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|| Bloodclaim ||
You know they're doin' it
Head Of The Class 
13th-Sep-2008 04:20 am
Head Of The Class

Author: BmblBee
Paring: S/X HAU
Rating: Adult
Warning: Contains very adult content. Strong language
and sexual activity of the m/m nature.
Disclaimer: I tried to buy them but they apparently
aren't for sale so I own none of the products or characters
named in this story and make no money from it.

Summary: Kindergarten teacher Xander meets porn star Spike.

Additional notes: Along with the wonderful banner, a big thanks
to the brilliant Petxnd who encouraged me and offered plot

Xander was on cloud 9. He couldn't remember the last time he
had had a better evening.
The beers were flowing freely and the conversation was easy
and comfortable.

The music was loud and the lights low making it possible for him to
accidentally bump against the knees or hands of the handsomest man
in the room. If he didn't know Will was straight as an arrow, Xander
would have SO made a move.

It was the only thing that would make the night perfect. If he could
touch, kiss, maybe even dance with this man he would die happy.
'But.' Xander kept reminding himself 'this is a nondate.'

Will laughed out loud. Xander clearly was not a big drinker. Three
beers and his face was flushed and his speech slurred. His innocence
and open honesty attracted him to the kindergarten teacher like
white to rice.

The best part was that Xander was just drunk enough that he
was slightly wobbly, causing him to lean slightly, giving Will the
opportunity to touch his warm, tan darkened, sun kissed skin.
It was an opportunity that he took full advantage of and ran with.

Patting Xander's knee as he asked him if he wanted another beer, a
hand on Xander's arm as he laughed at a funny comment, and placing
his lips against Xander's ear when he spoke as if the noise in the bar
precluded a reasonable conversational tone.

It also didn't hurt that a case of nerves had Will downing a quick
shot of whiskey each time he went to the bar for another round of beers.
He had hoped it would dull the overwhelming need and attraction he was
feeling for the man. The result was that he was easily as tipsy as Xander.

"Hi. You two are the hottest things in here tonight, next to us. Want
some company?"
Both men looked up at the two blond, heavily made up women.
They were scantily dressed, with low cut tops and tight, short skirts.

Not waiting for an answer, they jerked out their chairs and plopped down,
settling in, confident they would be welcome.

Xander scowled. He nearly shook his fist at them. If he had a
broom, he would have swung it at them like an annoying, disgusting
mouse that had invaded his pantry. Luckily, his beer soaked brain still
had one functioning corner and he remembered Will's earlier desire
to find some girls and 'get laid.'

"Yeah, sure. Sit down. We like, totally want some company, don't
we, Will?"

"We want WHAT?"
Will felt as though someone had just thrown cold water in him but the
look of surprise and joy on Xander's face was the slap of reality that
he needed to bring him back to earth.

"Hell, yes. I'm Will and this is Xander."

Blond Bimbo #1 squealed.
"Xander. Oooo. That is SSSOOOO cute. I'm Gracie and this is
Mel. We come here all the time, we love to dance AND we put out."

Both girls whooped and laughed, sticking their chests out and tossing
their stiff, overly sprayed hair in the men's faces.

Quickly, Mel recovered and threw her arm around Will's shoulder.
"Gracie and I are thirsty as hell. If you were going for some beer,
neither of us would say 'no'. Course, neither of us have ever said 'no'."

Xander and Will looked at each other. This was NOT what either of
them wanted, but the other's happiness was the most important thing, so
Xander jumped up.
"I'll go."
Gracie leapt to her feet and joined him, grabbing his arm and tugging him
close, pressing her ample chest against his elbow.
"I'll help."

Will wanted to scream. The sight of that woman putting her hands all
over the places that he wanted to touch was making him crazy. It was
also causing Xander's skin to crawl.

"We know who you are."

Will's face snapped back around to see Mel winking and blowing a
kiss at him.
"We've seen ALL your movies, SPIKE."
Mel's eyes slithered down to Will's lap where she stared, licked her
lips and inhaled deeply before looking back up.

Will checked to make sure that Xander was out of ear shot before
leaning over to his unwanted companion.
"Look, Pet, my buddy there doesn't know and I want to keep it that way
so just drop it o.k? Maybe you and your friend could find a couple
of other guys to..."

"Nope. I don't think so. See, Gracie and I are just here for a few
free drinks, some dancing, and maybe a quick fuck in the alley
out back. So, the way I see it, you buy the beer, I get a chance to
dance with the famous Spike, and you are guaranteed a hell of a
blow job. All in exchange for me calling you 'Will'. Sound fair?"

Will frowned, but he knew when he was beat. He couldn't believe
how fast this night had gone down hill.

"Wow. you must be thrilled to be spending time with Spike."
Xander looked at Gracie, handing her a couple beer bottles and
frowned. That was the second time he had heard that name tonight.

"Spike? You mean Will?"
Gracie giggled unattractively with lipstick on her teeth.
"Yeah, I guess Spike is just his professional name. His MOVIE STAR

Xander smiled. That made sense. Will had said he made some small
independent films. Maybe he was using a stage name. He resolved to kid
Will about it later.

"Oh, yeah, his movie star name."
Xander chuckled as though he knew all about it.

Returning to the table with several bottles of beer, Xander was dismayed
to see the table empty. When he looked around, he spotted Will on the
dance floor, Mel draped over him like a snake around a tree.

"Oh, they're dancing, come on."

Before he could argue, Gracie dragged Xander out onto the floor and
clamped her arms around his neck. Depressed, angry and drunk, Xander
decided to go along with one dance then head home. He was miserable
at the turn tonight had taken.

Then, he turned his eyes toward Will and was stunned to see the soft,
hooded blue ones staring back. They were locked and loaded with no
doubt who the target was. Xander held his breath at the intensity
he saw there. He couldn't have looked away if he tried.
Automatically, his body began to move.

The air around them shimmered with the damp heat that rolled off their
flesh and the oxygen in the room felt in short supply.

The band played on.
A slow, soft, bluesy love song whose rhythm seeped into the body
causing the muscles to involuntarily sway and dance.
Xander gently shifted Gracie to his other side and he turned their bodies
so he could face Will. Will did the same.

Xander watched with fascination as Will's hips moved with a subtle ease and
erotic roll that settled in Xander's groin. He imagined that he was the one in
Will's arms. That it was his body being held flat against Will's hard chest
and washboard stomach.

Will's eyes slid down Xander's body, catching a glimpse of the erection
that was tenting the front of his Dockers and he made up his mind that there
was no way that slut in His Xander's arms would touch that.

Steering his dance partner forward, Will was now just inches from where
Xander danced. The two men watched each other with an open, hungry,
shared expression, their courage fueled from the alcohol.
Xander ran his hand up Gracie's back telling himself that the body he was
caressing was firmer, flatter and smelling of after shave.

Will gasped at the sight and could almost feel the large rough hands
against his skin.
Three side steps to the left, and Xander stood back to back with Will.

Leaning back and with Gracie still in his arms, Xander stood flush
against Will. Touching, from the backs of their heads, shoulders,
hips and butt cheeks pressing tightly together.

Someone moaned. Eyes rolled up. The music stopped.
13th-Sep-2008 10:03 am (UTC)
You stopped there!?!?!

Not liking the two bimbos, but then again, I don't think we were meant to like the two bimbos. I wonder how you are going to get rid of them.

Hopefully in the next chapter, so they don't hang around too long.

Also, Xander is cute when drunk.
13th-Sep-2008 10:49 am (UTC)
Next chapter the bimbos are gone and Xander is cutier.
He and Will make their escape.
13th-Sep-2008 01:29 pm (UTC)
OMGs Bee that was sweet!!!!! Mys so needed some schmangst after the day she's had, lol. And yes the Mys considers that schmangsty! Just tell me that tomorrow they'll stop dancing around each other and make with the expert moves, pls! *makes puppy eyes* Mys needs the boys together in some good one on one time preferably with cuddlage afterwards or before-wards or even during-wards. In other words, Mys needs schmoop! *whimpers*
13th-Sep-2008 01:35 pm (UTC)
I can't promise it will be tomorrow but I can say
they will escape the skank monsters and make a run for it.
Of course Xander is too drunk to drive home so maybe he
better stay at Will's for the night.

Poor Mys. The Bee waves her magic wand and makes all your
problems disappear. *poof*
13th-Sep-2008 04:56 pm (UTC)
You always leave us in these situations.
Ah Xander, lovely cute Xander. I love this Xander because well his my favourite type.

13th-Sep-2008 05:04 pm (UTC)
Xander, because of his innocence and inexperence in life,
seems like the weaker character, but that is not true.
He will lead Will into the light of life rather than Will
dragging Xander into the depths.
13th-Sep-2008 05:25 pm (UTC)
damn just lovely keep up the great work hun
13th-Sep-2008 05:51 pm (UTC)
Thanks. I'll tell the boys you are enjoying their evening out
on their nondate.
13th-Sep-2008 06:41 pm (UTC)
Xander was so drunk. And that one slut blackmailed Will. Poor guy. I hope they see neither one of them again. Something tells me thisw is going to come back and haunt him big time. Will needs to tell Xander what he really does for a living.
13th-Sep-2008 07:50 pm (UTC)
For now, Will is going to be able to keep his secret.
They will pick their opportunity and make a run for it, but
you are right, Xander is way too drunk.
13th-Sep-2008 08:48 pm (UTC)
So you made me a bottle blond slut who blackmailed Will. I'm ok with that. How did you know I was a bottle blond? LOL. And Xander was so adorable and the scene where they were dancing so hot. Now the girls need to get lost so the two boys can go home together. Right? Soon? Hmmmmmm?
13th-Sep-2008 08:53 pm (UTC)
Well, I'm so glad you were good with that because tomorrow
you get dropped like a hot turd in an outhouse.
No offense. Ha ha.
The boy's make a run for it, however, with as drunk as Xander
is they won't run too fast.
13th-Sep-2008 08:59 pm (UTC)
Poor Spike. I know why he's trying to keep his secret from Xander but I think the secrets gonna bite him on the tush. Too many people recognize him and if he gets out of the bar without Xander finding out and takes him to his apartment, then I have a feeling Angel will manage to spill the beans. Probably on purpose too as this Angel is the kind of Angel I don't like. Wanting and trying to stay close to Spike even though Spike doesn't want him anymore.

More soon please. Can't wait to see what happens next. And by the way, I agree with everyone else. Xander is cute when he gets drunk. Will he be an aggressive kind of cute? The one that says 'screw this' and starts with the kissing and gropage?
13th-Sep-2008 09:36 pm (UTC)
Ha Ha! You know this drunk Xander very well.
First, they need to ditch the bimbos.
Second they need to go back to Will's because, of
course, Xander is waaay too drunk to drive.

What could possibly happen next?
Angel will be a problem, but not yet.
13th-Sep-2008 11:29 pm (UTC)
gah! you are totally evil!! evil I say!!! what a couple of ho's! *shudders*
14th-Sep-2008 12:22 am (UTC)
They are ho's. Spike will refer to them as evil skank monsters.
Can he save Xander from them? We will see tomorrow.
14th-Sep-2008 12:27 am (UTC)
Darn those bimbo's. Just plopping themselves down while the two boys stared in horror. Glad that you're saying that they're going to escape. Don't like the blackmail either, but then, it will come out sooner or later just what Will does for a living.

Xander is so cute. Fixated on Will, too. Not that Will isn't reciprocating. They definitely need to get out of the bar and back to Will's place. Where they can sleep off the alcohol. Oh...oh....Scotty won't turn up in the morning, will he? No, no. Make it Angel instead. That way he can be shot down and thrown out, by Xander hopefully.

Does Spike know how Lindsey feels about Angel? That would be a great diversion away from Xander for Angel. Hard to pursue one guy (Spike) and try to get rid of another (Xander) when another is dangling in front of you. Hmmmm?

14th-Sep-2008 01:04 am (UTC)
O.k. several points. Yes, they will escape the trecherous
skanks and sneak out into the night. Yes, Xander is too drunk to go home and will be forced to stay at Will's. Shame that.
No, Scotty will not catch them. That is to squicky.
Angel will not show up but it is a sure thing he will call
again AND he will be trouble.
No, Will doesn't know about Hard Ryder and Angel.
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