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Head Of The Class

Head Of The Class
Author: BmblBee
Paring: S/X HAU
Rating: Adult
Warning: Contains very adult content. Strong language
and sexual activity of the m/m nature.
Disclaimer: I tried to buy them but they apparently
aren't for sale so I own none of the products or characters
named in this story and make no money from it.

Summary: Kindergarten teacher Xander meets porn star Spike.

Additional notes: Along with the wonderful banner, a big thanks
to the brilliant Petxnd who encouraged me and offered plot

The short walk back to Will's building was like floating on a cloud.
The night was bright and clear, the half moon offering just enough light
to see by and the black velvet sky was filled with an impossible number
of twinkling stars.

Every few stumbling steps, Xander would throw his arms out wide,
exclaiming "wonderful, beautiful, magnificent" before Will would encourage
him on.

Will laughed at the openness of the man. Even though he knew his
companion was drunk as a skunk, he imagined he must be much the
same sober. Xander Harris was everything Scotty had said he was
and much, much more.

Steering him past his parked car, Will led Xander in the front door of
his apartment building. Xander spun around in confusion.
"Hey, wait a minute. Wasn't that my car?"

The two men stepped into the elevator together.
"Sure was, Pet, but you are way to drunk to drive it tonight. You are
going to stay here, at my place. Crash on my couch. Tomorrow,
when you feel better, then you can go."

Xander swayed on his feet as Will unlocked the door and stepped
aside for him to enter. He looked at the couch and scowled.
"That's not where I sleep. I sleep in a bed. You got a bed?"

Will's cock twitched with the promise of a rapid swell and he took a
step back away from the object of his dick's affection. His brain had
shaken off most of the effects of the alcohol on the way home and now he
knew he was stepping into very dangerous territory.

At least his rational side knew that. His cock was waving in the direction
of the hallway, screaming
"Oh, God, Yes we have a bed! It's this way. Come on, I'll show you!!"

His mouth, however took a more cautious path.
", bed? Sure, course I've got a bed but, ah..."
Anything else he wanted to say was cut off as he found himself
scooped up into the strong sure arms of the innocent (?) teacher.

Xander dove in, his hot, hungry lips sealed themselves over Will's.
His insistent tongue demanded entrance and would not take no for
and answer. Unable to resist and quickly recovering from the initial
shock, Will finally responded.

Every inch of his body reacted. Will's brain shorted out as the
blood rushed to his groin in a dizzying frenzy. His leg muscles forgot
how to stand and his toes tingled like they had fallen asleep.
Every hair on his body prickled like a cactus.

He was stunned. A man who fucked for a living, for the pleasure of
other people, strangers, voyeurs, for money, now found himself so horny
he was afraid his balls would explode if he couldn't come soon.

Not with his own hand. Not in the body of a paid stranger.
Not this time. This time Will wanted the sweet, uncorrupted, gentle
teacher. Still, he wasn't stupid. He knew this was probably the biggest
mistake of his life. Xander was straight. He was drunk and tomorrow
when he sobered up he would no doubt be pissed as hell.

Xander pulled back just slightly. His voice was deep and raspy.
"Where is it? Where is our bed?"

Will responded to the "our bed" with three small kitteny whimpers
and a pointed finger over his shoulder. Xander wasted no more time.
He grabbed Will's hand and took off on suddenly steady feet.

At the bedroom doorway, Xander released Will's hand and proceeded
across the room as though he had been here a hundred times before.
He quickly dropped his pants, jerked off his shirt and, still tipsy,
fell back onto the bed as he tugged off his socks.

Will was dumbstruck. Xander laid flat on his back, on Will's bed
with what could only be described as the Mt. McKinley of boners
jutting straight for the ceiling. Mesmerized, he was drawn forward,
his only thought was that Xander hadn't been kidding. He did indeed
have the crown jewels.

His balls were the biggest Will had seen. Full, heavy, wrinkled and
lightly hairy, they hung down between his separated legs to lay casually
on the bed.
Will's mouth watered as he considered what they must taste like.
Sweaty, musky, masculine, he stepped closer.

Xander held out his hand. His blurry vision was able to focus better
the nearer Will came. Something told him he wasn't supposed to do
this but the alcohol blotted out the why and why not.
He had wanted Will from the moment he had seen him. He had been
so careful. He hadn't been with another man since Jessie.

He watched as Will stared at him, those clear blue eyes never waivering
as he carefully pealed off his clothes and at last kicking his boxers
to the side with his foot.

Xander widened his legs and put his feet flat up on the bed. Will stepped
to the edge of the bed between the spread thighs and placed his hands
on Xander's bent knees.
He then crawled forward, his cool, naked body laid down on top so
that their cocks lined up perfectly and both men groaned.

Will was stunned at the depth of the need that coursed through him.
This craving for Xander was like nothing he had ever known.
It in no way resembled the pistoning anal/penis action that he performed
a thousand times professionally.

This was a desperation, a hunger to devour.
"Fuck, Xander, God, your body, your cock. Oh. Oh."
Will was breathless. He rocked, he ground down, his wet, dribbley
cock sliding against the thick one below it.

Xander arched his back, his arms held high and submissively over
his head as he allowed Will to do all the work. His brain shut down
there were no words he could possible form past the grunts, moans
and groans of pure ecstasy.

Will reached down as his fingers sought Xander's sack. He had to
know if the balls felt as good as they looked. He scooped them up,
tugging on the baby soft skin and scratching his fingernail over
the satiny strip behind.

Xander's hole tried to yawn open, seeking the painfull burning intrusion
that he knew would hurt so good.

"Oh, FUCK!"
Xander's brain finally found speech as his body reacted to the charge
of sexual pleasure that shot down his spine and crashed through his groin.
His large rough hands grabbed onto the slimmer hips above him
and he held them down, ramming his cock almost painfully up.

Friction. He needed more friction, more pressure, just, more.
"Will, Will, yeah, yeah."

Xander gasped as he pumped, harder and harder, not caring that
he was leaving bruises on the beautiful, pale skin. He couldn't think,
he couldn't reason.

Will flinched, the pain making the pleasure double. He palmed Xander's
balls and knew when he felt them harden and draw up that Xander
would quickly come. Dropping his face down, Will sealed his lips over
the full warm ones below. His tongue slid in and licked as each man shot
wads of hot, stringy release between them.

Both men stilled, holding on as they rode the waves of pulsing bliss that
seemed to go on forever. Gradually, it slowed and the powerful shots
of sperm eased to a drizzle, pooling in a puddle on Xander stomach,
the cooling release then running down Xander's side and wetting
he sheets.

Raising up, Will shoved back his fear of rejection and looked Xander
in the eye, knowing that the moment of afterglow was often delayed
by the outrage of sexual misunderstanding.

"Well, Pet, that was unexpected."

Xander smiled, any snappy retort he may have come up with died on
his lips as he dozed off with a snort and a snore.

Bee note:
Late Sunday evening we were hit hard by the aftermath of hurricane Ike and sustained Severe damage. We have no power, water, phone, electric or INTERNET.
We drove into the city today for supplies and I am posting. Not sure when I will post again. Keep a good thought for the Bee.

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