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fic search

I asked on my LJ and someone thought it was Twilight Time and it might be but I skimmed it and it didn't seem right. I apologize if it is!

I'm looking for an old Spike/Xander fic where by the end of the fic Spike realizes that Xander's got special powers (kind of like Bink from Piers Anthony's Xanthe series) where whatever he wishes/wants happens, but he doesn't know it. I think Spike and Xander are living together and that this happened after Spike found out that Xander was being beaten by his father.

I distinctly remember Spike having a conversation with Willow about never telling Xander the truth about his powers because he didn't want Xander to feel guilty every time someone got hurt, thinking that it was his fault that he hadn't wished hard enough or something.

So, yeah, like I said, if this *is* Twilight Time, sorry if I just wasted this post, lol.
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