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Head Of The Class

Head Of The Class

Author: BmblBee
Paring: S/X HAU
Rating: Adult
Warning: Contains very adult content. Strong language
and sexual activity of the m/m nature.
Disclaimer: I tried to buy them but they apparently
aren't for sale so I own none of the products or characters
named in this story and make no money from it.

Summary: Kindergarten teacher Xander meets porn star Spike.

Additional notes: Along with the wonderful banner, a big thanks
to the brilliant Petxnd who encouraged me and offered plot

Will stepped into the bright, cheerful room and looked around.
The impossibly small student desks were neatly lined up in rows, each
with a colored paper on top bearing the students name.

Toward the front of the room stood a man, his back turned, engaged
in a pleasant conversation with a man and woman. They held a handful
of drawings and graded papers covered with happy face stickers.

Will strolled down the aisles of desks, looking for the one that declared
Scotty's ownership. It wasn't hard to find. Right in the front row, next
to the teacher's desk, Will knew it was the chair usually reserved for
the students that needed the most attention and he wondered what
that meant.

"Well, we won't keep you. We really appreciate everything you do for
our Betsy. She just loves to come to school and we can't believe how
her reading has improved. I don't know how you do it, Mr. Harris,
but you certainly have a way with the kids."

Will looked up at the back of the man with the broad shoulders and
the deep, smooth answering laugh.

"Thanks. Betsy is doing very well. She tries her best and has
great potential."

Will watched as the teacher shook the couples hands and they walked
away, talking happily between themselves.
Then, after laying some stray reports on his desk, Xander turned to face
the man he had glimpsed come in.

When their eyes locked, both men forgot to breathe. Blue eyes met
brown and the temperature in the air shot up to a hot, humid, rain forest
level of ouch.
Xander could actually feel the pores under his arms widen and the
sweat seep out. His crotch itched and his cock smiled happily.

Will's hand shot out awkwardly and Xander quickly grabbed it,
shaking vigorously.

"Um, you must be Mr. Harris."
"Yeah, but you can call me."
"What? Oh, Xander. Sorry. You can call me Xander cause, you
know, that's my name."
"Oh, it is? Well, I'm willing."
"WILL! Sorry, the names, Will."

Will was near enough that his nostrils flared, drawing in the light scent of
masculinity and subtle aftershave. He licked his lips and shifted
his weight to the other foot.

Their grasp had never loosened and their hands continued to pump
rapidly as the moment dragged on.

Finally, afraid of giving himself away, Xander blinked, attempting to break
the spell and tugged his hand reluctantly away. His whole body felt
drawn, as though each pulse point contained magnets and Will was
solid steel.

Try as he could not to, Xander continued to stare. The beautiful man
standing in front of him, stunning as he was, looked somehow
familiar. That's when it struck him. The resemblance to the small
boy in the front row.


The name snapped Will to reality and he took a step back.

"Oh. Yes, I'm here for Scott Rosenburg. 10:30 right?"

Xander swallowed and forcefully shifted his brain into teacher mode,
although his cock was slow to follow when the sound of the man's
accent slid down into his pants and tweeked his balls.
"Yes, of course. Wow, you two certainly look alike."

Will bristled at the statement he knew to be true.
"Sorry, you misunderstand. His mother was ill and I am here in her
place. I am just a very close family friend."

Immediately, Xander's memory collected several comments and scraps
of Scotty's conversation and put them together in a depressing collage
of "Mommy's special friend."
'Fuck!' He thought. 'Why are all the beautiful ones straight?'

"Oh, of course. Sorry, I guess I am an Olympic gold medalist at the
sport of jumping to conclusions. His Mom isn't well? Hope it's
nothing serious. Anyway, I think it's wonderful that Scotty has a
man in his life that takes such an interest. Would you like to see
his work?"

Will nodded. Truth was, he wanted to see anything Xander would agree
to show him and a few he wouldn't. He watched as the teacher bent over
the short desk, his wonderful, high, round butt flexing inside his Dockers
and Will shoved his hands in his pockets to prevent his fingers from
reaching out and touching.

He wondered if any other man had ever spread those cheeks and
slid his wet tongue over Mr. Harris's sweet, wrinkled hole.
Squeezing his eyes shut, Will tried to block out the visuals that were
bombarding his traitorous brain. 'Holy dark donkey dicks, why are
all the great one's straight?'

"Will? You all right?"
"Huh? Oh sure, just a brief brain fart. What were you saying?"

Xander was standing with the lid of Scotty's desk pulled up, effectively
blocking his body from the belt down. He had hoped he was far beyond
the 'hard on for a gorgeous man' age, but apparently his dick had not
counted the candles on last months cake.

He watched as Will, 'Mommy's special friend', he thought sarcastically,
leaned down and retrieved a stack of papers from within.
The blond hair was soft, silky looking and, like Scotty's nearly white.

If Will was not the daddy, Mommy must have a thing for a certain type
of man. Apparently an inclination that Xander and Mommy shared.

'Maybe Mommy and I can have lunch and discuss it sometime.'
He thought nastily.

Xander stared at the slim, long thin fingers as they deftly flipped the
corners of the drawings and imagined them tangled and tugging at a
nest of dark, thick, pubic hair.

Will paused at the papers with the letters and numbers on them.
"How is he doing?"

Xander cleared his mind of distractions and glanced at the red marks
he had put on the paper, remembering the day the boy had struggled.
"Scotty is doing well. He is a bit more active than most of the other
children but that is not unusual. It could be that his maturity level
has not quite caught up and that causes his attention span to be
somewhat on the short side. At this point it isn't a real concern
but you might want to have him tested."

Will was stunned.
"TESTED? Are you saying the boy is slow? Retarded?"

Xander threw his hands up, stopping the conversation before it
could get ugly. He had dealt with defensive parents, as well as
'special friends', before.

"No. Not at all. In fact, Scotty is very bright. He shows an excellent
progression of thought. By that I mean if I tell him that he should wear a
helmet when he rides his bike, he will ask me how they will fix his head if
he doesn't. It is a sign of good comprehension. What he has a problem
with is following some rules. Do you know if his mother is strict?
Does she have him on a schedule? Bedtime? Meals? That sort of

"No. I'm afraid Willow is sort of a free thinker. She often....."

Before he could finish, the door way burst open and a very scantily
dressed cheerleader, reminiscent of a recent movie he had done,
rushed in to the room.

"Sorry to interrupt, Xan. I'm done for the day and headed home.
Don't forget about Thanksgiving. Hey, what do you think?"

Buffy immediately started leaping, waving her arms and shaking the
hell out of her colorful pom poms, shouting,

"Xan, Xan, he's our man, if he can't do me, no one can."

It was then topped with a leap in the air and a final wide legged
split on the floor.

Xander's mouth fell open in horror as she jumped back to her feet.
She then shook one pom at Will and grinned.

"Oops, sorry." She giggled.
And she was gone.
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