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Broken Circle

TITLE: Broken Circle
RATING: Adult for language and content
DISCLAIMER: The Bee has no rights or claim on any
of the characters or products named in this story and makes
no profit from them.
SUMMARY: This is the third story in the Rosebud/verse.
Tara has been abducted and the police rush to find her.
The other members of the Circle decide that they can do
a better job and begin their own investigation.
Who will find her first and will it be in time?

Huge thanks to Purpledodah for the amazing banner.

"Hold still. Stop that!"
Xander soundly smacked Spike's hand away from the black bow tie.
He had already put the snug black cummerbund around Spike's waist
and made sure, through all the weeks of fittings, that the tuxedo
was perfect.

Finally, Xander stood back to check out the finished product.
"Oh my God! You are the best looking thing I have ever seen.
I could just gobble you up. You look like James Bond."
Xander's eyes flashed with heat and passion.

Spike immediately stuck his finger under Xander's nose.
"Oh hell, no! It took me an hour to get into this thing, I'm not taking it
off now till this whole ceremony is over. But then, look out, cause I'm
going to have my wicked way with you."

Quickly he grabbed and started tickling Xander's ribs as the larger
man squirmed, giggled and tried to get away.

"Stop! Stop! Innocent eyes!"

Spike looked over Xander's shoulder to see Andrew still lounging, seemingly
uninterested, on the small waiting bench in the church dressing room.

Andrew rolled his eyes.
"Don't worry about me. Just ignore me. Everybody else does."

Sitting down next to him, Xander threw his arm around the boy's
shoulder and pulled him close as Spike returned to the full length
mirror to check his hair.
"So what happened? How come Jake didn't come with you?"

Andrew scowled and stuck out his bottom lip.
"He said he couldn't. Said the big game was on t.v. this afternoon."

Spike stopped fussing and turned around.
"What? He couldn't be your date to the wedding because he wanted
to stay home and watch a football game?"

Andrew leaned his head on Xander's shoulder and folded his long,
lanky legs up under himself.

Xander kissed him on the top of the head.
"Well, it's his loss. You can be our date. The reception after the
wedding is supposed to be a really big deal. I heard the cake is 6
layers high and has little green turtles on each tier rather than roses.
That will be something to see. Besides, they have a band and D.J.
and all the fancy, catered food a boy can eat."

Andrew was unimpressed and his pout remained firmly in place.
"I'm not going. I came to the wedding cause Miss Joyce said she
wanted the whole Circle to be here but I am NOT going to
the reception."

Xander laughed at his grouchy, petulant attitude.
"Ah, come on. Look how handsome our Spike is. Dr. Ahn sure
picked the right one. Spike is defiantly the best man."

Andrew had to admit the sight of Spike in his snug tux would fuel
his adolescent fantasies for months. Still, he would rather whine.
"Yeah, he looks o.k. but shouldn't you have a flower in your lapel?"

Spike smoothed his hands down the front of his jacket.
"Dr. Ahn has a nephew that is supposed to be bringing it. In fact he
should be......"

Right on cue, a couple quick knocks came to the closed door. Before
anyone could answer, it swung open and a young, dark skinned boy
with jet black curly hair and large brown eyes stepped in.
His gentle, open face broke into a smile that reached his eyes and showed
a straight row of white, perfect teeth.

Andrew jumped to his feet and quickly hid behind Xander's body,
clutching handfuls of the back of Xander's jacket and peeking around.

"Hi. I'm Nicosia Ahn. Everybody calls me Nicky. My uncle Achmed
said I should bring you this boutonniere."

The Indian boy may have been handing the plastic container to Spike
but his eyes were elsewhere as he craned his neck trying to get a better
look at the blond, freckled cutie.

In a smooth move, Xander stepped to the side, swung his arm around
and with his hand on Andrew's back, shoved the boy to the forefront.
"It's nice to meet you Nicky. That's Spike, I'm Xander and this is
Andrew. Say hello, Andrew."

His voice was small, his eyes cast downward hoping Nicky couldn't
see the full face blush that warmed his skin.

"Hi, Andrew."
Nicky's eyes shone with delight as he stepped closer.
"I'm one of the ushers so I gotta go but I'll see you at the reception?"

Xander frowned, looking very serious.
"Oh, sorry Nicky, Andrew said he doesn't want to go to the reception."

In a flash, the sparkling smile faded.
"No? Oh, come on. They are having a great band to dance to. Don't
you like to dance? And just TONS of food. And did I mention music?
I mean we know"

Xander heard the whoosh of air that was sucked into Andrew's lungs,
but on the outside, he still went for cool.
"Well, yeah, I guess I might stop by for a while. I mean you did say food
and I wouldn't"

The dark skinned young man looked like he had just won the lottery.

"Great! Great! Shoot, I gotta go. I still got a lot to do and the wedding is
about to start. Hey, Andrew, when you come out, I'll show you to
your seat."

Andrew smiled shyly
"Oh, sure. O.k."

As soon as Nicky had gone, Andrew spun around to face the two men
who had been sharing a knowing grin.

"OH, GOD! Did you see him?! He was simply MAGNIFICIENT!!
Hey, I gotta go get my seat. I'll see you out front. I don't want Nicky
to find someone else."
At the last second, Andrew turned around in the doorway.

"Shit! We'll be an interracial couple. Oh, my God! That's so avant-garde!"

Spike and Xander both roared with laughter. Finally, Xander sat
down and watched as Spike attached the white rose to his lapel.

"Well, Spike, it seems that everyone in our family is happy. Do you think our
luck will last?'
"S'not luck, Love. It's Karma. We all deserve a period of peace and love.
It's amazing how well Tara recovered from what she calls 'the bad time.'
She is so strong, so impressive, and I have to admit, her sessions with Hiney
seem to be doing wonders for her."
Spike just shook his head before continuing.

"Hell, even Liam seems to have found love."
"Yeah, once he healed up from his injuries."
"Well, fuck, Xander. You don't cause a riot and then walk away. He's
lucky that ALL he got were a few broken ribs and a flattened nose."

"Spike, you are the one who broke his nose."

Spike huffed.
"The big oaf deserved it. Sides, he didn't seem to mind once Lindsey
kissed it and made it all better. Shit, I'm still stunned that he single
handedly took out that big ass biker, Rug. The knucklehead actually
saved Lindsey's life AND busted an international drug ring. Fuckin'
jerk ended up a hero. Although I gotta say I was proud of him when he
gave his tv interview to Matt Lauer and told Max to fuck off."

Xander stared at the floor and picked at an invisible hair on his jacket.
"No repercussions down at the station house know..Taylor?"

Spike leaned against the mirror stand and crossed his arms over his body.
"No. They all understood. Or at least said they did."

Spike grinned and snorted.
"At least this time, my required sessions with Hiney went better.
Especially when I brought the donuts."

Xander chuckled, then grunted as he heaved himself to his feet.
"Yeah, right now, all is right in our world, but if you don't get out there
and stand up for the Turtle, you may just find yourself on his autopsy table
skinned, tarred and feathered. Besides, I better go find Andrew before
he does something stupid."

Spike laughed and watched as Xander headed for the door, then, at
the last minute he called his name.
"Hey, Xan."
"You ever think of getting married? I mean, this is California. New
laws and all."


Spike frowned. That was not the answer he expected or hoped for.
"You don't? How come?"

Just before ducking out the door, Xander smiled and winked.

"Cause nobody has asked me....yet."

The End

Author's note.

Thank you so much for all the kind words and wonderful comments.
It means to world to know there are people out there that really
take the time to read what my bizarre little mind concocts.

Notification for next months story will be up soon.
It is an HAU featuring porn star Spike and kindergarten
teacher Xander. Title: Head Of The Class.


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