are you always like this? You know, kind of hyper and stuff.”

“No, I had five cups of coffee. I was up all night working on my computer and doing these other neat projects then when I was finally done, it was time for school, so I just had a lot of coffee.”

Buffy nodded, “When you get home, try to get some sleep. You seem liked you’d be really cool not under the influence.”

Willow offered her a small smile, “I think we could get to be best friends.”

“The bestest,” Buffy grinned and entered the office.

Buffy hesitated to enter the library. After meeting her new Watcher, she didn’t want to meet him again. She wanted a normal life, was that so much to ask for? No more slaying vampires or demons. No more burning down gyms or falling in love with the wrong type of guy. She took in a sharp breath and wondered how Pike was doing. She entered the library to see everyone was already there sitting around the table studying, well everyone except the famous ‘Will’.

“Hey,” she said. “What’s with the big study group? I thought you were supposed to be cool.”

“We are,” Cordelia amended. “Just the weirdo librarian wouldn’t let us stay unless we were doing something productive.”

“I miss Ms. James. She was stoned most of the time,” Xander said wistfully. “We could do whatever we wanted in here and she wouldn’t say a thing.”

“Ew,” Buffy said making her way further into the library.

“Join Lowell House? I don’t know. My mum really needs me at home,” a voice from outside the library door said.

“Come on, William. You can’t live at home forever,” another voice replied.

The bodies that the voices belonged to entered the library and Buffy could feel drool instantly welling in her mouth. The hunky college student on the left was seriously shorter than the one on the right. He had a slight build, but his blue jeans and tight black shirt with a slightly longer, solid blue shirt over it revealed that it was all muscle. His hair was a curly mess with sandy blonde hair and bleached blonde tips. The other hunky college student on the right was tall and held more muscle mass than the one on the left. He had short brown hair that was in almost a military cut hair style. He was dressed in looser jeans and a grey shirt. Buffy could have sworn she died and went to heaven when the blonde’s bright blue eyes landed on her and smiled. He extended his hand to her and she took it shakily.

“Hey, I’m- I- You’re- God, you two are hot.”

The blonde chuckled, “We know. I’m William and this is my mate, Riley. He’s my TA for Psych. Bastard was trying to get me to move away from my mum. Believe that?”

Buffy scrunched her face into a mock scolding, “How dare he.”

“Hey,” Riley defended. “I just want him where I can see him so I can convince him to declare his major.”

Xander’s head shot up, “You still haven’t declared your major yet?”

“I don’t want to go into something I don’t like or I’m not good at and love, the fast you get that done, the sooner we can go to the Bronze. Fred and Warren are meeting us there. Warren invited himself. I know he’s a bit odd-”

“No, it’s alright. He always brings something cool from the robotics lab. As long as he doesn’t bring that kid who hangs around the comic shop all the time, I’m fine with him coming.”

“See, Warren is a guy who knows what he wants to be,” Riley said.

“I don’t want to major in Psych,” William glared at him.

“But Professor Walsh was so impressed by your paper about men and their natural God-complex. When you go into graduate’s school, she’d even consider taking you on as a TA.”

“The paper really wasn’t anything special,” William said trying to divert the topic.

“Are you kidding? My paper was about deep set paranoia and the examples you used. Not only did you pull examples from literature and history but-”

“Why didn’t you tell us about the paper?” Willow asked. “I would have loved to have read it.”

“Because it’s not really as great as everyone is making it out to be,” William said blushing.

“Professor Walsh says you have a natural ability to read people, she thinks you’d do very well if you pursued it as a major.”

“I’ll think about it, right now I have to make sure these blighters finish their homework.”

Riley did a pretend victory pump with his arms and waved good-bye.

“Bye, Xander. See you later. It was nice meeting you, Buffy. I hope to catch you around.”

He left and Buffy was finally able to dial down the drooling to a minimum.

“I heard a ruckus-” Giles said coming out of the backroom. “Who are you? Are you a student?”

“You’re the watcher, right?” William walked over extending his hand. “Had a vision about you. You came to guard the slayer.”

Xander groaned and put his head in his hands. Didn’t William know Buffy was standing right there? Well, he guessed he did know. This better not go bad.

Giles gaped at him, “Watcher? Slayer? I- uh, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Save the song and dance for someone who doesn’t already know. I had a vision and I need to warn your slayer. Something terrible is going to happen if I don’t warn her.”

Buffy reluctantly stepped forward, “I’m the slayer. If there’s anything I can do to stop something terrible from happening, I want to help.”

William dusted another vampire. He was to thin out the vampire numbers while Buffy sought out Darla at the Bronze. She would go for either Jesse or Xander; she was always attracted to dark hair.


William turned around to see Darla’s childe and his former grandsire watching him dust vampires. William straightened up and pushed hair out of his eyes. He held the stake firm and looked back at him.

“Why what?” William shot back.

“Why are you trying so hard to change things?”

He gave Angel a questioning look, “You know about me?”

“I was explained by a demon that worked for the powers that you were to be my grandchilde. He also told me about how you are changing things and making things avert from the plan.”

William pointed to the sky as if addressing them instead of Angel, “Lesson one, things rarely go as planned. Take it from me.”

“They need you to be alive three hundred years from now. All this fighting you’re doing, it’s only a short term fix. Your soul is the only one strong enough to hold against the demon and seek out redemption on your own. It’s your destiny.”

William laughed, “Do you remember your son?”

“I never had a son.”

“Oh, no. This son, he’s yours and Darla’s. You were talking about him once while I happened to be floating around the room. I was a ghost at the time; you really didn’t see me as I was fucking around with your desk… Anyway, you and Darla had a son. The Powers That Be allowed you a child and he was taken away only months later to be raised by Holtz your worst enemy.”

“Why are you telling me this?”

“If things were written in stone, there would be no need to prod us or push us in the direction they want us to go. There would be no need to reward us for fighting on their side. They see one ending, I see millions. I took so many lives while I was a vampire and now I can give them back. I look at the events that have played out and fail to see the bigger picture. Why let so many innocents die? What kind of Gods are they if they don’t side with that?”

“They’re about balance-”

“They are about winning a century’s old war that they waged with the First for control of this plane. I don’t fight for them. I’m not their champion. I’m the champion of the innocent, as it should be. I am William Pratt, Spike, and William Elliot. I am all the Williams that have come and the Williams that will be. That’s the reason my soul is so strong. I write my own destiny.”


“Play their game, I don’t care. Just don’t sleep with Buffy, yeah? Moment of happiness, you lose your soul. You kill a few people and open a Hell dimension. Not exactly what I call a laid out plan. Well, from their standpoint. It was alright as far as demon plans go. Anyway, I have vampires to kill, Harvests to stop. I hope you find a way to merge souls though. Bye.”

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