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Hi everyone...

I'm hoping ya'll can help me out with a fic I'm looking for.  It's a crossover with "The Addams Family" where Jessica (Xander's mom) was the 'normal' sister from the show.  There's going to be a family reunion or Christmas or something in Sunnydale, and I think it might be the first time Xander meets his extended family.  It's Spike/Xander, and Xander may discover he has some sort of magic, or something?  I'm pretty sure I first saw it on the comm, but I haven't had time yet to look in depth beyond searching on

I heard Addams Family theme song today, and now I have this burning desire to read this fic....thank you so much!!

EDIT: apparently I had the show wrong, it was The Munsters, not The Addams Family....but the link is in the comments!!
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