Alex Michael Foster (alexmfoster) wrote in bloodclaim,
Alex Michael Foster

Spike Only 2009 Calendar (Overall NC17 NOT worksafe)

Here as promised is the link to the Spike only Calendar. Sorry for the delay. It's A4, portrait, colour and ranges from absolutely child safe to NC17 and overall is NC17 and therefore not Worksafe.

I have have borne in mind the printing and kept pictures to a reasonable size with one or two exceptions.

Please bear in mind I did this for myself and therefore you may not agree with my choice of artwork. There is nothing that needs a warning, except nudity and AUGUST which some of you might find a bit gruesome. There is no bound, tortured or slave Spike . There is a little suprise for December.

There will be a Xander Only calendar, but as yet I do not know if that will be single or bi monthly.

Spike 2009 Caledar 
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