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Spander fic: Archie-verse or Happy Days-verse?

I am planning a fic in which a spell places the Sunnydale residents in one of those old-timey settings and I'm trying to decide between Archie and Happy Days. I don't have all of the details worked out, but either Spike or Xander would realize that the world was wrong--I don't know if he'd know this from the beginning or if it would be one of those Jasmine/Fred things where he's pulled out of the illusion before everyone else. Still, I'm wondering if anyone is interested in reading one of those in particular. Here's how the characters would break down for each:

Archie = Xander
Betty = Willow
Veronica = Buffy
Jughead = Clem or Anya or Tara or Dawn or Oz or Cordelia or Andrew
Reggie = Spike
Principal Weatherbee = Giles
Miss Grundy = Joyce possibly, depending on season

Happy Days
Richie = Buffy
Fonzie = Spike
Potsie = Xander
Ralph = Willow
Joanie = Dawn or Tara or someone else, depending on season
Mr. Cunningham = Giles
Mrs. Cunningham = Joyce

So, anyone interested in reading Spike/Xander as Reggie/Archie or Fonzie/Potsie?
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