imaginaryimages (imaginaryimages) wrote in bloodclaim,

An older fic search

 Was wondering if y'all could help me out? I haven't read any Spander in ages, but got remembering a story from way back. For the life of me I cannot remember the title, author or location of the fic or if it was ever completed.  It starts right after the wedding that wasn't. Xander was holed up in a small room for a few days, hanging out at a bar and getting loaded. Spike shows up, has a motorcycle I believe. The town wasn't all that far from Sunnydale. After a day or two of getting drunk together, sharing some feelings and getting some things off their chests, Xander and Spike get with the Spander. I remember that Xander realizes he has to go home and face the music. I remember it as being a rather long fic after that, the boys may even become bonded at some point. 

Thanks for any help!

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