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The Stray # 24

Title: The Stray
Pairing: S/X
Rating: NC/17
Warnings: Will appear on chapters if needed – some M/M relations
Summary: Spike survived the Black Thorn but only because one of the Senior Partners had heard Illyria refer to him as suitable for her pet and decided to amuse themselves with devastating results

Previous Parts here

Part 24

Xander tried to rise as quietly as he could but the rumpled covers of the bed landed on the two dogs, Poppie giving a yip of surprise and Spike planting his teeth into the edge of the duvet and holding on for dear life as Xander (still nude) tried to pull it back into its rightful place.

Not wanting to tear the item, Xander held firm and was relieved when Spike seemed to release a little. But instead of the expected slack, Spike timed his counter attack to perfection, waiting for Xander to be just off balance before tugging with all his might, resulting in ‘the master’ toppling onto the pile of covers and dogs.

Poppie thought it was all part of a new game and joined in, growling and play-jumping around and on top of master along with her father.

What resulted was a rather large pile of panting human and dogs in a mess of bed linen on the floor.

Xander tried to get up but was pinned by the twisted covers around his legs and elsewhere by both dogs. He lay back and laughed, “You really are evil, Spike, you know that. And you’re teaching Poppie to be the same, I just know it!”

Poppie heard her name and the tone of affection and snuffled her way from the pile to stand and begin to lick whatever part of master she could find, which happened to be his feet. Xander squirmed with the tickling sensation, causing the light hearted struggle to start anew, but this time with the result of the bed covers being eventually tossed onto the bed and Xander making a quick escape to the bathroom, closely followed by the dogs.

“OK, OK! Enough you two. I have to get showered and changed if we’re ever going to get out of here. No go do your thing and I’ll do mine.” With that he closed the door.

Poppie was still on a high from the playtime, so took the closed door as being a sign that master was annoyed, but Spike nudged her and led them both outside. She calmed and cheered up quickly, sniffed around then relieved herself as expected.

The day began with a run that found Xander rather preoccupied with too many thoughts, not appreciating the scenery or the fine weather, nor noticing that the dogs were rather unchallenged by the pace. He would have to meet with Jerry today and knew he would be expected to be ‘up to speed’ with the two successful tenders the company had tabled prior to the break. The ‘big bosses’ of the construction company were relying on the two to manage both sites, and though neither building would be anywhere near as big as the project they had just completed, they were both concerned that it was stretching resources a little too far. Any time blowout would be costly and both Jerry and Xander believed firmly in *quality* over speed of building.

Then there was the night before with Spike. He smiled a little as he remembered then felt a definite sadness, his lover now loped alongside him in dog form – the situation was still, in a way, unresolved, or at very least confusing. Spike’s impending fatherhood for the second time was also in the mix. He went over Spike’s words about Chloe and his ‘instinctive’ drives, and also remembered his own odd urge to growl at the neighbour’s cat.

Breakfast was served and eaten with Xander still in the same contemplative mood until he earned a nip on the pants from Spike and faced crystal blue eyes that begged an explanation.

Spike had worried all the run that Xander’s lack of communication was due to something the previous night – his actions in particular. Was it his actions as a vampire? Their love-making? The play fight in dog form? What? And now the silence at breakfast…

Xander knew the look, the worried, ‘was it something I did?’ look and reacted immediately. Rather than a cursory pat, he moved to kneeling on the floor and hugged the dog muttering into the fur, “Sorry, I’m sorry. It’s not you Spike, really. Last night was… and today too, just I’m a bit worried about work, and you and the whole…”
Xander lifted up a little, held both sides of Spike’s furred chin gently and stared straight into Spike’s eyes trying to convey his sincerity, “I need you Spike, and I love you in whatever guise remember? Be good for me today yeah?” and with that, kissed him just between ears. Spike shifted a little and rubbed his furry cheek against Xander’s unshaven one.

“So we’re OK?”

Spike nodded and stood wagging his tail with relief.

“Right, then I should be getting ready for work. Gracie is going to run you today and you and Poppie can hang out with Chloe afterwards. I’ll pick you up around four… sound like a plan?”

Spike nodded again and gave Xander room to get up. The human did so with a rather tired grunt. “Sometimes think it would be nice to swap places for a while you know… You be all work-a-lot human master and me be the pet for a while…”

Spike worried for a moment and thought, “Careful what you wish for Luv.” Too many times around with the Powers-that-screw-you was reason enough for concern over idle statements.

The rest of the day went pretty much as life had been prior to Spike’s restoration (at least at night) to vampire. Xander went to work and the dogs relaxed on the back porch until the key in the front door and familiar whistle announced Gracie and the afternoon’s exercise.

Spike revelled in running at full strength with the regular team again. Chloe was absent due to pregnancy but three of his four children, Poppie, Bella and Bobbie accompanied them in training harnesses – not so much pulling but keeping up and behaving impeccably. It would not be long before Gracie would have two full sled teams – or at least a number of ‘reserves’ for any race she pleased.

Following the exercise, the dogs were watered and waited patiently for their respective owners to pick them up. Bobbie had only vaguely recognised his father and sister’s scents, but deferred to both his father and the other members of the ‘senior’ team, the pack order clear in his mind. He knew his mother upon their return to Gracie’s but was warned off by a protective Spike, who immediately took point guard at Chloe’s side.

Spike let his full husky nature to the fore as he nuzzled the soon to be mother for a second time. This time there was no growling or warding off his attentions despite her being only two weeks shy of delivering. He licked her muzzle and nipped gently over and behind her ears, and she reciprocated before, they rubbed cheeks and settled side by side. He shifted slightly as she leaned back against him and allowed Chloe to rest her head against his strong right shoulder.

Poppie and her siblings also settled together, the two girls accepting their brother after an initial period of sniffing and circling.

Xander had intended retrieving the dogs at four but the meeting ran over time and Jerry couldn’t help but notice his right hand man’s constant concern with the clock as they wrapped up a very successful day around six. As they walked toward the carpark of the Fairmont Palliser where they had been all afternoon in a meeting with the developers of their next project (now signed off to the delight of the vice-president), Jerry just had to say something.

“That went better than expected don’t you think?”

“Hmmm? Oh, yeah, great.”

“You OK Xan? Just that, toward the end there you seemed a little… well… distracted… Not like you to fade at the end of the day.”

“Did I? Geez, sorry. Didn’t mean to. Just conscious of the time I guess. I’d promised to pick up the dogs at four.”

Jerry laughed aloud then slapped Xander on the back, “Well feel a little for the married man here ey! Carrie’ll have a piece of me when I get home this late... That is until I tell her the wacking great bonus coming our way from the boss, then it’ll be out with the Caribbean Cruise brochures, or worse, we’ll have to go through the whole ‘right school slash college for the boys’ discussion all over again. All you have to do is buy your two a steak each and order a matching set of designer bowls and you’re done!”

Xander put his hands in his pockets, smiled back and said, “Yeah… Still they’re over at Gracie’s and I don’t like putting her out, you know, studies and all.”

Jerry grinned back and headed for his car with, “Buy her some flowers or chocolate on the way, she’ll be fine.”

With that they parted company, Jerry none the wiser that Xander’s drive to Gracie’s was a desperate race against the coming sundown.

Gracie was forgiving as expected, Xander handing her a fifty dollar note with the excuse, “We got kind of stuck in the meeting – listen thanks for looking after them for the extra time.”

Gracie tried to push the money back, “You don’t have to do this Xander!”

“Just take it, please, I owe you this and ten times more…”

“Are you kidding? You know I love having them here ey… but thanks. Oh yeah…umm… I did notice Spike seemed a little agitated in the last half hour, probably just hungry. I figured you would want to feed them rather than me spoiling their appetite… hope that’s OK?”

Xander smiled and winked at her as whistled the dogs to heel, “Musher always knows best.”

Spike all but sprinted to the car, Poppie close behind as always, with Xander bringing up the rear, very aware of the reason for Spike’s urgency. The car ride was a short but hurried affair, Xander cursing the three sets of traffic lights that seemed to deliberately turn red as they approached.

Screeching to a halt in the driveway as the sun began to disappear, Xander did not bother to put the car away – or even turn the engine off, he simply put it in park, pulled on the hand-brake and raced for the door Spike leaping from the back seat, through to the driver’s seat and out the open door inches behind (a rather bemused Poppie following suit).

Barely in the hallway Spike whimpered and struggled forward a little more then fell to his side and let out a short howl before Xander watched the full transformation occur for the first time - the fur disappearing into silky smooth skin, the face changing, paws becoming hands, tail shrinking to nothing, and human limbs emerging literally by magic. Within mere seconds, the beautiful nude male form of Spike the vampire was on the floor in a foetal position, game face gradually smoothing to the stunning familiar features.

Poppie was still confused but knew this was still father so stepped forward to lick his face before Xander could get his feet to propel him forward to help. Spike groaned then rolled up onto hands and knees and made to stand. Xander was there immediately lifting him to his feet and holding him close until Spike was panting in his arms – but at least seemed to steady.

He whispered into Xander’s chest, “That was too bloody close, mate. Better pay the boss girl to drop us home next time.”

Xander kissed the top of Spike’s head, “I know… I’m so sorry Spike, *really*… I couldn’t get away! I’m so *so* sorry!”

Spike seemed to change gears, stood straight and said matter-of-factly, “Good to hear – though I do expect some bloody good make-up sex later. Now… you’ve got that vehicular o’ yours to park whilst yours truly gets decent… then your two pets ‘n self to feed. Hop too!”

The remainder of the evening until bed was filled with food and conversation that consisted of recounts of events of the day, plans for the future and constant apologies from Xander, countered by as many wild left of field schemes as Spike could come up with to ensure his cover would never be blown. Poppie was cuddled and settled, and a great deal of make-up sex ensued.

Xander woke partially as the bed shifted, then again fully several minutes later, something instinctive told him Spike was not in the room. The bedside clock registered four- thirty in the morning. He let his emotional centre shift to seek out his pledged, then got up to find him, belatedly pulling on an old pair of sweat pants and t-shirt.

Spike was standing on the back deck in Xander’s bathrobe, staring up at the stars and smoking. Xander sidled up behind him and slid his arms around the slim waist. “You OK?”

Spike blew a long puff of smoke up into the air and tilted his head to the side a little before letting the hand that had been holding the robe together, drift to rest on Xander’s two. “Yeah… just watchin’ our lady Moon set. Dru used to love seein’ it. She always reckoned it was singing as it sank, like the poor buggers on the Titanic. We used to stand just like this, only me at the back, while she joined in with a sort of lament.” Spike took another drag of his cigarette. “Never did hear aught but her… Never felt her after Sunnydale neither. Figure she’s dust in the wind, prob’ly knew it was comin’ knowin’ her, she might’ve been barmy but her premonitions were always spot on, provided of course you could make head ‘n tail o’ the rant.”

Spike flicked the remainder of the cigarette into the garden and leaned his head back to rest on Xander’s broad left shoulder, “Loved her for a hundred years, but never really felt it returned… least ways not like it is with you… She was really in love with ‘Gelus. All that time and I was second best…”

Xander kissed Spike’s hair and whispered, “You’re not any more… You’re the only one. I can feel it.”

Spike fell silent, then swivelled in Xander’s arms to receive a proper hug, his robe falling away and right hand finding its way under the elastic of Xander’s sweat pants to stroke the already semi hard erection until Xander’s knees weakened a little. Xander dropped his own hand onto Spike’s hard shaft and they began to stroke, cup and pull in unison, all the while using the other arm to hold them upright and together.

Xander spilt first, the jet of warm liquid on Spike’s torso causing the reciprocal response. In the aftermath the two simply stood in silence panting, their foreheads together, and a hand still surrounding the other’s softening erection.

Spike was the first to move, first stroking Xander’s soft shaft gently with the back of his hand and withdrawing it then pulling up the sweats. He then claimed Xander’s lips and pulled them both tight together as tightly as he could, almost trying to melt into the other body.

As the sky began to lighten Spike pushed his hand into Xander’s and silently led him inside and back to the bedroom. This time when the change occurred it would be in his lover’s arms, Xander petting and whispering endearments before during and after the event. Both slept a little after the fact.


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