Alex Michael Foster (alexmfoster) wrote in bloodclaim,
Alex Michael Foster

Reply to 2009 S/X Calendar

I am making a 2009 S/X calendar from what I consider some of my best manips. Anyone who knows my work knows I ONLY do S/X or Spike / Xander individually. I am hoping it will be entirely S/X though may have one or two of the boys individually. It will range from NC17 to Child Friendly and feature everything from Slash,  to very mild BDSM. (No slavery or torture)

This was for my personal amusement. However I am more than happy to share with anyone here who might be interested. It wll be individual months,  files in Jpeg format and print out  A4 portrait, colour. If I have enough pictures I may also do one entirely Spike and one entirely Xander. Due to the restrictions on Bloodclaim if I do these they will be posted on other communities and my journal.

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