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Shadows and Shadows 8/?

A/N" Big thanks to windandsummer and spankingsandwish

“I had a vision.”
Spike looked into his eyes, “You serious?” he asked. Xander nodded. “But you never were a seer before right?”
“When my magic became unbound,” Xander said. “I became a seer.” Rupert and Ethan looked at each other, worried about the fate of their son. In the past, it has been said that witches or human-like people either died or go mad due to the pain that the visions cause.
“What see you see, Xander?” asked Rupert as he ran his hand through Xander’s hair, to comfort him.
Xander looked up at Rupert through tear-filled eyes. “I saw Buffy and Willow. They were hurting Spike.”
“Me?” Spike said. “How?”
“They tortured you, they did everything that they did to me,” Xander said. Then he pushed his head into Rupert’s chest and mumbled.
“What was that, pet?”
“They chained me to a chair and made me watch as they made you scream, bled, and cry.” Xander said and sobbed hard into his father’s chest. “I don’t want that to happen to you, Spike.”
Spike pulled Xander away from Rupert and into his arms. He rocked the boy back and forth as he ran a hand up and down Xander’s back. Xander sobbed himself to sleep. Spike picked him up and carried him to his bedroom with Ethan and Rupert on his heels. As soon as Xander was settled, Ethan and Rupert pulled Spike from the room into the den. They asked if Angel and Lorne could leave. As soon as they were gone. Ethan and Rupert turned to Spike with a crazed look in their eyes.
 “What do you want with Xander?” Ripper asked
“I want to court him,” Spike said. “I want him as my mate.”
Ethan and Rupert looked at each other and whispered in each other’s ears. They nodded and turned back to Spike, smiling evilly.
“We have two trials for you, Spike,” Ethan said. “You are to prove yourself by these trials.”
“What do I have to do?” Spike asked, determined to make Xander his.
“The First Trial is to live through Xander’s past,” Rupert said. “The other is that you have to take to both his Hyena and Soldier.”
“If you pass both,” Ethan said, “Then you may court our son.”
“No problem.”
“Yah, but if you fail one or both trials, you will never take Xander as your Mate.” Rupert said.
“What? That’s not fair.” Spike yelled.
“It’s more than fair.”
“Fine. Are there any rules?”
“Yes, a couple actually.”
“Rule One: Xander doesn’t know.” Ethan stared.
“Rule Two: You and Xander DO NOT have sex together till you pass the trials and are married,” Rupert said.
“Rule Three: you are to never hurt him or else.” They both finished together.
“Or else what?” Spike said, challenged by the two.
“You really don’t want to make a Chaos Mage or a Wizard angry,” Rupert said with fire in his eyes.
“I wouldn’t hurt him, Ripper.”
“Good. Now off with you. Ethan needs time to prepare and so do you.”
“Nite then,” Spike said. He walked out and up to his room to found Xander on his bed. Xander was naked except for a sheet covering from his waist to his midthigh. One leg was bent at the knee and the other was stretched out. They were spared slightly open. Spike gulped and remembered the Three Rules.
“Xanpet, what are you doing here?” Spike asked. Xander got up from the bed. He moved liked a hyena after its prey. Xander rubbed his body around Spike’s
“Spike, I want you,” Xander said. “Will you have me?”
“Pet, stop,” Spike said. “We should wait.”
“I don’t want to wait.”
“Pet, I said stop.”
“Please, Spike.”
“Xander Harris, you get your hand out of my pants.”
Xander quickly removed his hand and fled from the room. Spike sighed and fell to the bed. He could hear Xander. He fell asleep to the sound of Xander’s heartbeat.


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