Alex Michael Foster (alexmfoster) wrote in bloodclaim,
Alex Michael Foster

S/X 2009 Calendar NC17 (Some images NOT worksafe)

Here it is, as promised. Sorry for the delay my image host went down.

It's S/X throughout. Overall NC17.  It's Jpeg, A4 colour, portrait. It prints on A4 paper, just ask your printer to 'scale to fit'. I have kept in mind the cost of colour printing and kept the pictures to a reasonable size. I hope you like it, please bear in mind it was done for my own amusement.

Spike Only Calendar to follow, hopefully next week. Liink only posted here)  I hope to do a Xander only too in the next couple of weeks. (Link only posted here)

Open the pic, save to your HD, Print (Scale to fit prints slightly bigger on A4) Enjoy!

January    February   March   April   May   June   July   August  September  October   November      December

(I'm sorry for the way this is posted. If anyone knows how to do an LJ - cut and display the months as thumbnails it would be much nicer and I'd be eveso grateful for the info. :))
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