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Head Of The Class

Head Of The Class
Author: BmblBee
Paring: S/X HAU
Rating: Adult NC-17
Warning: Contains very adult content. Strong language
and sexual activity of the m/m nature.
Disclaimer: I tried to buy them but they apparently
aren't for sale so I own none of the products or characters
named in this story and make no money from it.

Summary: Kindergarten teacher Xander meets porn star Spike.

Thanks to the wonderful Petxnd for the banner and plot suggestions.


At the directors verbal command, all action stopped. The actors, dressed
in colorful paper feathers and high, cardboard pilgrim hats all scampered
quickly back to the large round rug in the center of the room, obediently sitting
down and waited for instruction and critique.

"That was absolutely fantastic! For a few minutes there I thought I was back
in Plymouth Rock at the very first Thanksgiving! I was beginning to think a
turkey was going to run through here!"

The gaggle of 5 year olds squealed, giggled and clapped proudly at their
teacher's lavish praise. Xander let them go just long enough to get it out of
their system, but before things could get out of control, he held up two
fingers, which was the well recognized sign that meant, 'quiet'.

16 squirming children did their best to control themselves and waited to
see what their beloved teacher would say next. As expected, the small
blond boy in the back row could not be contained. Jumping to his feet,
he raised his toy tommy hawk in the air and ran around the perimeter of
the floor mat, whooping and hollering, doing his best Indian imitation.

Xander sighed and the other children scowled. The new boy had joined
their class just 3 months ago but had proven to be a daily disruption.
Smaller than the other children, Xander also knew that he was one of
the few that was being raised in a single parent home and had tried to be
extra patient.

"Scotty. We don't run around without permission and right now this is
listening time. Sit back down in your place."
Xander's voice was gentle but firm leaving now doubt that the boy was
expected to follow his instruction.

Immediately, Megan's hand went up.
"Mr. Harris! We think Scotty should have to sit a time out in the corner."

Scotty again leapt to his feet and swung his cardboard weapon at the
head of the little girl causing her to let loose a bloodcurdling scream.
Xander knew from the looks on the other children's faces that the room
was just seconds away from chaos.

He immediately stepped in and snatched the toy hatchet from the
hand of the Indian brave before it could come down again.

"Scotty! Stop. We do NOT treat each other like that."
Xander placed a small student chair next to his desk and away from the
other children. He knew the boy had problems and the last thing he
wanted to do was make him feel isolated or separated by putting him in
the corner.

"Come over here and sit by me. The rest of you can take off your
costumes and put them on the table. Remember, we only have one
more week till the Thanksgiving program. All your parents will be here
and we want to do our best."

The other small Indians and Pilgrims all jumped to their feet, whispering
and laughing happily amongst themselves as they scampered to the back
of the room where they would carefully place their costumes.

When he was sure they were out of earshot, Xander turned to the sullen,
pouty boy sitting on the short chair beside him.
"Scotty, you know it is important to follow the rules when we are in
class. Recess is the time to run and play."

Scotty acted as though he hadn't heard a word Xander said. His little
legs swung, his feet not quit reaching the floor.

Xander tried again, his voice low but gently authoritive.
"Scotty. When someone speaks to you, it is important to look at them."

The two legs stopped moving and the small face snapped up. Trying for
anger, the large blue eyes only succeeded in conveying fear and sadness.
Xander knew this boy's problems went far beyond hyperactivity and he
resolved to do what he could to reach out to him. With a nod, Xander
smiled and patted the boy on the shoulder.

"Don't worry, Scotty. We're going to work this out."
Expecting a punishment or at the very least, a scolding, Scotty's eyebrows
went up in surprise and a tear rolled down his cheek.

3 P.M.

When the final bell rang, Xander collected his group together, making
sure they all had what they needed and, like a mother hen surrounded
by her chicks, he took them, as he did at the end of each day, to the front
of the school. There he waited as each either got on their designated
bus or was collected by the proper adult.

One by one the group dwindled till there was just one boy left waiting.
Xander patiently stood, holding Scotties hand. Students from the older
classes rushed around them, jumping on bicycles and running off in clusters
of two, three, and four in the direction of home.

Silently, Scotty stood with his head down, scuffing the toe of his shoe
on the cement walkway at the entrance of the brick school building
unaware that his favorite teacher was fuming beside him.

This was the third time this month that the boy was not collected on time.
He didn't mind for himself, God knows he had no place to be and no one
expecting him home, but he knew the deep seated insecurity this type
of behavior could instill in a small child.

Finally, the dark colored Chevy pulled up to the curb and Scotty's
eyes lit up.

He let go of Xander's hand and ran forward, this time with the teacher
right behind him. Opening the door for the boy, Xander waited while
he climbed in and he bucked the child's seatbelt, all the time looking
and assessing the parent.

She was small, like her son, but surprisingly with bright red hair and
not the almost white blond that he had expected. The cigarette that
was hanging from her mouth twitched as she watched the dark haired
man suspiciously.

"Hey, who the fu.., um, who are you?"

"Hi, Mrs.Rosenburg? I'm Xander Harris, Scotty's teacher. I'm sorry
we haven't met before."

"Oh. Miss. It's Miss Rosenburg. Well, we gotta go. Nice meeting you."
"Ah, Miss Rosenburg, I was wondering if we could have a few minutes
to sit down and talk about Scotty. He is a wonderful boy."

Xander ruffled the shock of blond hair and Scotty beamed with
unexpected pride.

"Oh, well, I'm in a bit of a hurry."
"Of course, I understand. You know Friday is Parent Teacher
conference day. I have an opening at 10:30. Could you make it then?
I could show you some of his art work and we could discuss his
progress plan."

Scotty turned to his mother, a look of hope encompassed his tiny face.
Willow tossed her cigarette out the window and looked straight ahead.

"Yeah, sure. 10:00 would be fine."
"10:30. Great. I look forward to seeing you then."

Xander had barely had time to close Scotty's door when the car
pulled away. He just shook his head.
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